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I suppose we’re living in a good world when you can buy a brand new Benz for under 35 grand. That’s the main draw of the CLA, the most affordable Mercedes you can buy. Since the 2014 model year, the CLA has been the fashionista among compact luxury sedans, and not just because of that giant star on the grille. I’m Clifford Atiyeh with CarGurus, and today I’m driving a 2017 CLA250 4Matic. Mercedes made a few nips and tucks for the 2017 model year, but this car is not about outright performance or practicality. But before you dismiss the CLA as a car that’s all style and little substance, we’ll need to take a drive. Mercedes calls the CLA a four-door coupe, but of course there’s no such thing. This is a sedan, but it’s really designed to look like the CLS. That’s the car Mercedes came out with in the mid-2000s. That’s the seventy-thousand-dollar-and-up Mercedes – it looks incredible, and now you have most of that style for something that’s half the price. Really in this segment there’s nothing else that looks like it. The Audi A3 is the closest competitor, and it’s more of like that 3-box-shaped sedan. It’s kind of boring. There’s a logo on the front of this thing’s that’s about 8 – 9 inches wide, so beyond just that alone, the car looks great, but everybody is knowing what you’re driving at all times and that’s kind of point of this car. Now for 2017 the CLA gets new front and rear fascias, new lights, some new wheel designs, and inside the 8-inch screen here is standard. So is forward-collision alert with auto braking and a backup camera. So part of the coupe atmosphere in the CLA comes with these seats. They’re one- piece buckets, and so that’s a lot different than the most traditional Mercedes, where you have the separate powered headrest. They even have the headrest icon here on the door, but you can’t actually move it, because the whole thing is fixed, but it is pretty cool, because you actually have – our car has optional ambient lighting that actually glows right by my neck right here – all four seating positions have that – and when you get out of the car at night they start cycling through about 10 or more different colors. So this car’s a little bit more fun. Now in Mercedes the leather feels just like their, what they call MB-Tex, which is vinyl, so it’s not really I would say a supple feeling leather at all, but it’s going to last a long time. The brown is what’s nice, though, so if you want the brown interior, you’ve got to pay extra for that. So it really kind of dresses up this cabin a bit more than the standard car. You’ve got some contrast stitching going on, the aluminum, but I’ve got to tell you, if you’re going to rent in one of these cars – my parents just rented a CLA in Arizona, for example – and that thing had nothing on it – it was like just bare bones inside, manual passenger seat, you know the halogen headlamps, so it doesn’t look nearly as spiffy as this car here, which is about fifty thousand dollars. We have almost all the options inside, but it just goes to show you that if you can spend the money, you can have this car looking pretty fresh inside here – it really is pretty good. There’s only 13.1 cubic feet of trunk space, and the rear seats do fold down. I had some sheetrock in the back recently, so that’s enough for that, but you’re not going to get much more room. So like most new cars these days, there’s no shortage of driver-assistance systems. A few of them are actually standard on a Mercedes. I know that’s a hard thing to think about, but Mercedes does make them standard for no extra cost. One of those is attention assist, and that was debuted with the E-Class a few years ago. That basically monitors your driving habits steering movements and it sounds an alarm what it thinks you’re fatigued to suggest that you stop and take a rest now the 2017 CLA also comes with forward collision alert with auto breaking and that’s very useful driving passing people now greyhounds and if i wasn’t paying attention supposedly the car would stop but like every driver assistance system out there can’t trust completely these are not fully autonomous but they come in handy we have blind spots as well and of course stability control all of that stuff that’s quite nice we also have this vehicle Lane Keeping Assist it’ll vibrate the steering wheel if I’m being out of the lane and also correct it i’m not a fan of this tacked on screen i think it looks like an aftermarket unit looks like you know you can just rip it right off the dash it looks like the touchscreen but it’s not all those things but Mercedes is done it out he’s doing it BMW lexus that you can find this in any car I don’t like that they’re not integrate into the dash i think overall to over the years it’s going to cost more vibrations I’ve noticed that some other cars but be that as it may the screen is really high resolution and it’s pretty easy to use command system here with this central dial here basically get you everything you have on here but it’s like it’s not the most intuitive system at all but you have voice recognition you got navigation with three years included updates traffic Wi-Fi apps you know all this telematics stuff that lets you remotely unlock the car all that good stuff so it’s really up to date with all the features you could ever really want it fully loaded in that respect the harman kardon stereo in our car sounds great has surround sound and also lets you pull in things like video and other stuff that you can even save from a disk or USB the price you pay in the CLA for all those good looks is the backseat or rather your passengers in the back seat will pay for it because they’re over 59 their heads are going to be hitting the roof i know i don’t like being back there last time I drove this car the only rear passenger have my dog and no he was comfortable but I didn’t want to put anyone else in the back for that reason but at the same time the sight lines on this car are actually good despite on the outside look like very thick pillars and a thin section of glass versus the body it’s actually easy to see at it so even though you have this nice backup camera you don’t really need it as much as you might think under the hood is a four-cylinder engine this car it makes a lot of sense to have a four-cylinder engine as opposed to cars like the e-class or bigger Mercedes models where they’re putting that into save costs and have lower emissions ratings but this car is already small and light enough that orderly all you need two liter turbocharged 208 horsepower 258 pound-feet of torque the seven-speed dual-clutch automatic now that acts more like a traditional manual in a lot of ways it’s not a traditional automatic so as a result it doesn’t feel as smooth drive all the time but it also ends up shifting a little quicker so that’s different than a lot of other Mercedes models the only other cars that include that transmission or the GLA that little crossover and some of the AMG high-performance models now if you step up to that AMG version of this car cla45 you get the similar engine but there’s 26 PSI that’s 26 pounds per square inch of turbo boost that’s the most of any production four-cylinder engine out there right now 375 horsepower and 350 pound feet of torque that’s only routed through 4matic all-wheel drive and that car is a real hoot to drive and actually starts at the same price that are loaded cla250 is right now so if you’re getting up to 50 grand with this car might want to ask yourself if you want that extra power i would say try it CLA is rated in front-wheel drive trim at 24 miles per gallon in the city and 36 on the highway and the 4matic trim we have now lowers at a bit 23 city 32 highway I’ve been averaging about roughly 28 miles to the gallon lot on highway mixture city that’s okay i mean i would expect a lot better for a car this size but that being said I do like the four-cylinder it works it’s pretty torquay there’s a little bit less power than it is c-class but it’s not really quite noticeable we’re really kind of is an issue is really more of the groaning under acceleration a lot more noise comes into the cabin tire noise wind noise and so there’s a lot that’s not as sealed as some of the other Mercedes models but the performance is pretty adequate the transmission to is also not as smooth so sometimes when I’m rolling to a stop you’ll hear the transmission clunk into a lower gear it’s from a take-off it’s also not as its attempts to just be a little jump here almost as if you were shifting it yourself but that’s the whole thing with the dual-clutch transmission and X physically different than a regular automatic because no torque converter and the torque converters are really keeps that super smooth launches that everybody used to when they’re driving an automatic the paddle shifters on the steering wheel are a little bit quicker to respond and some other models that tested and again credit to that transmission so if you want to you really want luxury you’re going to notice that there’s a few things missing with the CLA but if you don’t mind a harder ride and you know a bit more noise in the cabin and it’s fine now handling wise the CLA is really nice steering electrically assisted there’s some decent feed that going on there’s hardly any body roll our car has the adaptive suspension that’s an 850 dollar option i don’t think you really need that because the car is already very stiff as it is we got run-flat tires on here they’re 18 inch low profile so you don’t really need to have harder suspension was already a hard suspension tune but the benefit of that of course is that it really handles flat and it’s very predictable there’s a lot of grip so it’s really fun to check this car in the corners and again that’s not something you would have said about a mercedes-benz especially in the small segment 56 years ago but you can definitely say that now breaking is also another strong point in this car kind of really boils down to it they give you you definitely feel like this is the german car and those cars they’re just engineered to track straight and true all the controls really have a very firm consistent feel about him and you have a lot of confidence so that’s really a good thing standing on the CLA is a feature called dynamic select that lets you alter the throttle the transmission settings the steering waiting on our car the adaptive suspension from several different modes and one of them of course of individual and you can set your own mode and save it each time and that helps every time you start the car if you say want a softer suspension but you want to step for steering you can just put that button and get exactly the driving style you want the prices for the CLA start just over 33,000 dollars that’s for a base model front-wheel drive and if you just take a few more boxes like for the LED headlamps panoramic moonroof and all the other features we have in this car now we’re over 50000 dollars that’s one of the most expensive ways to outfit this car most of the vehicles on lobule see probably going to be in forty thousand dollar range and if you get that Angie version now you’re trusting 55 even sixty thousand dollars for the audi 83 has a lot more standard features in it for less money so there’s a lot more value if you’re going to that but again if you’re going for that style Mercedes hoping you’ll pay the premium for it real estate agents talk location location location mercedes CLA is all looks looks and more good looks plus it’s a pretty good value and lightly option it’s also a reminder that you didn’t buy the more expensive benz c class because underneath this pretty skin the CLA shed some refinement and comfort for that low starting price but it handles well packs plenty of technology and still retains that same tank like solid construction mercedes is known for for more details check out my full review on cargurus.com and be sure to subscribe to our cargo is YouTube channel thanks for watching

71 thoughts on “2017 Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class | CarGurus Test Drive Review

  1. way too expensive for a fwd car. The AMG version is interesting but still to expensive when you can get an M2 for the price. This car is for the wife you buy a car for ND all she cares about is the badge or a college guy trying to show off he is rich while making monthly lease payments.

  2. 50k for a CLA? Only fools would spend that much on a CLA. 50k is already C class territory and it's miles better than this. It's basically 20k of badging and 30k for car.

  3. Yes its 50 k for fully loaded CLA but at the same time it's still cheap compare to what they pay in Europe ( 45 % more ) and in Asia , and at 5.7 " it's the perfect car for me and sometimes in life you want grilled salmon instead of a burger …

  4. Guys… what is so hard to understand… when you review cars, it is not your good looking faces that we are interested to see 60-70% of the video.faces can show facial expressions, that's still not what we want. We want a camera that points to your steering wheel / front when you drive. As soon as we click we are being served something other than we were hoping to see. A bit like being sucked into a video that's different from what we wanted.

  5. VW CC competitor. They are both 4 door coupés and the same price range. I would say the executive CC is a bit more luxurious than the CLA.

  6. There are serious issues with this car. The principle, reliability. This is completely new for Mercedes. We never questioned reliability. Apparently it is a garage queen with a wait on parts that can run months! Again, unheard of in a Mercedes. If you're near purchase, pull back!

  7. The interior, engine, and performance the '17 CLA offers is garbage! Just get a '17 Honda Accord Coupe V6 (6spd). Much better performance, and overall value!

  8. I watch a lot of car reviews and this is one of the better ones I have watched in a while. Way to go buddy ! Keep them coming


  10. As a owner of a CLA250, would rather have a BMW or Audi for the price i paid, the interior itself is outdated and lame as fuck, they need to add the C-Class interior to the car intstead of the lame ass early 2000's feel.

  11. I dont understand these f* butthurt comments comparing this 4-door DAILY executive and LUXURY car with Civics and other cars. You f* morons, the purpose of this car is luxury and usability not performance, that's just a bonus if it can be decently fast! Wtf. If you want performance at this price, you should get a merc. A45 AMG. So stop hating and learn to drive and know cars.

  12. 50 thousand holy shit you can buy a c class fairly loaded or even an e class of you spend a few more thousand

  13. Not a benz, it's a Hungarian built piece of crap with massive reliability problems.
    . It drove the entire line of Mercedes overall reliability rating at consumer reports down to 24 from 13.
    And they say that it is 140% worse than the average car.

  14. It may sound vain but if I'm going to buy a benz its not because it practicality. I want people to notice my Benz for what it is, not be seen as driving the "cheap" benz. And that's what these look like, inside and out.

  15. Don't think it's worth the money at all. It looks nice but it has terrible reviews here in the UK, example AutoExpress 3/5, What Car 2/5, Top Gear 5/10. I just don't see the appeal of this car compared to rivals.

  16. People still buy this car even though it rates low in its class. It’s not even a highly recommended car. Consumer reports states it has very low satisfaction scores and below average reliability. People just want the label I guess. In my opinion, this is not a car that elevates ones image.

  17. I wanna buy one, but i hear that the engine and what's inside the car is gonna broke after some time or more km, i hear people say that after 40 000km already have problems

  18. Great, even-handed review. I'm considering picking one of these up in a few years and it's nice to not see a review with a bunch of over-the-top hyperbole and ear-shattering sound effects.

  19. Leo Messi + Michael Fassbender = this guy. Gonna buy a CLA45. I have an Audi A4, I will tell you which one I prefer… probably gonna be the Mercedes…

  20. So, would u recommend this car to a newbie who just gets his license? I just get my license last month and I am planning to buy a coupe after receiving my bonuses from my company….

  21. People seem to miss the point that this car is meant for under 25 youth, and even teenagers, who could also be first time luxury car buyers.
    And Mercedes hit the bulls eye with their design language and price point. This car became quite popular among college goers where I live.

  22. Everyone is downing this car and saying its the cheapest Mercedes. Correct me if I’m wrong but the official website states that the A class Sedan is the cheapest price point Mercedes. I see so many people hating on this car and i have no idea why. I would like to see what all those haters are driving lol.

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