2017 Arnold Strongman Classic – Weight Over Bar / 4K

(dramatic music) The event this year is similar to past years, but every year it gets a little heavier. You know, there’s always variations. But that’s one of the things I like about Strongman is always the new challenges. Now we introduced something new. It’s like a bag over a wall or a bar. And it’s increasing weight. So it’s a set height. Now that’s going to be interesting. The Rogue weight over bar about to start right now. The athletes are all lined up. We’re going in ascending order. Everyone has to take the first throw which is fifty pounds. After that, the athletes are allowed to choose their very next weight. I don’t know if anybody can ever throw 100 pounds over 15 feet. But not who’s throwing highest, as who can throw the heaviest object over a 15 foot bar. Rogue has made some beautiful bags. They’re all the same size, but they weigh from 50 pounds to 100 pounds. We’ll move to a heavier bag Mark. One athlete’s been eliminated in the first round. The athletes have now chosen their next weight. Jerry Pritchett on the 60 pound Rogue bag. Nobody’s really had a chance to throw these sandbags. See how they’re going to react when you yank on them and throw them. You know, we all know what kegs throw like and kettle bells, but we don’t know what these bags are going to throw like. Yeah! Flexibility and control. The athletes are choosing their weights. Currently in third place, Hafthor Bjornsson, at 70 pounds. Let’s hear it for The Mountain. You’re applying all your power upwards as fast and hard as you can. And with these Rogue soft implements you can do it indoors. I think it’s a bit genius myself. Brian Shaw up next. The current leader. It’ll go in a round system. So basically if you fail, then you’re out of the competition. So there’s a lot of guessing that will go on as to how much weight is possible. Mark, I’d like to think that Brian Shaw has done a little bit of practice with these kind of weights. I’ll tell you what. His movement is very smooth. Weight toss? I love because it’s an explosive lift. And again, you need that flexibility to be able to let that weight go back and then that explosive pop. Our next athlete is Vytautas Lalas at 70. Eighty-five pound bags are being brought out Mark. Once there was nine. Now, there are three. Strategizing, as to which bag to throw, is so important right now to get points. Brian has chosen to take the 85. The surface is very very important in a throwing event. How you can release it from your hands. So, historically then, something that I’m very strong at. Here we go ladies and gentlemen, Mikhail Shivlyakov, at 90 pounds. And you can see fatigue is starting to play a factor. Guys are getting tired. We know we have good throwers there. Brian is really good. Thor is really good at throwing, so that’s going to be an interesting one. Traditionally they’re good throwers. So they’re going to be the ones to try to chase. Throwing has always been good for me. I’m strong and big. And I would say I’m quite athletic. Hafthor In third place currently. He needs to move up. It’s a very valuable point. He wants the maximum point. He releases. He’s got a beautiful arc over the bar. That was a magnificent throw. This is unbelievable what these last two athletes are doing. I’ve never seen anything like this. Hurling 90 pounds over a 15 foot bar. We’re looking at the strongest man in the world. Four times the world’s strongest man. Twice a champion here at the Arnold’s. Hafthor has won the event. (crowd cheering)

53 thoughts on “2017 Arnold Strongman Classic – Weight Over Bar / 4K

  1. Hathor can break all the records he wants but he ain't winning a damn strongman competition while Brian Shaw is around.

  2. Why don't they film the whole Arnold Strongman Classic? We just get little 3 to 5 minute bits from the competition. I have seen the guy from rogue there with his gimbal, why not have someone film the whole thing with Steadicam rig? If you need a cameraman I would be more than happy to do it.

  3. Anyone know what the bags are filled with? It looks like they have some bounce to them and it doesn't kill the floor, so it's not shot, and too small to be sand.

  4. Hafthor has a big advantage in this event because he is much taller than the others. makes for better throwing like this. Cool new event though.

  5. Could someone do the math? That last bag that hit him in the shoulder, what was the force it hit him with?

  6. I wonder if Rogue only got bad footage of Thor throwing the 90 pound bag, since at 4:15 they cut from footage of the 90 pound bag to footage of the 100 pound bag (that wasn't even part of the competition) just before Thor throws it.

  7. this was a pretty lame event, not aesthetically interesting for viewers. Impressive yes, but probably the least entertaining event i have ever seen.

  8. 25 minutes and 10; Mr Schwarzenegger WAS not the most gracious man, mind games and manipulation of people who could have beaten him, all day long and all the time. But Ali did the rope a dope, so guess its alright to do??

  9. Can someone help out for strongman after back injury who do not have money for hospital?
    Kārlis Vītols

  10. THere's a famous Fitness model who claimed IIRC to be a great powerlifter or has won strongmen contests. Mike O'Hearn. Great shape but some of his claims aren't supported. Judo champ. No record. Strongman. No record. Should have him compete with these guys as a "guest competitor". 🙂

  11. This is worse than WWE, just about as fake. Very very very very very very very very very very very very jealous, envious people creating false standards to drive people away from fitness. This needs to be exposed out of basic human decency because this whole thing is ridiculous. These people claim their genetics propel them to super human strength… Uh, no you pieces of shit, its called large amounts of Anabolics and the facade of fake weights. Of course, they become very angry and agitated when someone calls them out because that puts them in an environment they aren't accustomed to. One where you have to be honest.

    These people are awful sons of bitches who are ruining the show for everyone. They have turned the science of weight lifting into something unnatural and unhealthy. All because they have some insecurity and anger issues.

  12. clearly either Bjornsson or Shaw must win this event due to their height advantage…ridiculous advantage in strength and arm length…

  13. The quality of these rogue videos is exceptional quality. Goosebumps every time i watch these. Keep it up. Still this strongman competition needs 10x more publicity for this real sport of men than the other beauty contest of muscle freaks. Many people still have no clue of these monstrous humans and their amazing achievements.

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