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Today we’re taking a look at the 2015 Nissan Altima 2.5 SL Now the Altima
is a mid-size sedan that’s looking to be nothing less the number one ♫♫ Though it’s quite possible to get an
Altima starting at around $22,000 the SL model we have here which is the
top of the line for the four cylinders starts around $28,000. Now when you
add in the moonroof and Technology Package the price goes up to just over 31,000 under the hood is a 2.5 liter
four-cylinder motor it’s good for 182 horsepower, 180
pound feet of torque best of all is the mileage. This unit
right here will get you 27 around town 38 on the highway that’s not bad. In here the Altima doesn’t disappoint.
I got tons of leg room here and even get two
cupholders and my own vents. Just because you have
legroom, doesn’t mean you give it up here. the Altima has it in spades. Look at all
that room. Plus you have easy access to pull down
the mid seats which gives you a full pass-through Now that we’ve looked at the outside
let’s take a look at the inside from a driver’s perspective. First off, the steering wheel. This one happens to
be covered in leather now it already is starting to show the
effects are being a very light interior. There’s already dirt
getting in between the grooves here so if you go with a light interior, that’s gonna take some extra love and care. But that’s okay you can
also get this car with a dark interior. But this shows white light may
not always be the best choice Now, one thing I really like about this
interior is that everything is where it’s supposed to be we have a nice dual cluster display here,
we have tach on the left, speedo on the right. in the middle is a multi-function
display on the right we have navigation, Sirius
XM the works. Beneath that air con under that we have a little port here
for a USB that ties in with the stereo system. Moving back we have the control for the
CVT and this is funny it actually has an
overdrive button on the side If I put the car in reverse I get a lovely
camera that also gives me interactive driving
lines which is pretty cool. I hit the camera button and it gives me an alternate view the main center cluster up here has that
little color display and this is kind of something shared
with a lot of the Nissan vehicles that are everything but
the base trims we have a little button here and we can
move through a variety of screens first one is car status, second is tire
pressure an economy gauge currently it shows that
our average miles per gallon is 26.4 which is excellent considering I have not
been babying it. Next we have the stereo heads up, kind of information there and then we have a
compass which will be replaced with turn by turn instructions should I happen to do turn by turn. Let’s
go ahead and engage the navigation system and see
how well it does finding the nearest Starbucks. So we’re gunna search by current location. Its gonna just
search nearby A, R, wow, really fast U C K S. It basically puts the information
as quick as I can type it it shows us that we have five of them
within two miles of where we’re at now let’s go and pick the closest. Start. Calculating route. and last but not least there are the
seats these are called zero gravity seats and they’re actually
quite nice they have a layer of foam that is
developed by NASA and that gives you a really really nice
comfortable seat. Now it’s not like a sport seats, so it’s not going to envelop you but it does keep you in place and it’s
quite quite comfortable. Power comes on smooth, now keep in
mind this is the four-cylinder model this one is all about economy that’s why
I get 38 miles to the gallon on the
freeway 27 in the city. Both excellent numbers especially when you consider this is a
mid-size this isn’t just a dinky little subcompact. You can haul stuff in this one This car also has another little trick
up its sleeve. In addition to lane detection, it also will brake the inside wheel ever so slightly to improve turn in and make it much more neutral handling what it does is it basically gets rid of
understeer that is so prevalent in these midsize sedans. And it’s not
anything you have to do it’s not going to wear your brakes out. It’s just a very
slight amount of grab that’s just enough to kinda move the
vehicle around and it does an excellent job of improving the handling and
dynamics of this Altima. in terms of a conservative mainstream
vehicle I think the Altima really delivers in the
looks category In fact I think it’s probably one of my
favorite in the midsize segment it’s not ridiculous. I think it’ll age
well. This car has a actually been softened up a little bit
for this generation the suspension doesn’t feel quite as
eager and willing as the old suspension. This car I think
will be a very satisfying to the type of buyer that’s looking for this kind
experience I actually really like this car, I think
it’s comfortable, I think it’s it’s definitely capable and you know it’s going
to be reliable so overall I have to color myself
impressed with this new 2015 Altima. I’m Ryan Douthit. For the AutoNation test drive, we’ll see you next time.

4 thoughts on “2015 Nissan Altima Review – AutoNation

  1. I bought a 2015 SL w/CVT 4-cyclinder,

    Pros: mileage, phenomenal I drive about 90% HW and get 36 – 42 MPG, it's comfortable, good audio, good gauges, love tire gauge fill-up system, very roomy.

    Cons:  BIG ISSUE – rust formed on the trunk where the chrome strip attaches to the truck.  Nissan had to do body work to remove the rust.  I only had the car for 6 months and the rust appeared.  Nissan didn't seem surprised by the rust (WTF) .  I'm actually considering selling it because I don't trust that the rust is only contained to the trunk.  IRust after 6 months is a BIG ISSUE.

  2. wow I have a 2014 SV model. I hope it doesn't start to rust. if it does I'm selling mine as well. and a shame cause i really like the car

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