2018 Honda HR-V | CarGurus Test Drive Review

There was a time when $27,000 used to
buy you something nice. Today it’ll buy you something like this Honda HR-V. But
don’t be too disappointed by its small size. The 2018 HR-V delivers all-wheel
drive, decent gas mileage, generous cargo room,
and snappy performance at a discount starting price. But at higher prices should
you still consider an HR-V next to bigger crossovers like Honda’s own CR-V? I’m
Clifford Atiyeh with CarGurus, and let’s find out that answer. Honda introduced the HR-V for the 2016
model year, and nothing has changed dramatically for 2018. Underneath the
skin, it’s basically a Honda Fit with higher ground clearance and a different
engine. The rear door handles mounted high next to the C-pillar
give the HR-V a coupe-like profile. It’s well proportioned with short overhangs, a
low roof, and standard 17-inch alloy wheels. LED taillights also come
standard, but fog lights, mirror-mounted turn signals, and these small roof rails
are optional. There are only four exterior paint colors on the LX and EX
trims, but there’s eight on the EX-L, so if you like blue, green, or a purplish black
called mulberry, you want to order that trim. Overall the HR-V’s exterior design
isn’t as aggressive or refined as Honda’s other products, like the Civic
and CR-V, but next to the stubbier Fit, there’s some elegance in this design. The
Mazda CX-3 is prettier, the Jeep Renegade more rugged. This Honda strikes a middle
ground. I was impressed the first time I unlocked the HR-V. The interior quality is
good, and panel gaps and finishes are right up there with the Accord. I was just
driving an Audi Q5, a $60,000 crossover, that had hard plastic panels on these
doors. In the HR-V, at least this top trim, they’re padded. Same
goes for the faux stitched upholstery on the center console and the dashboard.
It’s a very nice design. The touch- sensitive climate controls and seat
heaters look crisp and work well, too. This wide thin series of vents on the
passenger side is a nice touch of asymmetry. Near your feet there’s a
storage tray with two USB ports, an HDMI input, and a 12-volt outlet in the center,
while the enclosed cubby is very small. The armrest moves forward to make
long-distance drives more comfortable, and the cup holders can swallow short
and tall lattes thanks to these folding inserts. The backseat has surprising
legroom, though headroom is at a minimum. It’s pretty sparse back here, but what’s
special is the actual seats. Yes, you can fold them down for 58.8 cubic feet of
cargo space, but you can also fold these seats up,
taking advantage of the low floor to squeeze in bulky and tall items that
otherwise would not fit in a car this small. Honda also offers these seats on
the Fit and the Ridgeline. No other manufacturer does. The HR-V’s big
speedometer has a ring that glows green if the car thinks you are driving
efficiently, and most controls are simple and easy to read, but the infotainment
layout is another story. There are no physical controls save for a Power button,
which makes it difficult to adjust volume, switch audio sources, and access
the navigation. The driver can do all that on the steering wheel, so there’s a
silver lining, but the system lags, the maps are very low resolution, and it’s
confusing to adjust settings. The 2018 Accord has a superior system that
eventually will make it to all Honda models. The HR-V comes with one engine – a 1.8-liter 4-cylinder from the previous- generation Civic. It makes 141 horsepower
and 127 pound-feet of torque. A 6-speed manual is standard on LX and IX trims,
which is a real treat, because Honda manuals are known for their precise
engagement and short throws. Otherwise a continuously variable transmission is
standard on the EX-L and optional on the LX and EX. All-wheel drive is optional
on all three trims with front-wheel drive standard. At city speeds the HR-V
feels sprightly. The throttle is a little jerky off the line, but once under way,
it easily keeps pace with traffic. This brake hold feature will keep the
electric parking brake applied at a stop so you don’t have to hold down the pedal.
It automatically releases the brake when you hit the gas pedal, which is a nice
luxury. The CVT automatic is mostly unobtrusive and actually feels sportier
when you put it into Sport mode. The paddles on the steering wheel do a good
job of mimicking gear ratios, and that helps to control your speed when going
downhill, but don’t ask the HR-V to go any quicker than city speeds at that point
the engine is moaning groaning and there simply isn’t enough power to merge
quickly enough onto a highway. Plus at idle the engine also tends to vibrate
the cabin the soft suspension rides easily over rough pavement the light
steering isn’t as quick or accurate as the Civic’s, but it’s kind of fun to drive
the HR-V on an empty curvy road brake pedal feels a little mushy and it’s not
that sporty, but in the city the HR-V feels perfectly at home. For fuel economy
the HR-V is rated between 25 and 27 miles per gallon city and 31 and 34 miles per
gallon highway. Our EX-L model is rated at 27, 31. We’ve
been averaging 24 miles per gallon. The HR-V has no driver assist like auto
braking or lane-departure warning. They’re not even optional, but there is
one useful feature called Lane Watch that activates a camera mounted on the
right-side mirror. Hit the turn signal and the screen shows your blind spot. You
can even estimate the distance behind your rear bumper with these lines. Honda
offers Pandora and AHA radio connectivity when paired to a smartphone
with these apps installed plus the standard Honda link system will
automatically dial 911 in a crash, but unless you order the EX-L,
you can’t get navigation, live traffic, or Sirius XM re XL is equipment push-button
start, automatic climate control, leather seats, sunroof, and an auto-dimming mirror.
That’s good, but it still doesn’t come with power seats, LED headlights, or
a premium branded stereo. They’re not even optional, and neither is
Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. Our HR-V EX-L stick with a $27,515 with
destination. The base LX starts at $19,670, while the EX begins at $21,720. At the top end it’s lower than many competitors, but given the lack of
electronic safety features and its outdated infotainment system, the HR-V
should deliver more for the money. A well-equipped CR-V can be purchased at
this same price. The 2018 Honda HR-V is a simple small
crossover. It’s handsome, rides well, and has a high-quality interior, but it feels
old next to recently redesigned crossovers like Honda’s own CR-V, and a
higher prices it lacks some of the premium features that competitors offer.
Would you want an HR-V over a Chevy Trax, a Jeep Renegade, or any handful of small
crossovers? For more details check out my full review at cargurus.com. Be sure to
Subscribe to our YouTube channel. Thanks for watching – we’ll see you next time.

60 thoughts on “2018 Honda HR-V | CarGurus Test Drive Review

  1. A poor seller, I've only seen 3 on the road total. Buy a small Subaru CUV for less $$$$ and much better quality, plus trade value………

  2. Nice review. The lack of volume and tuning knob makes me want to scream :YYEOIJHEOIJELIJ.

    Honda: why do you not listen to your customers on this?

    The tall center console is another poor execution. One can't move the right leg and stretch out on a longer drive.

    Honda: do your designers actually drive your vehicles? does anyone drive them on a longer drive or is everything done on computers and around a test track?

    Makes me wonder.

    Go Subaru.

  3. Consumers need to be more critical so products like this don't get produced. Test drove one and it did ok on roads up to 45mph; merging/entering the hwy (65-70mph) was a scary endeavor and the HRV was not happy plus it was loud and didn't inspire confidence…the cloth on the LX demo felt rough, scratchy, and the seats were hard…overall not a place I wanted to be for very long…I think a base forester is a better option but we ended up in a cpo cx5 awd…the HRV engine and cvt are big let downs

  4. Nice review, Cliff. You were fair with the pros and cons of the HR-V. I do not see value here, or any other compelling reason to buy. Why this when you can get a full-loaded Certified Used 2017 CR-V?

  5. Reviewer hit it on the head, you should get morefor the price. Wish Honda would give buys the option of getting the 1.5T on the HRV and Fit. HID/LED lights not being available at this price is sinful. Rip off

  6. Omg glad I skipped through this video what a joke….. did you just read the company’s brochure…, at least Rich rebuilds videos have CONTENT….

  7. What a useless channel. They need their trademark revoked for being annoying about it. Typical useless trademark trolls…

  8. You've made that tesla guy to change his username?
    Never heard of your channel.
    Boring videos anyway. And you'll get a dislike on all.

  9. boring ass videos, "reading of the Manual" lol, give back Rich Rebuilds his real name "Car Guru" not this videos with people that you hire of Craigslist for $13/Hr 🙂

  10. I was looking for the latest Car Guru video, then I find this rubbish! Sounds like you forced him to change his name which really sucks, he has more subscribers for several very good reasons.
    If I want a mediocre car review set to 70s porno music in the future I'll be back!

  11. Where's Rich gone? I'm came looking for videos how to repair my Tesla with a knife and all I found was this lousy car salesman's channel.

  12. You literally tried to advertised the car. Why is this content? You mispronounced coupé. This is not a car channel. More like a poor quality shopping channel.

  13. Overpriced, totally.
    Ironic, because so is this channel compared to THE Car Guru you forced out. Enjoy the tumbleweeds

  14. I would go Kona in this segment, 175hp Turbo w DCT, Apple carplay/android auto, electric seats, leather, premium audio, etc. It offers everything the HRV does not. I've considered the HRV until the competition introduced a better option (IMO).

  15. We came close to buying either the HRV or Subaru Crosstrek, but got a mid-trim CRV AWD instead because it was roughly the same price as the upper-trims of the other two. It was also far roomier and comfortable, equal or better overall tech, more powerful/better performance, yet got the same MPGs as the other two.

  16. I have to disagree, I have a blast driving my hrv up and down Bouquet Canyon road all day. Excellent Canyon road handling. I drove a crv and hated the bulky ride.

  17. Looked at a Honda HRV. It's was cheap looking and a so so awd system. Bought a Subaru Crosstrek Limited is a 100 times better in every way.

  18. I don't get the whining about no volume button! I hope they don't add a gross button like on the new CRV

  19. Performance is somewhat adequate but I wouldn't say "Snappy". LOL This small CUV needs an engine upgrade very soon cuz the CRV got more HP and better acceleration while returning similar gas mileage.

  20. Just leased this car, Fit and Finish is terrible, It was also made in Mexico, not sure if all Mexicans made cars are this way. The civic is much more refined. Toyota fit and finish is better. More road noise than the Civic.

  21. The U.S. version of the HR-V has been low-rent garbage compared to other global markets. The 2019 refresh looks to be addressing some of those issues finally.

  22. The car is GREAT for old farts like me who want not to pay a lot of money for crap. I turn the radio to the PBS channel and leave it, and don't have to deal with distracting nonsense like flashing lights telling me how far I am behind a car (if you need such lights you have no sense of distance and shouldn't be driving!), Perfect for people using a car to get somewhere, not as an entertainment/distraction device. Don't pay for what you don't need.

  23. ** Huge issue with Oil contamination ( Gas in Oil ) .1.5L Turbo engine in CRV . It's NOT just in extreme cold weather , either. Huge China recall on the 1.5T engine about 6 months ago about 500, 000 CRV's . Honda has DONE NOTHING in North America with same issue !!! Gas in Oil is huge issue . Engines will fail after warrantee period , prematurely , after warrantee . CAN be safety issue , as well .

  24. U ARE A COMPLETE IDIOT !!,, never start a review "trashing" a vehicle without even
    discussing it's finer points, pro's vs con's.. Fucking "Gel haired" Amateur !! Get off the screen and go commentate girl's high school soccer,, Moron !!

  25. Looking at one of these or the Mitsubishi RV-R. Both are the best looking subcompact suv's (imo) and are around the same price. The Honda is more refined, but I do not like the touch adjust climate control. It is too far below the drivers vision to have to mess with while driving.

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