2018 GARDENA Water Smart Flow Meter Video

Perfect irrigation is a balancing act. Let the clever GARDENA Water Smart Flow Meter
help you water your garden in a controlled and mindful way. Just connect it to your tap and it will record
your water consumption per day, season or watering session. If you need to know your flow rate, it can
tell you that too! If you prefer, you can connect it to your
sprayer, sprinkler, micro-irrigation system or pump. A quick glance on the easy -to-read display
will let you keep an eye on your usage. The simple-to-use operating button lets you
navigate from one option to another, TOTAL 1 for measuring daily usage, TOTAL 2 for seasonal
and AUTO for quantifying a single stream of water. The AUTO option comes in handy when measuring
the right amount of water to add to fertiliser. It comes equipped with a battery and the battery symbol lets you know when it needs changing. Rated at 1000 kPa, the GARDENA Water Smart
Flow Meter is designed and made in GERMANY and is covered by the GARDENA 5-year warranty. So to recap:
– It measures usage per day, season or session. – It can be connected at the tap or hose end. – It comes with a 5-year warranty. GARDENA. Passion for Life

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