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It’s got all-wheel drive, a big V8 engine
with a hybrid drive train, and it seats 4 very comfortably. This is the 2016 Lexus LS600h
L. As you can see from under the hood, Lexus doesn’t intend on letting owners really work
on these cars. It’s got, just basically covers over everything. However, under all of these
covers lies a 5L V8 that is connected to a hybrid drivetrain. Overall you’re looking
at 19mpg around town, 23mpg on the highway. Sitting back here, you can clearly see why
having an L edition of a luxury executive sedan makes total sense. If I have a driver,
I can stretch back, I can relax, I can even control my own seat warmers and coolers as
well as seating position. Let’s go further out, oh yeah. That’ll change my back position.
This is really nice. And, I even get (ahhh) leg support. Oh! Ha! It’s got a seat massager!
Oh yeah. I am totally working this. So you might be wondering what is it like
to sit in a $135,000 Lexus. Well, they’ve done pretty much everything just right. We
have this wonderful trim. This is a bamboo trim. Bamboo, in case you didn’t know, is
a grass not a tree, and it is very quick to replenish, so it is actually an environmentally
sound wood-like material. The rest of the interior is just gorgeous leather, which is
hand trimmed in here and here with the exposed stitches– looks just beautiful. The main
screen is a wide high definition display, and of course you would expect nothing less
in this category of vehicle. We’ve got all sorts of options here, we have navigation,
radio, media player integration, it even supports Lexus apps, and then you can also do general
setup of the vehicle. But one thing I really like about this car isn’t necessarily the
high-definition display, which is good– it does navigation and all of that, but it’s
the fact that there’s so many actual physical buttons. They didn’t relinquish all of the
transitional switch gear with a big screen. Case in point, the dual-zone climate control.
I can control– ooh, that’s really cool, looks like it’s an analog display but it’s actually
digital. I can of course pick fan and all of that stuff and it tells me information
up there as well. And then right here, we have the transmission. Nothing weird! It’s
all what you expect where you expect it. We do get some extra bonus buttons though. Behind
the gear shifter is one more bonus set of buttons. This is the drive modes. Now, there’s
all sorts of stuff you can do here– there’s a big dial where you can pick between normal,
comfort, eco, sport S, or sport plus. Now of course this is a hybrid so I can switch
EV mode when the battery is fully charged and when I keep speeds at a minimum. We have
control of the display. I can look at my miles per gallon– looks like I’m averaging around
20mpg. Moving on down, there’s an LKA button. Now, what do you think LKA would mean? Well,
it means ‘lane keep assist’. This car will actually keep you on the straight and narrow
between your lanes when driving on the freeway, which is really quite nice for long drives.
It also has adaptive cruise control, which will pace the vehicle in front of me so I
don’t hit somebody if I’m not paying that much attention. It is of course equipped with
blind spot monitoring with little lights in the wing mirrors, and in addition it has parking
radars in the front and the back to help me park the vehicle without scratching it– which
is great, and there is one more feature. There’s a little box here, you know what that box
does? It actually monitors my eyes. It makes sure I’m not getting sleepy while I’m driving. Everything that Lexus can do, they have done
in this vehicle. This is the flagship Lexus and it is worthy of that title. Cause this
thing, it’s got everything. This car has everything. So, we’ve talked about it enough. Let’s go
ahead and take it out for a drive and see exactly what a $135,000 Lexus feels like on
the road. Side roads in Connecticut can be a bit rough,
but the suspension on the Lexus LS600h L soaked up every bump and pothole without complaint.
And because it’s a hybrid, the electric drive assist gave it that little extra punch it
needed while accelerating. It also improved overall economy. Just because this is an executive
sedan designed for comfort doesn’t mean it’s not fun to drive. Switch the mode selector
to S + and the eco gauge turns to a red tac. The suspension firms up and the transmission
modifies its attitude to provide more fun around the corners. Regardless of which mode
you like to drive in, the Lexus LS600h L also features available safety systems that allow
it to practically drive itself. It’s just shy of full autonomous behavior when cruising
down the freeway. It will stay in the lane, accelerate and brake automatically for a few
seconds at least. The system is reliable and easy to use, which is a great thing for new
technology. For more on the full Lexus lineup, visit your
local AutoNation dealer. I’m your host Ryan Douthit. Thanks for watching.

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