2016 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited | Low Kilometres | Claresholm, AB

Hi, I’m John from Legacy Dodge in Claresholm. I’m here to show you this newest 2016 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sahara with the back country package. This unit only has 4,259 kilometers on it. Back country package is these special bumpers. Rock guards, and the black wheels is part of that back country package This particular unit has the 3.6 liter V6 in it third-generation motor which is very good power, and very nice as far as fuel consumption goes in this Jeep. It has a 5-speed automatic transmission to go along with this particular package. As you can see we also have the all-terrain tires. The (button snow??) Very good traction with these tires. Moving around to the back another part of that package is this fuel lid cover in black. And of course, we have the full-size spare with the matching rim, here on this one. Here you see the special bumpers on the back here. On the back of this thing we have a very nice sound system you see the sub woofers up here and the speakers up in the ?? There is a storage area under here which we can access through here. The sub woofer occupies that storage space but if you ever want to take the hard top off of it there’s a space to store the screws and stuff back here. And as you can see we also have a 12V outlet here in the back. Also, on this unit we have a Max tow package which has a class 3 receiver, plus 4-pin wiring. With that Max tow package you get 373 axial ratios also so you can pull up to I believe about 3,500 pounds in the tray. This unit has special mats for that back country packages. You can see here, about that. Kind of the tire treads in it and slush mats in the back that are foam fitted. These back seats also come down. As you can see, just like this, so you’ve got lots of room for cargo if you’re out camping in the back country. So, your tents and everything you need right in the back, if you only got two passengers. This unit has a body colored hardtop. It’s a three piece top you can take one side off, or both sides off or you can take one of the other off. It also has body matching fender flares to match the granite crystal color. This unit is equipped for back country hauling where you can lock up the front axles on this thing so the axles are locked up, front and rear for tremendous traction for climbing over rocks and up and down mountainous areas. Moving into the cabinet unit we have the information centers right on here Plus we have the UConnect for your cell phone right on the steering wheel. And it has the audio controls in the back. As you can see, the instrumentation here. Going along with that off-road theme you can see the instrumentation it’s got, the off-road theme on there. We have an Information Center here. As you can see there you got temperature, and direction going on there now. You got a digital speedometer if you want it in there. Here it is there. There’s your average fuel consumption. Distance to empty is in there. The tire pressures are in there. You’ve got a timer, you can reset it in there. And there’s a bunch of vehicle information in here. Coolant temperature’s in there. Your oil life’s in there. Your oil pressure’s in there. Transmission temperature, so you have all the vehicle information inside there. Going along, the Cruise Control, of course is right on the steering wheel. Moving over to the center stack here we have a navigation system in this particular unit. You hit the nav button here, and you can program in where you want to go, addresses and whatever. It’s also got Geo-coordinates in here so if you’re back in the back country, you can put those coordinates, and go from there. Map view is there, of course. Behind the Nav, we have a radio AM/FM and Sirius Satellite Radio in this unit. We have a media center in here, it plays a disk which is loaded right into the unit here. You do have a CD player which many of the newer ones don’t. And it’s also got what they call hard drive in here. You can load CDs in here, probably up to 30 or 40 if you wish, and you can also load background pictures in here for your screen when your radio’s up through this USB ports right here. Moving over to the side here there is a menu here with system set up set in where you get in there, and you change your units of set up to whatever you want. You do your time set up in here also. There’s an audio button on the far side where you can change all your audio settings the way you want them, ready-made in this unit. There’s a ‘My File’s one where you can load the pictures in it. And you can load the music into the hard drive itself. There’s an auxiliary port here to plug in an iPod or whatever music system you have. This one has the dual temperature controller here the automatic temperature controller, I should say. So you can maintain your heat automatically once you set the temperature right. Of course, there’s an auto position there where you would switch the dial when you want it automatically. This thing has power mirrors it has power windows, and power locks. It also has heated front seats. As you can see this particular GPS has hill descent control so you put it on hill descent control and it will guide you down the hill in slow motion in lower gears when you’re in 4LO. It has a 115V power outlet which you turn on right at this point in time here. Of course, you could (see??) through the driver’s side here. Your 4×4 system is right there, you also have– Inside the center stack here, you have a USB port and a battery,12V battery outlet right here to plug right inside this unit. You get a nice little storage bay here. Now, getting back to that a hardtop this is how you access that hardtop. Of course, there’s these two locking things on here. Plus some twist knobs on there. And your (roll bar??) type things to take those (T-tops??) off. Either one, or both of them. And then you’ve got yourself an outdoor convertible a back country convertible I should say, in this case. This unit is very nicely equipped. You want to see this unit, come and give us a call at 1877-625-4555. Or locally at 403-625-4555. Unit number is D-03548. It only has 4,259 kilometers. Very nicely priced at $39,995. Brand new, it was $53,045. A very well price on basically a brand-new 2016 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sahara.

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