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What’s the one thing that prospective BMW
buyers are always asking for? Well, it’s more horsepower. So they should be pretty
happy with this new BMW 340i for 2016. Right here is where the magic happens, this is the
twin-power turbo engine. It’s the newest from BMW, and it is a 3-liter inline-6 that
puts out 320 horsepower. Now you might think that’s a lot of power, and that’s a lot
of cylinders, it must get awful gas mileage, right? You’d be wrong. 33 miles to the gallon
the freeway. That’s nuts! Those Germans… pretty smart guys. Because this is a 3-series,
the back seat isn’t the biggest. But, you know what? It’s actually very reasonable
for a full-size adult. My head rubs a little bit, but it’s not too bad. I also get heated
seats, oh, and this is cool… You get double sunshades, which is pretty neat. There’s
also an automatic one for the back, which the driver can control. The trunk is also
pretty smart. We got lots of little cubbies, one on this side, one on this side, and a
net to tie down extra stuff. Beneath that, even more storage space. Now you might be
asking where’s the spare tire? There isn’t one. If you get stranded, you’re a BMW driver,
just call road side service like everybody else. Once inside the 340i, the biggest question
is: Where do I begin? There’s so much inside this vehicle. I guess we’ll start with the
on button. Wow that sounds good. So you’ll notice that the start button actually has
two buttons. One is your traditional start/stop. The one above it disables the city start/stop
function. What that does is that it cuts down on emissions when you’re constantly starting
and stopping at stop lights. When I put my foot on the brake, it’ll automatically shut
off if the little capacitor batteries are fully charged. It’s not going to do it right
now because I just started the car and it’s still warming up. I love how this gauge cluster
is a mix of old and new. On the right we have a tach, on the left we have a speedo, those
are traditional dials, fine. Beneath that is a digital display that gives me all sorts
of information such as if my doors are open, the current temperature. Up on top between
the two main gauges is the connected drive system, those are done in kind of an 80s future
retro style that I think is really cool and it really tells me what I need to know. So
what is connected drive? It’s BMW’s advanced active safety system. What it does is it has
a whole suite of features which are kind of an a la carte price option. This one here
has all the options. It has lane detection, it has adaptive cruise control, it has collision
mitigation. It has blind spot monitoring, and it does it in a way that is just really
cool. I love that display. Of course this is a BMW so you can disable all the automated
stuff if you really want and then you can have fun with the buttons down here. First
off, traction control, I can turn it off with a touch of a button. Moving on down we have
multiple driver modes. Everything from the laziest which is eco pro and that’s how
you can eek out that maximum 33 miles to the gallon on the freeway, 22 around town. Bump
up, we get comfort, moving on up we have the more aggressive sport, and to top it off:
we got sport plus. Everything else in here is gunna be very familiar to BMW drivers.
We have the iDrive system which is navigation, which is, you know, takes a little while to
get used to. The thought is that if you own the vehicle, you’ll learn it. It’s not
quite as intuitive as some other systems, but it does have a ton of features. The 340
is equipped with BMW’s eight-speed automatic transmission, it uses their little joystick
to control, which again like many other BMW things, takes a while to get used to. However
if you own the vehicle, you’ll get used to it pretty quickly. Going in reverse also
activates the rear safety camera and the parking sensors which give you a very clear indication
of what’s around your vehicle. Very important stuff there. Of course all of this awesomeness
doesn’t come cheap. A standard 340i with no options runs about $45,000. This one is
of course fully loaded and you’re looking at $61,420 including destination. So is it
worth it? Hmmmm, let’s find out. There’s a reason that BMWs are so popular with driving
enthusiasts. It’s because nobody sets up handling like the Germans. Whether you set
the dynamic control system to eco pro, comfort, or sport, the new 340i can provide an appropriate
driving experience without compromise. The vehicle we’re driving today features the
$2600 BMW M-Sport option. This adds sport seats, special headlights, and sport suspension,
M steering wheel, and a number of extra aero components. It also has an upgraded 19”
wheel package, which adds yet another $900. This is a striking combination and it looks
fantastic. And when set with the most aggressive sport plus mode, it will make any driver feel
like they have superpowers. Believe it or not, this isn’t the most extreme 340i. Corner
carving connoisseurs can go one step further with the track handling package which adds
variable sport steering, M Sport brakes, and the extra fancy adaptive M suspension. But
at that point you’re so close to the $63,500 starting price of an M3, you have to seriously
consider your priorities. Do you want a 3-series loaded with the latest in comfort, safety
and driving technology? Or do you want a pure performance machine? If performance is secondary,
this 340i still holds all the aces. It’s loaded with advanced safety technologies,
it’s strikingly economical for this level of performance, and though iDrive can sometimes
be befuddling. It still allows you to modify almost every aspect of your vehicle. For more
information on the 2016 BMW lineup, visit AutoNation.com today. I’m your host Ryan
Douthit, thanks for watching.

30 thoughts on “2016 BMW 340i Review – AutoNation

  1. $61,000 for a 3 series the size of a honda civic/toyota corolla, lol. I will take whatever 5 series $61k can buy.

  2. Good review. You should note at the end. The 3 series can come with AWD, one of the best AWD systems on the market. Getting a 3 series with M packages and AWD and a DINAN tuned system you will get into the M price range but get the AWD that you cannot get with them. I owned a 335i (this cars predecessor) with all that and I loved it. There is a difference clearly between standard 3 series and M3's and there is no comparison. But to get the AWD it is a fair compromise.

  3. I got my 2016 m4 for 68,000. It only had 3,000 miles, and I took the opportunity! Honestly I was surprised to get an m4 that cheap.

  4. "Where's the spare tire there isn't one. If you get stranded, your a BMW driver! Just call road side assistance like everyone else" 😂

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