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The 2017 Kawasaki Ninja ZX10R. 998 CC
inline-four engine delivering a 197 bhp of power at 13,000
RPM. it gets track level features like Showa balance free Forks, a 5 axis gyro
system, quick shifter, and 190 section supersoft, Pirelli super Corsa tyres on
the rare but this is a road test and our plan was to tackle a chaotic Indian highway
on this motorcycle, at least it would be a good test for the dual 330 mm Brembo
brakes that this bike has to offer. 150 kilometer long road test ends at Kharagapur, where we get some beautiful corners to get a feel of this bikes handling capabilities. I’ve ridden this motorcycle before and with the clear track in front of me I got
speeds of over 200 km/h pretty easily. so that was the fast part, now, let’s get
back to this times’ testing and what we found out. The Ergonomics on this bike you can sit in a variety of positions like you can sit hunched up on the tank and this is like
the more upright position if you’re doing it in the city this is the
position I would be imagining it to be in moving back on the saddle you can
actually get that Crouch look which is gonna be more useful when you’re doing
that aggressive sport riding or riding it out in the track. So, while you’re in
this position the windshield does offer phenomenal wind protection but when
you’re doing a normal cruising sort of riding position the winds gonna hit you
right on top of my Dainese logos like the upper chest and obviously the
helmet, so you can actually go for an aftermarket windshield if you are
looking for a more touring oriented windshield those are available or
else the classic double bubble’s always there if you’re a trackday kind of a guy.
the foot pegs are pretty much rearset as you’d expect. There’s a lot of ground
clearance as you’d expect there is a huge ground clearance, no worry of this bike ever scraping the foot pegs while you’re doing those high lean angles.
After getting used to it riding it for a while I will say that I’m not feeling
all that uncomfortable and this is one thing with liter bikes, they’re bigger, so
you definitely have all that reach which is for 600cc motorcycles I kind of feel
more cramped up and more aggressive when I was writing the Daytona 675r
I was not really that comfortable on that motorcycle and I think I’ve said it
but on this bike you definitely have the room you can move back on the seat you
know a little bit forward and for height well I’m 5′-8″, 173 odd centimeters and I’m 60 kgs and this bike
feels pretty spot-on I can reach both my feet down not exactly flat-foot it. It’s
got an 830 mm seat height which is I would say good for a liter bike shorter
riders might find it a little bit tasking but then again you have a seat
lowering options which are aftermarket. Kawasaki doesn’t offer any low seat
height options for this bike. The power delivery on this motorcycle is not
linear at all. There is a surge that hits yeah after 8000 RPM and it
almost feels like an extra cylinder has kicked in after you cross the 8K
mark. It kind of took me by surprise the first time I rode it. Second time, well, Iwas expecting it. The engine braking on this motorcycle is phenomenal. It really cuts in smoothly
without getting too aggressive and it is also adjustable you can increase it but
as I was satisfied with the default setting of the engine braking I didn’t
try out the second setting. So much traffic all the time I can’t
even play with this motorcycle… Steering damper is giving those motorcycle stability I can feel that, I can feel even though the bike the rest of
the body is kind of getting unstable, the steering damper is working overtime to
give me the stability that I need on such bumpy roads. I just hope that you
can understand a fraction of its’ power. My main problem isn’t the traffic
that I can see it’s it’s the cross traffic, people and cars and bicycles
everything is crossing this Highway. You know… See goats! suddenly they can run on and it’s game over for you. Riding on this crowded Highway,
we finally reached our destination Kharagpur and that could only mean one
thing: CORNERING. Frankly, I was a bit wary of
pushing the bike at first but as we continued on some loops it got better
and better the quick direction changes was
surprisingly easy on it out of the corner acceleration however is one area
where I did not enjoy the non linear power delivery because as the bike was leaned over and
I was pushing out the throttle it kind of made me uneasy,
thinking that surge was coming. But the bike really leans into corners
easily and the trucker has a reasonable response still there is a lack of
feedback from the throttle and this is due to the ride by wire system and it
was something that didn’t really bother me at all in the straights but felt kind
of unsure in the corners but I had very limited time on this motorcycle and it
takes a lot of time to adjust to such motorcycles before you can really push
it in honors so I’d like you to keep that in mind
riders who probably own this bike are used to this and as I ride the
motorcycle more and more I will get more used to it but for this test itself I
was a bit unsure throttling it out, out of the corners. The brakes don’t have a
super strong initial bite but have an immense progressive feel, which is
something I personally prefer as a rider. Now, as I’ve said before I was on a very
chaotic highway there were a lot of instances where
pedestrians jumped onto the highway and I had to test the braking, several times.
All of the times I had the confidence that the bike will slow down and stop if necessary, so, that was a very, very
safe feature, for all of those who are actually considering buying this bike.
The brakes are really really good. does engine braking control. It’s
two-step control and we are kinda in the lower mode. A quickshifter, ABS really control launch
control traction control which is five steps and you can switch it on the fly
which is great even KIBS intelligent braking control system which you don’t
get in any other motorcycle, the medium power mode which is like access to all
the power but in a smoother way which is what I
like… Host of electronic features on this
motorcycle, we have a traction control system which is five ways I believe it’s
easy to rock it up and down for using the select buttons and it’s (movable)
switchable on-the-fly like you have to press and hols it
and it moves up. 4-5.. so it’s a five way traction control and we’re in the middle power mode one
thing is unique about it is that pressing downwards increases it and
pressing upwards decreases it and it’s really easy to move it on the fly you
see if you are doing a track take your tires wear out then in the final few
laps you can increase the traction control to counteract that change so
that’s very crack level feature so we’ve got
three palm woods and as I mentioned before we are in the second mode which
is giving us the same 200 PHP odd power but in a more relaxed way and we are
dealing with some very big traffic conditions we are on a highway by the
way but this is kind of like what you’d face in urban commuting and I must say
that the clutch is very light it is obviously a slipper clutch but the
operation is very light and it has a very nice feel to it
which you would expect to serve you well in case you’re taking the odd city right
so let’s talk a little bit about the electronics package we have apart from
the traction control we have the key IBS Kawasaki intelligent braking system
which means if you are going through a corner and you need to break while
you’re in the corner I know you should never do that
but if the situation happens where you just need to pull out some guy in front
of you has raked in you need to do some evasion you can do that and usually
bikes our tendency to stand up while you’re leaned over it has a tendency to
stand up this braking control system tries to keep your lean angles so that
you don’t run white and even after breaking you can continue on to the turn
how they do that is not something I can explain to you because I myself don’t
know but it is a system we do have an aunt Ivy
Lee measure so I can go happily accelerate on this bike without having
the worries Otto Bailey and we are shooting with a couple of GoPros here
that’s the new hero six black which have just got and there’s a first shoot with that camera a
lot of breaking part of tested this bike before so I know that I’m in good hands problem is I’m not getting space to show
you what this guy can do horn decent nothing do over-the-top you
don’t expect too much out of a sport bike in the horn Department
I mean who uses it if you have got an aftermarket exhaust on it all you need
to do is use the aftermarket exhaust we have three power modes we have right
by wire system which is the first time they’ve introduced it into the zx-10r in
2016 so ready in the 2017 bike it’s practically unchanged too at the 2016
version then of course this motorcycle does come with ABS which is pretty
standard on any bike these days but you can turn it off now obviously
launch control I almost forgot that but this bag does have launch control this the first time Kawasaki has gone
the full electronics way Japanese bikes used to be pretty bare-bones but now
with the starting with the 2015 Yamaha r1 more and more motorcycles from Japan
are getting the full atronics kit now if you’re watching this video out of
the United States I know leader bikes are pretty big there because you do have
those nice few ways where you need to maintain 8090 miles per hour and this
motorcycle for highway that kind of commuting I would say it’s good but the
riding position is a bit too committed so those of you guys who were touring
regularly on this motorcycle and watching this video do let me know do
you get used to this riding position or is it taxing because I can’t imagine
carrying a heavy backpack because the weight of that will be all also on my
back but if you’re buying this bike I guess the first thing you should invest
is into some stomp grips because my knee is a kind of slipping it’s not a
good thing it’s not a double bubble this is the stock windscreen but it looks
almost like a double bubble windscreen because they’ve got that nice curvature
which is there for the track use previously on the 2015 zx-10r which are
all also written when three used to be pretty flat and like a touring
motorcycle it was pretty useless for this type of a
bike and it’s good to see that they’ve changed it also if you look at the
fairing the Koran bike is very well rounded more like a GP bike like a
MotoGP bike the previous bike had a more aggressive stance to it but honestly in
terms of aerodynamics I think this is doing a lot better especially it’s it
gets those fairing cuts here it’s for channeling airflow so they’ve gone
really much into detail and not just aesthetics and they wanted a 2016 zx-10r
to be a proper track bike and if you compare it with the previous version
they have actually made the riding position a bit more aggressive
writing sort of and I can understand that
because these are not exactly easier to write but it makes you squeezed out puts
extra half a second from your lap times love to test out the spike on our track
if I ever get the opportunity I’d be thankful but right now this is a road
test and all the electronics that we are using here is the traction control and
the quick shifter along with obviously the EPS and sometimes the wheelie
control so that’s it I’ve riddled the zx-10r on two different
occasions on two very different types of roads the motorcycle is definitely not
for every type of rider if you’re going to have just one motorcycle in your
garage I probably would not recommend it I’ve toured in a group with several
super bikes and there were a couple of zx-10r riders riding with us and they
were the least comfortable and in all day writing they got very very tired
because of the aggressive riding position and especially the power
delivery which kind of keeps you on the boils and it’s very hard on your
shoulders and wrists and all times I guess this is like your regular track
day bike but if you want to do a couple of hundred kilometers on a smooth
highway on a morning fast ride then it will do that but if you’re thinking of
practicality it won’t serve you much on longer tours city rides I say that it is
possible but it is not really a practical motorcycle to have a 200 bhp
motorcycle in the city where you won’t be even able to use the power still for
shorter rides it’s not that uncomfortable the problem really lies
when you spend hours and hours on it remember on a track day you usually
spend 40 minutes to an hour on the track and then you get back for some rest
that type of usage is perfect for this bike and obviously as a track day rider
you have to be very physically fit but to be honest with you you don’t really
buy a liter bike for practicality you buy it for the thrill and if thrill is
something you’re looking for then the zx-10r is something that delivers it in
humongous proportions remember it takes us hours of riding and even more time in
the editing process to create each video whereas it will only take you a couple
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then keep it free for you guys thanks for watching and I’ll see you very, very soon
this is Rahul, goodbye!

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