The folks from Jeep say that they’ve
made the 2017 Grand Cherokee into the American Range Rover, but have you ever
seen a Range Rover with red toe hooks? Hi! I’m George Kennedy for CarGurus, and I’ll be upfront with the fact that I like Jeeps. You get the Wrangler, which can pretty much go anywhere and do it with the top off, and then you got this – the fourth-generation Grand Cherokee. Jeep
updated the design to what you see here in 2014. The Grand Cherokee has the look
that crossovers like the new Compass aspire to with the iconic 7-slot grille
and LED headlights, but what makes the Grand Cherokee tick
resides well beneath its skin, and it’s what’s under the skin that makes a Grand
Cherokee the ultimate go-anywhere upscale SUV. Sure, Jeep’s heart and soul
might be with the Wrangler, it’s also right here. Jeep has never been shy about offering
variety, and the 2017 Grand Cherokee is no different. You have the Laredo, the
Altitude, the Limited, the Overland, the Summit, an SRT performance
model, and more. Most of these offer varying levels of
comfort content luxury, but then you’ve got the Trailhawk, which is a whole
different beast. and we need be the trailhawk was originally offered in
2013 and for just one year but now it’s back and features unique 18-inch wheels
wrapped in all-terrain tires additional skid plates a matte black
hood to keep the glare down on the trail and those signature red toe hooks but it
goes deeper than that and as the name suggests the trailhawk is about getting
off the main road and into the wild down here and get a more traditional
shifter those updated Midway for 2016 this is a move away from the more unique
design that was present in the previous model and we commend G for using this
simple and easy-to-use layout that shift lever operates jeeps 8-speed automatic
transmission which manages power from a standard 3.6 liter v6 spending 293
horsepower through jeeps quadra-drive to four-wheel-drive system this
drivetrain features a two-speed transfer case and electronics limited slip rear
differential nuts a heck of a lot of off-road equipment and heaps ups it with
the awesome air suspension system which is also standard on the trail hog this
air suspension is also offered on other Grand Cherokees but on the trailhawk
it’s been tuned for more suspension articulation and resulted in increasing
ground clearance of four tenths of an inch with the air suspension and the
ability to collect snow sand mud rock and automatic drive modes the Grand
Cherokee trailhawk is an exceptional off-road SUV it might not be as rugged
as a wrangler rubicon but it’s a far more well-rounded vehicle
the trailhawk also has select speed control this allows you to set a low
speed for the vehicle that it will maintain while you focus on clearing
inputs on the trail it’s basically cruise control for
off-roading in addition to the v6 the trailhawk is available with a 5.7 liter
Hemi v8 that makes 360 horsepower or a 3 liter EcoBoost v6 that makes 240
horsepower and 420 pound-feet of torque the latter would be a great engine for
off-roading but then jazz b6 pulls plenty well on the trail and on the road it’s all the trail ready gear you might
think the trail hog would be a pain in the commute maybe wrong the air
suspension firms right up there’s 1,400 pound B’s corner surprisingly well sure
the ride might be stupid time but no more than a performance SUV like a
Porsche Cayenne or bmw x5 and that’s a pleasant surprise the Grand Cherokee
trailhawk comes with these hats weighs half leather seats and they do a solid
job keeping you bolstered when off-roading that also means they do a
great job keeping in place going around corners compared to the Grand Cherokees
other trims the trailhawk has an interior that is well equipped the more
utilitarian and upscale was more of a focus on cubbies and compartments and
higher materials that said it also has heating cooled seats heated second row
seats bluetooth hands-free calling a reversing camera and remote start you’ve
also got jeeps outstanding 8.4 inch new Kinect touchscreen it features an
easy-to-use menu layout which have a like menu navigation the navin maps are
easy to use and the voice control responds to complex demands it’s almost
the perfect system but if I could nitpick the heated steering wheel and
heated cooled seat controls are in a separate menu screen when it should be
easy to find buttons on the dash although this touch screen looks allows
the fourth generation of you connect found in the all-new chrysler pacifica
we reviewed earlier this year it’s ashli still the 3rd gen that means no android
auto or apple carplay and if you want the feature going up to wait for the
next generation of the Grand Cherokee dual out in 2018 or 2019
with all this also capability something has to give and in this case with fuel
economy the Grand Cherokee trailhawk is rated at 18 miles per gallon city
25 highway in 21 combines compare that to the 4×4 v8 models which return 14 mpg
city 22 highway 17 combined and that’s not too much worse and then you’ve got
the diesel which returns a claimed 30 miles per gallon on the highway with
lots of torque for off-roading and good on-road fuel economy the diesel would be
our pick in addition to the full boat up front
air bags our test models came equipped with a reversing camera and options like
forward towards and warnings lane departure warning and a blind spot
detection system that same suite of sensors also provides adaptive cruise
control we ability to the Grand Cherokee to park
itself base MSRP of 2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee is thirty thousand three
hundred ninety five dollars a trail hot spring starts at forty three thousand
ninety five dollars a test model with options stickers for fifty thousand two
hundred twenty dollars give him a combination of all Soudan
luxury credentials present in this diesel to fall into very unique company
this combination is also found in vehicles like the Land Rover Range Rover
Toyota Landcruiser or even the mercedes-benz g-class but of
that group the Toyota is a closed on price but it starts at almost eighty
four thousand dollars the Range Rover starts about a thousand dollars more
than that as for the G Wagon well you have a hundred and twenty K lying around 20:17 grand cherokee trailhawk is about
as capable as any SUV you’ll find that also offers leather remote start and
navigation but between you and me I want those other luxury SUVs there’s a good
chance for the offered talents of the trailhawk if you’ve used and appreciate
it thanks for watching subscribe to see more SUV videos for the 2017 nissan
rogue hybrid for the 2017 jaguar fa if using the trailhawk is the ultimate
grand cherokees let us know in the comments and to read my full review on
the 2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee go to cargurus.com

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