2017 Mazda 3, Full Review, Crazy Headlights and Road Test

The refreshed 2017 Mazda 3 is the best compact
car for you if you like a little sauerkraut with your sushi. By that we mean an unlikely fusion of German
driving precision and Japanese finesse. The Mazda 3 has it, and it’s going to need
every resource it can muster, given a suddenly more competitive landscape. So it gets updated styling, expanded safety
features, and a little voodoo to improve the handling. It’s quieter, and easier on your checkbook,
too. But is it still a tasty dish? I’m Chuck Giametta. Join me for a CarPreview video review of the
2017 Mazda 3. {Music Intro} This front-wheel-drive five-seater is Mazda’s
best-selling vehicle and we’re happy to report most buyers choose the more versatile hatchback
body style over the sedan. That seems part of a trend. Compact-car sales are down nearly 10 percent,
but demand for small hatchbacks is up 9 percent. In fact, Honda has introduced a hatchback
version of its 2017 Civic, and Chevy’s adding one to the Cruze lineup. They join a range of rivals, making things
far more competitive in this interesting segment. As for the Mazda 3, it’s always appealed for
its driving dynamics, making its primary advisories the Volkswagen Golf, Ford Focus, and now the
Civic hatchback. Styling has been a strong suit, too. It was last redesigned for model year 2014. This is the first significant update since,
and Mazda’s done nothing to jeopardize its standing as one of the best looking cars in
the class. A new grille helps it seem a little wider
and lower. All models now have LED headlights. Hatchbacks get a reshaped rear fascia. And the 18-inch wheels on the volume-selling
Touring and top-line Grand Touring have a new look. Mazda simplifies the lineup, too. It does away with “i” and “s” designations,
and makes the larger of the two available engines standard in Grand Touring models and
optional for Touring hatchbacks. The interior has always been a welcoming driving
environment, and it’s been spiffed up, too. An electric button replaces the parking-brake
lever. Door map pockets are usefully larger. Metal-tone plastic upgrades some trim. And all models get a new steering wheel with
a tidier airbag housing and a more efficient button design. The Grand Touring is now available with a
heated steering wheel, a first for the Mazda 3. The control layout remains orderly and easy
to understand. Touring and Grand Touring models put the tachometer
dead ahead, just like in real sports cars. All models have convenient keyless entry with
pushbutton start, plus this nicely designed knob-and-button interface for the tablet-like
display. Along with voice commands, it’s your connection
to software and smartphone apps. On Grand Touring models with the imbedded
navigation option, it displays GPS mapping. Grand Touring models continue with this plastic
panel that can project vehicle speed and other data. You still can’t retract it, but its graphics
are crisper now, and can include speed-limit and other traffic signs. Mazda also address two shortfalls of the previous
3. More sound insulation makes the car quieter. And suspension tweaks help it absorb bumps
with less jolting. Interior space is a little above average for
the class, though taller folks might wish the rear cushion provided more thigh support. The sedan’s trunk is smaller than that of
most rivals. Hatchback cargo room is about average. The attraction here has always been how the
Mazda 3 drives. And that still helps distinguish it in this
class. For all-out acceleration, it can’t compete
with the hot rods of the segment, the Golf GTI and R, the Focus ST and RS, and the Subaru
WRX and STI. And the comparison won’t look any better once
the 300-horsepower Civic Type R arrives. Sport and Touring versions with the two-liter
engine are a little faster than entry-level models of most rivals, which tend to have
less power but better fuel economy. Touring 2.5 and Grand Touring versions are
usefully quicker, if not outright fast. They are quite entertaining with manual transmission
– the choice of about 15 percent of Mazda 3 buyers. With automatic transmission, a sport-mode function that recalibrates gear changes is now standard with both engines, not just the
2.5. Paddle shifters remain limited to the bigger
engine, and now are part of an option package rather than standard. Where any 3 shines is in handling. You get the agility and balance of a driver’s
car – even before this year’s addition G-Vectoring control. That’s Mazda’s name for a new standard feature
that relaxes engine torque just enough to dip the nose as you begin a turn. That momentarily shifts weight to the front
tires for more grip. It’s a neat trick: all the driver notices
is quickened response. Compact car shoppers will notice that Mazda’s
worked some mojo on pricing and content, too. It’s juggled standard and optional features
to cut the base price of Grand Touring models by about fifteen hundred dollars. These top-line editions still come with leather
upholstery, and the 2.5-liter engine is now standard. But xenon headlamps have been dropped. And the previously standard navigation system
is now part of the sixteen-hundred-dollar Premium Package. In the most important change, the price of
autonomous emergency braking has come down. This feature is crucial to earning top safety
ratings because it can prevent a frontal collision by automatically bringing the car to a complete
stop. It’s now included in an eleven-hundred-dollar
option for Grand Tourings – less than half the price of last year. And it’s newly standard on all Touring models,
which see their base prices increase less than five hundred dollars. All this improves the 3, bringing it some
of the refinement of the Golf without the flash of the overstyled Civic. There’s still nothing here to match the segment’s
muscle cars. But Mazda’s added a pinch of handling and
a dash of polish and mixed it with a better value story. That should be appetizing to lots of compact-car
shoppers. For more on this and other cars, trucks and
SUVs, go to CarPreview.com, and please subscribe to our YouTube channel.

100 thoughts on “2017 Mazda 3, Full Review, Crazy Headlights and Road Test

  1. I tested a gt manual. It had the 18" wheels. It was not loud loud but not quiet on highway. The wheels are way too large it needs 17's or 16's even better and more tire and softer grip. The noise in the cabin is mid band and effects conversation volume needed. That said, it is amazing car to drive. It has serious punch. Ultra low starting torque and shifting is a feather. The problem is the gears are too tall between shifts. It needs a lower final drive. It is clearly obsessed with fuel efficiency, which I couldn't care about. It has no cd player yet does have a bose system. I have retail audio cd's and truly hate having to rip them to 320k size which kills the quality

  2. All models don't come with LED headlights for 2017.  They come with LED fog lights, but the headlights are part of the $1500 Premium Package.

  3. I've driven the 2017 Touring Hatchback from Charlotte to Virginia Beach. I have to say, I've been in many cars such as Ford, Honda, and Nissan—but the Mazda 3 Hatch was by far, the most comfortable ride I have ever driven in. The simplified design interior layout, drive handling, and comfort were my biggest things. It's a tough call when it comes to its speed pick up because other vehicles have outmatched but with that being said; it makes up for it in gas consumption. I highly recommend this car to anyone who likes to enjoy their driving on long rides or would like a car that handles very smoothly, especially on those tight curves. Hope this helps!

  4. Nice review. I just bought the 2017 Mazda3 S GT. I looked at a number of compact hatches and found the 3 the best combination of value, economy, practicality, and driving enjoyment. The price reduction from 2016 also increased the value proposition, and made the decision even easier! One of the vehicles I looked at was the Golf GTI. Although I've always admired the car, it was 40K CAD when comparably equipped! Sorry, not spending that much on a compact car. I don't know what VW is thinking; 40K for a GTI puts it within 2K of a Golf R that has ~50 more horsepower and AWD. A real head-scratcher. Anyway, I love the 3. It's got more than enough power for me. The interior is beautifully done and it feels like a premium vehicle when compared to most of its competitors. Cheers!

  5. Am I the only one who thinks the corolla offers the best value and reliability and would buy it over any other car in the compact sedan segment

  6. Back in August, I bought a 2017 Mazda3 SP25GT hatch (that's the 2.5 litre) here in Australia, where, month by month, the 3 is frequently the top selling car in the country, certainly for private buyers. It's fascinating seeing just how much the model range varies between different countries. I think we probably get the best model range of anywhere, except maybe Japan, and more standard features. I love my 3. Nice review by the way.

  7. When Mazda introduced it back in 2010. I thought the Mazda 3 's new front end would "grow on me" eventually. But sadly, it never did. And the changes since then haven't either.
    The 2007 Mazda 3 was a incredible car to drive. When I was finally ready to replace mine in Oct 2016 I had to go with something else. I hope one day Mazda will come out with a totally new front end design for the Mazda 3.

  8. Well well well-mAZDA has finally got my email request. improved steering wheel n controls, heated steering wheel, electronic break (sent many emails to Mazda) better sound insulation, cup holder cover, cleaned up arm rest area, led front light n fog (not are about rear light? overall great price.

  9. I like the bigger front of the 2017 version, but found a 2015-2016 G165 for a very good price….and its the limited edition, in germany called "nakama" (dont know what its called in other countries)
    I think i will have much fun for many years 🙂

  10. I like the bigger front of the 2017 version, but found a 2015-2016 G165 for a very good price….and its the limited edition, in germany called "nakama" (dont know what its called in other countries)
    I think i will have much fun for many years 🙂

  11. You can't compare the 3 to the RS, ST, R, GTI, Type R, WRX, or STI. Compare it to the base model Gulf, Impreza, Civic, or Focus.

  12. No Android Auto feature on Mazda Connect available for foreseeable future – EPIC FAIL !!! esp since the Mazda Navigation no longer has real time traffic updates!!!

  13. Dammit, the new 2017 grill is bleh… not as good-looking as 2016's grill. Such an unnecessary tweak, what a disappointment.

  14. I bought one and have had one for 6weeks now, but I have the 150hp diesel as I live in France. So far I am very happy with it.

  15. Anyone else dissapointed by the rear end restyling? Looks terrible compared to the 2008 hatch's rally look. 2017 over-slanted the real windshield imo. Very disappointed by that 🙁

  16. Come oooon, you are reviewing a MAZDA out of all things, and you talk about "german driving precision"???
    are you serious? mazda makes cars that are famous for their handling and dynamic behaviour like the mx5 or the rx8 or the older rx7…

    If by german precision you mean endless understeer though, then sure…

  17. I just purchased a 2017 Mazda 3 GT and I'm looking forward to a great driving experience. I own a 2002 Protégé 5 that is still doing it's job after close to 300,00KM, it's very economical to run. The new 3 looks awesome and the test drive was a lot of fun.

  18. I disagree with Chuck about the popularity of 3. The passive reactions to the much changes in competitive dynamics – such as price adjustments and option rearrangements – won't help 3' slow sales. Mazda will need dramatic changes in 3's designs and power delivery to reclaim the King status.

  19. got a Mazda. 4 days later heck engine light starts blinking. returned that Japanese bucket of bolts immediately and got a Toyota. won't have any problems for atleast 20 years

  20. Ohhh how i wish this was a 1.5 Turbo with 180 BHP. That 2.0 ltr. Engine is really NOT good enough compared to TSI And Ecoboost engines.

  21. I got the 2016 Mazda 3 last year…. and omg it blew me away. This is the car for anyone who want their car to look like a Lexus, shift like a dream, and have more bass than Ultra. It's a wonderful decently priced and safe car that looks wayyyy more sporty than other cars in its class. I highly recommend upgrading to the base speakers, tinting the windows and adding black rims. Mine is white and I can't rave about it enough!

  22. my gf had a mazda and the interior fell apart real quick. Did any of you guys have that issue? I need to know if maybe it was a fluke cause I really like this car.

  23. Man it would only be better if you could slap a turbo on there. Now I have to do it myself. Motor rebuild weekend here I come.

  24. I test drove Grand Touring 2.5 4 door with manual. It is such a nice vehicle. I had to get used to the clutch. I've only ever driven older vehicles with a pretty heavy clutch, I almost stalled it a few times. Shifting is excellent, as we all know. My favorite bit about the manual though is that either because of quality, or electronic control, you don't get that whiplash effect when you let off or depress the throttle in first or second gear. It is a smooth transition. If you let off in first in our Corolla… actually just don't. I also think it is the best looking compact hatch this year. I like the Focus a lot too, but I need a break from Ford. I have not had good reliability from several of their vehicles. And the golf would totally be an option if it wasn't so damn ugly. Sorry, it looks like a grandma car.

  25. are skyactiv engines with direct injection as prone to carbon build up as others? i was looking into getting the mazda6 until i found out it was a gdi.. makes me hesitant. i want a car that wont have to be in the shop every 50k miles to remove the build up… i also know nothing really about cars and wouldnt feel comfortable trying to clean it myself. toyotas dont interest me, honda accord is my other choice however the newer models are also gdi engines.

  26. I bought my Mazda 3 Hatchback 5 months ago, no regrets.  Only issue, I'm 6' and I have to get in careful not to bump my head.  My last ride was a '04 Jeep wrangler so this new MPG is great.

  27. Thinking of ditching my accord after 10 years for this. Owning a Honda beyond the warranty is such a fucking money pit

  28. i dont get the point of a heated steering wheel, most things in these cars now these days make no sense and are unnecessary. to me anyways. im 27. i just want a car that has good fuel economy, good handling and that lasts more than 10 years without major expenses. i dont own a smarphone, never owned one and ll this extra tech in cars is so pointless to me. they need to lower new car prices for people that dont use all of that stuff and will never use all that stuff in cars. or make a cheaper model without it.

  29. Really great review. May I suggest that when you are driving the car, you might invest in one of those smaller microphones that people clip to their shirt? That way you can get a little less road noise and your voice is a bit clearer without needing to be a bit louder. Plus it would make the video seem a bit more professional I think.

  30. I just cannot seem to choose which colour I want between the Soul red, titanium mica and silver metallic. 😒💆😓

  31. Actually, I don't know Mazda 3 hatchback 2017 there is turbo or not? Can you help me to reply this question? Thanks so much!

  32. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dpfYCyCAJdI Please help to rating this video, Mazda 3 Hatchback 2017 Turbo? I am very confused that.

  33. Guys please be careful if you buy the manual Mazda SP25 Astina, I got a brand new one last year and I was not happy with the transmission. Changing gears NOT smooth as a new car should be. To make matters worse, on the 3rd gear, the shifter vibrates heavily when I accelerate and you can hear the vibration which ruins the whole driving experience. Mazda confirms this is normal. I have complained to ACCC and Victoria Consumer Affairs. They gave me instructions on how to deal with Mazda from now and will support me in forcing Mazda to fix the issue.

  34. I have the 2017 Mz3 2.5 6spd manual HB. Terrific car. No center tach, tho! Very quick. Feels like a sub 7 sec 0-60 car once broken in and using super slippery grade synth engine oil. Planning on getting much better summer oriented HP tires. This car is a sleeper. German or better handling and finesse without the German reliability issues and price.

  35. I still have my Mazda 3 after 14 years, no rust very reliable turn key and engine starts all the time, hardly any faults with the car in the 14 years, good work Mazda.

  36. Hatchbacks these days looks almost more like fastbacks. Better looking than old fashioned sedans. Wagons looks even better than the short hatchbacks.

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