2017 Jaguar F-Pace | CarGurus Test Drive Review

Well, that’s a Jaguar. Yes, it is a Jaguar. The same British manufacturer that’s brought us some of the most gorgeous sports cars in history. Yet nowhere in that history has there ever been a truck – until now. The 2017 F-Pace is the company’s first SUV, and as such, it promises the same style, speed, and raw emotion that all of its coupes and sedans deliver. I’m Clifford Atiyeh with CarGurus, and I think I’ll really like the new F-Pace, but first I’ve got to drive it. So the F-Pace has a really rakish silhouette, and it’s by no accident at all. Designer Ian Callum–he’s been with Jaguar since about 1999– he’s responsible for the XK coupe, the current F-Type coupe and Roadster; he’s even designed the Aston Martin DB7 and DB9. This model, of course, looks absolutely incredible. It’s just–everywhere, from tail to nose–it’s just stunning, and you look at the back – you can see there’s a lot of F-Type influence from those taillights: how they kind of curve and dip down all the way to that character line on the side. It’s just a lot of nice accents going on in this car, and they’re not overdone at all, so I think it’s going to age really nicely. So unlike the Range Rover, the F-Pace you sit a bit lower. You’re not on top of the world, so to speak, when you’re in this bus chair, like you’d feel in the Range Rover. In those vehicles, you can see almost everything around you. The Jaguar’s more sporty, so it’s not meant to be like a traditional SUV; it’s more like a Porsche Cayenne in that regard, and you do sit a bit lower, and the dash is a bit higher, so you don’t feel like you ride on top of the car – you’re riding in it. The F-Pace comes standard with a 3-liter supercharged V6. That’s 340 horsepower and 332 pound-feet of torque. On the S model we’re driving, it bumps up to 380 horsepower, 339 pound-feet of torque. These are the same two engines that are in the F-Type. It’s also shared with the XE; you can find it in the XJ and the XF. So these engines do a lot of duty. They’re great; they sound awesome. There’s a lot of low-end torque that’s always available. We get 18 miles per gallon city, 23 highway on this model. All of them are coming standard with an 8-speed automatic and all-wheel drive. We’re driving one of the first F-Pace models in the U.S., and right now the base model is not available. That would be the diesel model, a 2.0-liter 4-cylinder turbocharged engine with 180 horsepower and 318 pound-feet of torque. Now, that’s going to be great. It’s going to be a starting price of under $42,000, and you’re going to get much better fuel economy. The Jaguar only sells about 15,000 cars of the year. Land Rover does about 50,000 in the U.S. Mercedes and BMW – they’re like 300,000 plus, so Jaguar is a very, very small slice of the market, and a big reason of that has been reliability. And to address that, they’ve got a 5-year 60,000-mile warranty– the full vehicle–on all models right now. That also includes 5 years of scheduled maintenance, so you’re actually getting a pretty good deal, and hopefully you’ll be more reassured should anything happen. Now that sounds pretty awesome. It sounds way louder, actually, I think, in the F-Pace than the XF. I think that’s because it’s open cabin – all that induction noise just gets right in. It’s a fantastic engine–it really is–and there’s no artificial sound coming in through the stereo like you’ll see in a lot of other premium brands – the way they try to filter this stuff, and they make it synthesized. This is all natural. So if this kind of performance isn’t enough for you, you’re going to have to wait another year when the R model comes out – that will definitely have a supercharged V8 if you really think you need more than 380 horsepower. But I would suspect, after driving the S, you won’t. Even though this car is 4,100 pounds, it does move pretty well. You have several modes here. We were in Dynamic mode, which basically tightens up the suspension, steering, the throttle response as well. That’s all configurable in the main screen, so if you just want to have the gears shift a bit quicker, you can do that, and you can have the steering be a bit lighter. There’s a lot of different modes you can do. It’s very easy to adjust in here. One of the F-Pace’s strongest traits is, of course, handling. Like all Jaguars, it’s got a stiffer suspension, but it still has a lot of compliance. So it’s a really nice balance without having to have a fancier air suspension, and it really – the steering is great; it’s electrically assisted, but it’s very accurate. It feels, honestly, very similar to what you have in the F-Type and across Jaguar’s lineup; they’re just really, really well-tuned. We’re riding, however, on the 22-inch wheels. Those are a $4,000 upgrade. It also includes Pirelli P Zero rubber. Those are very, very aggressive sports-car-like tires. Now, that does suffer a bit over some hard expansion joints and other bumps – kind of thwacks, and you kind of really feel it; it’s a bit jarring. I drove the one with the 19-inch tires, and I had a much better balance, so I’d recommend those if you live where we live – in New England. So when you’re not on the gas, the F-Pace is actually nice and quiet in here. They’ve done a lot with noise insulation, and this transmission always, you know, upshifts a bit early, and it really is nice and quiet in here. In the F-Pace I’m driving, lot of red and black. My grandfather calls this the “fire engine,” and I think he’s right about it, because it’s just – it’s very, very bright in here. This is an option, of course; you can have the regular black leather. I rather like it. It’s kind of cool. You get this really interesting aluminum trim with this kind of black netting finish in there – really nice. Lot of nice aluminum accents, you know, leather on the dash with red stitching contrasting everywhere. We have this Alcantara, which is that microsuede material all up in here; it’s super soft. So basically everywhere you’re touching is really nice. Our car with this climate pack has 4-zone climate control, which is almost going to overkill in a, you know, a regular SUV, but it’s quite nice. We also have heated and cooled seats at all four outboard positions as well. So if you do just want to relax and not hear the F-Pace’s glorious engine soundtrack, you can just turn on the Meridian stereo. Meridian is a UK manufacturer of really high-end stereo equipment. I have to say, it sounds really, really nice, especially in the Range Rover models. These models in the Jaguar F-Pace are not quite to that same level, but they’re really nice. They all come standard. The one we have has some higher wattage, more speakers. You can also select between three different surround-sound modes. You got DTS and Dolby ProLogic and then the Meridian-specific one, so if you’re an audiophile, you really want to have a stereo like this. Every F-Pace has a panoramic moonroof as standard, and unlike some cars this actually has an openable section, so when you hit it, it actually won’t just tilt open; it will go all the way back. So it’s quite nice for that, and it also has a netting that comes over to block some of the sun when you don’t want to see that huge portion of glass. We have some optional driver-assist features: we’ve got the adaptive cruise control, forward-collision alert, autonomous braking, and lane-departure alert and lane-keep assist. This is Jaguar’s InControl Touch Pro, which is a long way of saying they’ve improved a very bad infotainment system into something usable. Now it’s a lot faster, it’s a lot more logical, it’s just great. There’s a few bugs here and there because it is still new, and by bugs I just mean that occasionally a CD won’t play or a menu won’t open, but again, this is a system that’s going to be updated throughout the car’s life, and remember there is that 5-year warranty. All of the major controls are all always at the bottom of the screen here, so you can go between navigation, phone, media, and climate. The climate is quite nice, because then I can also control the rear here. This booster function will let me crank up the AC on a very hot day. Our car has the optional 360-degree cameras, so there’s cameras underneath both side-view mirrors, the front grille, and also the back hatch. Click on some of these icons here. The front fender here, as you can see, can avoid some rocks. And some little fun things here. It’s got a G-meter; it’ll tell you how much throttle and gas you’re putting on the engine. And there’s even a stopwatch for when you just want to race someone to Williams-Sonoma. There are so many luxury SUVs in the market right now, but look at this one. I mean, come on. The F-Pace is hot, it drives like a sports car, yet it still provides the space and utility people need in a midsize SUV. I really want an F-Type coupe–that’s Jaguar’s sports car–but the F-Pace fits my dog and two other people in total comfort. And the price, starting at just under $43,000, is a real deal. For more information on the F-Pace, check out my full review on CarGurus.com, subscribe to our YouTube channel, and leave a comment below, because we’d like to know: does the F-Pace truly compete with the Porsche Cayenne and BMW X5?

26 thoughts on “2017 Jaguar F-Pace | CarGurus Test Drive Review

  1. Attractive styling and price. Jaguar is definitely on the right track and trying to give Porsche Audi Mercedes BMW Maserati a run for their money. However, I think that JLR have great SUVs from Land Rover that much are more established, and can directly affect this Jaguar's sales. In general, JLR need to improve their reliability as they have been for the most of their time mediocre.

  2. Honestly if Jaguar can prove to be reliable and would take it over anything in the market. It's rwd bias and handling sell me.

  3. I think Jaguar does much better in reliability tests than sister brand Land Rover, which sells without problems. Ford and later Tata, already fixed the reliability problems long time ago.

  4. I like this design a lot. It seems of hight quality. If I was in the market for a luxo suv, this would be at the top of my list.

  5. The best looking cross over Suv in the market today, this ride is just superb and awesome. I would get one immediately if i had the cash now, but working towards it though. Absolutely stunning and yes it's better overall than the Macan, X3 and X5. This is just awesome.

  6. Jaguar offers a better warranty and free maintenance than Land Rover. That may say something about expected reliability.

  7. Jaguar has really moved into a different class in the past 2-3 years,both in terms of build quality and reliability, as this reviewer has noticed.They have always been the class leader in design.

  8. Currently drive an XJ, great car but a little to long for my needs. This might dot he trick, but I've always avoided SUVs. Will this be the one to win me over?

  9. Great review. Tried Macan, X3 Sport, GLC and this F-Pace came out easily as the winner. Great looking SUV – great ride and loads of space.

  10. I like but i want it a little bigger like the bmw x 5 or mdx or volvo x90 is it big enough for a family of 4? 2 adults 2 kids?

  11. I test drove one and its awesome. It felt like driving my XF, just higher up. I also felt right at home inside. Its a stunning SUV and I'm now considering buying one.

  12. I've had my F-Pace just on 12 months now, and I still love driving it.  The SC 3.0ltr is awesome, and the wicked exhaust note still excites.  My all-black Prestige looks gorgeous, & turns heads – it's easy to feel good driving it.   BUT……the old Jaguar bug-bear of quality remains a problem – it's been back to the dealer with several problems already…..not serious problems, but for this price it should be bug-free…(my X5 was!)A few things irk me – the pricing:  heated seats, keyless entry, a CD player, & blindspot assist should not be options at this level of motoring.  The standard Infotainment system is last-decade technology – my 5 year old X5 was better.  I wish I'd known how slow the processor is, and how the touch-screen would frustrate me bcos I'd have paid for the optional Touch Pro package.  I hope my review is helpful to a few potential buyers – it's a good car, and a treat to drive, but don't say I didn't warn you about the pricing, features, & quality.

  13. Good job, Clifford. Surprised, though, that as you closed by singling out the car's looks, you chose the rear view – to my eyes the rear hear suffers from it's roundness. The front, on the other hand …

  14. I hope this car have better quality of leather seats than F-Type, cheap cheap materials they are using on Jaguars, my 2018 F-type beside wear completely came a part by 5500km this sommer and it is allready come a part again by December

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