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Look, I’m not sure what the future of motoring
holds and maybe plug-in hybrids are just one step along the path. But I can tell you that having a Pacifica
with a cord makes the best even better. When the Town & Country was reborn as the
Pacifica last year, it gave Chrysler a rare moment to shine. For a brand that’s been whittled down to
2 vehicles, the Pacifica proves that Chrysler is still an expert at the minivan.  Continuing to pioneer, there’s this Pacifica
Hybrid.  And not just a regular gas-electric job but
a plug-in hybrid.  So what does that mean, you ask?  Well, if it’s been plugged-in and the battery
fully charged, this Pacifica can drive about 33 miles without ever using a drop of gas.  That’s more than the Prius Prime.  If you drive beyond that, there’s a hybrid-tuned
version of the Pacifica’s Pentastar V6 that’ll extend driving range to an impressive 570
miles.  And it’s really that simple.  Level 1 charging equates to plugging into
a household outlet and that takes about 14 hours.  A level 2 charger providing 240 volts, like
the one your dryer is plugged into, takes as little as 2 hours.  These are the kinds of public chargers you
find at the grocery store and the like.  Of course, you can also have one installed
at your home for about $1,000.  And then there are those rarer Level 3 “superchargers”
but the Pacifica doesn’t work with those. One oddity is that even when the Pacifica
is locked, the cord can still be pulled out. For times when you’re away from home, say
visiting a friend, the Pacifica has a neat, out of the way storage area for the charge
cable. Features like the Hybrid Electric Pages, Uconnect
Access smartphone app and hybrid-exclusive cluster display add the goodies owners of
a plug-in will appreciate. Based upon the EPA’s method of calculating
fuel economy for plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, the Pacifica is rated at 84 MPG equivalent
when charged, and 32mpg once the battery is emptied. Of course, based on how and how far you drive,
those numbers could be quite different, for better or for worse.  Because owners could feasibly drive for months
using just the battery power, the Pacifica Hybrid constantly monitors the average age
of fuel in the tank and if needed, will automatically shift from electric to hybrid mode to cycle
through any fuel that is more than 90 days old, Over the course of 5 years, you’d likely
save $4,500 in fuel costs as compared to the regular Pacifica. Typically, a hybrid comes with some pretty
significant compromises in drivability but the Pacifica is different. When you’re on electric, it is sneaky quick
– shockingly so and doing it in near silence makes the experience all the better. The steering is dialed-in and the braking
has none of the abruptness that’s so common in these types of vehicles. You feel the road more than I remember but
you also get a minivan that’s more exciting to drive. And with its stellar 570 mile range, drive
you can. The 3.6-liter engine has been adapted for
hybrid duty and works through what Chrysler calls the eFlite electrically variable transmission. It house 2 electric motors, both of which
are capable of driving the front wheels. Total system output is 260 horsepower but
it’s that electric torquiness you’ll love.  The Hybrid is carrying an extra 650 pounds
so it seems as though the ride quality has taken a bit of hit and there’s more of a
tendency here for the body to rattle.  And just like any plug-in hybrid, once the
battery is depleted, standard hybrid driving with the gas engine in play is much less enjoyable
or noteworthy.   And hey, that big lithium-ion battery has
got to go somewhere… OK, so it turns out you can’t have your
cake and eat it too because Stow ‘N Go is more like Stow ‘N Gone. That’s no small compromise either, seeing
as how that’s one of the Pacifica’s trump cards. You can take these seats out rather easily,
but they’re heavy. The rest of the interior is pure minivan genius. It seats 7 in complete comfort with a 3rd
row that bests any other.  You even get window shades, a sunroof and
your own USB port.  And these seats do sill fold away into the
floor for times when you want a flatter cargo area.  The deep well comes in handy, too.  Both sliding doors and the tailgate can be
opened with a kick of the foot, there’s remote start and even umbrella holders.  The UConnect Theater is the best rear seat
entertainment system on the market – modern, touchscreen or remote controlled, fully connected,
embedded games and apps and Blu-ray compatible.  It’s a kid’s dream.  And the driver will appreciate the super easy
to use UConnect system – with Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and 4G LTE Wi-Fi new for the
2018 model year.  There’s adaptive cruise control with Stop
& Go, a super helpful 360 degree camera because this thing is pretty big, parallel and perpendicular
assist, auto high beams, rain sensing wipers, and all of the safety features we’ve come
to expect.  And items like the blue stitching and evolution
of the minvan on the mat show an attention to detail.  I just wish the surround view camera had a
button separate from the big screen for times when I want to activate it myself.  The 13 Alpine speakers and active noise cancellation
make the cabin as loud or as quiet as you desire. And for parents with driving-age teens, there’s
a feature called Key Sense that allows you to set limits. For 2018, the Pacifica Hybrid lineup is changing
to include 3 models, the new entry-level Touring Plus, followed by the Touring L and Limited. This here is the range-topping 2017 model,
the Platinum with the Tri-Pane Panoramic Sunroof.  MSRP is $47,885 before the available $7,500
federal tax credit.  Chrysler created the minivan more than 30
years ago and is still innovating today.

11 thoughts on “2017 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid | 84 MPGe| Complete Review | TestDriveNow

  1. I wished you had touched a bit more on what you lose by opting for the hybrid platinum over a limited. Memory seats, vacuum, stow n go (which you mentioned) and there are a number of other things that slip my mind. One thing you gain is more comfortable 2nd row seats.

    With the Federal tax credit it is well priced however with current incentives (if you somehow qualify for all of them) you can get $9k-$10k of the gas powered version.

    Now if they start offering $2k-$3k below invoice on the hybrid I will definitely be interested especially if they bring back memory seats for 2018/2019.

  2. The fact a lot of features disappear when you opt for the Hybrid is sad. You think Chrysler puts the Pacifica Hybrid as one of the top trims, but they decontent it instead.

    Still however it is the perfect family vehicle that still is immensely efficient. Problem is I still don't fully trust FCA when it comes to reliability.

  3. Out of curiosity, how much do u really end up saving? because what u save on gas u waste on electricity. Light bill must increase dramatically.

  4. I would shamelessly drive one of these vans with some early Bruce blasting triumphantly from those Alpine speakers. Those seats look really comfy as well. The All New 2017 Pacifica is truly Lee Iacocca's Trump card!

  5. If you qualify for the full $7500 Federal Tax Credit plus any state rebates this is cheaper than the gas only version. You only lose Stow 'N Go, the spare tire, and the vac.

  6. Yeah Id trust a Chrysler with MORE electrical to go bad! Chrysler denied my warranty over Jiffy Lube receipts (refused to honor them) on my 14 Chrysler Town and Country. .. at 35k miles. Sat in the shop for over 4 months plagued by an unidentified electrical issue. Dealer can't fix it and Chrysler told me too bad. I'm out $14,000 value of car plus over $3k in failed repairs!!! Beware Avoid anything Chrysler. Worst Company in the World. They care only about the quick sell and care less about the customer. Cars have history of electrical issues…. and u wanna get a Chrysler Hybrid? Lol.. good luck. Save yourself the headache and shop for another brand van.

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