2018 Toyota Camry | CarGurus Test Drive Review

The Toyota Camry has always been about
getting from point A to point B reliably, so when Toyota tried to make the new
Camry sporty, it’s like a parent trying to be that awkward Cool Dad.
Hi, I’m George Kennedy for CarGurus, and as crossovers and SUVs become more and more popular, automakers are left trying to keep their sedans hip and relevant.
For the 2018 Camry, Toyota went for a sporty persona and some bold styling
choices. On the LE and XLE trims, the grille looks
like part of a Kylo Ren mask, but if you move up to the SE or XSE, it gets a lot
better. Massive vents in an upper grille that
seems to float separately from the rest of the front end do paint a questionable
picture up close, but if you take a step back and observe things from a distance,
the design of the Camry comes together. With its 19-inch alloy wheels and
painted this color, which Toyota calls Blue Streak, our XSE looks almost sexy,
but then you look out back and see the faux rear diffuser and quad exhaust tips, and
you almost have to laugh. That’s like an accountant getting a face tattoo – it just
doesn’t match the personality. Inside the Camry features a gorgeous cabin layout,
but it seems the designers at Toyota must have forgotten about the concept of
form following function. I’ve already received complaints about knees knocking against
this pillar on the right side of center console. Trims for the 2018 Camry are L, LE, SE, XSE and XLE. The L trim comes with remote keyless entry, Bluetooth hands-free
calling, and a USB port. Move up to the LE, and you also get 17-inch alloy
wheels, a power driver’s seat, an antitheft system, and a 60/40
split-fold rear seat. The SE adds a unique front end design also found on
the XSE, 18-inch black finish wheels, a rear spoiler, automatic climate control,
and SofTex sport front seats. XSE Camrys start there and add dual-zone
climate control, a trio of USB ports, a head-up display, and a large 7-inch
color information display between the gauges. Finally, the range-topping XLE
gets full LED headlights, a bright metallic front grille, leather-trimmed
steering wheel, and upgraded interior trim. Most models come with a 7-inch
touchscreen that comes with a host of apps as well as Bluetooth connectivity,
Siri Eyes Free, and Google voice control for Android users.
But here’s the thing: No Apple CarPlay, and no Android Auto. Some automakers
don’t offer these apps at the moment, but at least plan to in future models. With
the Camry and other Toyota models, the company has no future plans to include
these popular tech features, so if you’re an Apple or Android power user, the absence
of CarPlay or Android Auto could be a deal-breaker. We look to the XLE V6 or
our XSE test model, and you get the larger 8-inch touchscreen.
It features easy-to-read fonts and icons and pinch-to-zoom for maps, and if you get lost in the menus, you always have helpful buttons on the side of the screen to
navigate. The base engine in the 2018 Camry is a 2.5-liter 4-cylinder, which
makes a rather impressive 203 horsepower. If you opt for the XSE, output increases to
206 horsepower. A 301-horsepower 3.5- liter V6 is available on the XSE and XLE.
Power from either engine is sent to the front wheels through an 8-speed
automatic transmission featuring a manual shift mode. It’s important to note
that Honda has ditched the V6 with the new Accord in favor of a turbocharged
4-cylinder, so if you want V6 power, the Accord is no longer an option.
Some will prefer the ample power of a V6, but the 4-cylinder in our test model
pulls surprisingly well. Of course if fuel economy is a priority, the
4-cylinder Camry returns an EPA- estimated 29 miles per gallon city, 41
highway, 34 combined, whereas the V6 returns less at 22 city, 32 highway, and
26 combined. But what’s more important to you, the ample power of the V6 or the
better fuel economy of a 4-cylinder? Let us know in the Comments.
The Camry is actually great to drive – there’s positive steering feedback, it’s
level in cornering, and the acceleration from the 4-cylinder is surprisingly
strong. If you’re used to driving a performance car, the Camry incredibly
will not disappoint. MSRP for the 2018 Toyota Camry is $23,495 for an L trim, but that won’t come out until the fall, so for now the least expensive trim is the LE, which
starts at $24,000, and SE trim starts at $25,200 one XLE starts at $28,450 and XSE starts at $29,000.
Our XSE model came with the Driver Assist package, which includes a
360-degree camera, parking sensors, and a JBL premium audio system. With all the
options a range-topping XSE V6 can clock in at more than $37,000. We have to ask
ourselves who is this car really for? A true enthusiast might go out and buy a
base model BMW 3 Series or Lexus IS, and the average consumer might appreciate
the driving dynamics and looks, but just as likely they might not even notice or
even care. For all its performance, the Toyota Camry will always exist in a
segment full of conveyances. The rest is just window dressing. Thanks for watching. Subscribe to see more video reviews, comment if you think that Toyota went
too far down the performance path with the new Camry, and to read my full review on the 2018 Toyota Camry, go to CarGurus.com.

100 thoughts on “2018 Toyota Camry | CarGurus Test Drive Review

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  2. Its 2018, no android or apple play for a 24k MSRP starting car, this is a joke. I'll grab a Civic for way less, same economy, and more features. Oh, and a manual transmission.

  3. I was really excited to try out this car. Looked up pricing, nearby dealerships, incentives, and if there were any known issues. All that completely fell away however, when my head hit the freaking ceiling even with the seat all the way down. I'm 6'5", and while my legs were fine, my head kept hitting the roof on every bump. I know I'm in the vast minority of drivers, and many would give up and buy a truck, but what if I wanted a nice, reliable sedan, damn it? My only options now are an Altima and Sonata.

  4. The latest Trend in every car I've been in is obnoxious center consoles that take up precious legroom and they're not even shaped right or padded so it doesn't hurt when your leg

  5. Great car but no head room. I hit my head each time I get in the driver's seat. I am 6'3" tall and roof top too low and front windshield to slanted. Not happy about that, but other than that it's a big improvement going forward.

  6. That top end price is high though, that's just $2,000 short of a base model Lexus ES and even more expensive than a base model Avalon. I still prefer this any day to the new Accord.

  7. I think Toyota does not know what beauty or elegance mean. They are designing cars that look like they were custom built for Bart Simpson. They need to fire their design staff and get some good German engineers in there to create romantic sculpture in steel, not monster fish, angry birds, alien snow plows, or teenage hot rod death machines that have small engines and bad steering manners (2018 Corolla).

  8. Kelley Blue Book's 2018 Best Buy Awards
    Overall Winner: 2018 Honda Accord

    Small Car: 2018 Honda Civic

    Mid-Size Car: 2018 Honda Accord

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  11. Really like the new looks of the Camry. What I did not like was the seats- for me, they were kind of hard. Also, wished it had Apple car play. Drove both engines and liked the v6 better.

    Also, looked at the new Honda. Did not like the design of it at all. Really hate the front end. It drove good, even though I am not crazy about a CVT transmission. Seats were very comfortable and it did have Apple car play.

    If I had to decide today, it would be the Camry. I don't want to drive an ugly car.

  12. This isn't a review. This is a biased opinion of the car. Most reviewers list pros and cons and leave it up to the viewer to decide. This guy decides for you what is good and bad.

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  14. I would go with the power of the V6. In my opinion, A Camry or Accord without a v6 option is pointless. At the dealer, I am checking the box that says V6.

  15. so how do you know that toyota has no plans to include apple car play or android auto on their future vehicles? do you have any proof regarding that claim?

  16. Love toyota, have a extremely loyal 95 corolla with over 250,000 miles and still going strong but i thing I prefer the new accord over the new camry if i was to upgrade.

  17. 1:32 your opinion sucks badly! You're the first reviewer I've seen who commented negatively on the new Camry's looks. Secondly, it doesn't match the personality? You're reviewing the sport model of the Camry, that comment would be better fitted if it were the L, LE, or XLE. FYI, that quad exhaust does add 3 hp on the V4 Camry as mentioned by another video review and mentioned via Toyota's factory specs.

  18. Ugly, fat & bloated looking – and over-styled in its desperate effort to 'look cool' to teenagers & young-twenty-somethings.

  19. Reliable stylish fuel efficient comfortable if you want a over priced car with bad resale value & bad fuel economy go and buy a Audi or BMW or some sort of V8 and good luck.

  20. I thought I would never purchase a Camry. My mom had one! I enjoyed driving hers when I was in high school, but the look of it was ugly. It was a nice reliable automobile – that was it. But it is funny, I like nice reliable automobiles, even more than luxury vehicles. I do not like dropping cash on a sports or luxury car just because they look are drive amazing. I like to stay out of the mechanic shop.

    The last thing on my mind when shopping for a new car this past fall was the Camry. I wanted a touring model accord or maybe an acura. I was told to check out the 2018 Camry as it had been redesigned. Who told me that? a 20 year old, who that they were awesome looking. So I did and fell in love with the two models I test drove. I tried the basic one (old mothers) and then the XSE – sporty edition. To get a reliable and super nice looking vehicle with the features I wanted with an affordable price didn't seem possible. I went with the blue XSE and decked it out with the features available. The JBL sound, the cameras, the safety features, the new wheels, panoramic roof, seats, steering, suspension – it just looks and feels good.

    Couple cons after driving it 3 months. MPG is not what it should be so far. It is new and I'm driving in the east (cold weather). Sport mode in the city: 18.5MPG. ECO Mode 24.5MPG and Long Distance Freeway 31 MPG. So quite a bit lower than advertised. It is not as smooth as the 2017/2018 accords on the market – not even close. I think that is because of the 19 in low profile wheels and tighter suspension. There is noticeable difference on Sport mode (steering is super tight). The Accord does not look as sexy but drives incredible – not bumpy or sporty at all. I wanted the sporty look and feel! So I am a happy camper.

    I am glad Toyota went this route on the 2018 Camry. Here is why? I've had 3 Tacoma trucks, and that was really the only vehicle I really liked (and could afford) that looked nice, was reliable and so forth. I just was not a fan of any of the other toyotas – at all. Heck even the Tacomas didn't look as good as Ford, Chevy, Dodge. I just wanted reliability. When the Camry's look changed to something I liked, I instantly became a fan. I think you'll find the younger audience and me (39) moving toward purchasing more toyotas if they can make vehicles look sexy and maintain the reliability. Milenials too do not want to be fixing their vehicles!

  21. I have the XSE V6 and it is awesome. I love it. Lots of power comfortable and I am tall. There is plenty of leg room at least for the driver which is where I sit. Lol. Great sound system lots of extras…the HUD is cool big head unit display and the radar cruise is nice too. I love this car.

  22. I have been a Toyota buyer for more than 20 years. I currently have a 2006 Camry SE with the 3.3 V6, it has 130K and has never spent a day in a repair shop except routine maintenance (Oil, brakes etc.). I travel frequently to our Texas office, and I rent from Budget that only rents out Toyotas. On my last two trips I rented a 2018 Camry XLE V6 and an LE 2.5L 4. The XLE was crazy powerful and just amazing to drive. The 2.5L 4 was also powerful, in fact it was pretty comparable to my SE 3.3 V6. I've had this car 12 years, and in August my daughter is turning 18 and I will be giving her this car for her birthday, which gives me an excuse to buy a new one. I will probably be going with a Midnight Black Camry SE, as the 2.5L is very peppy and has the added value of being very fuel efficient

  23. Toyota is definitely working with Apple on getting CarPlay in their vehicles. That was brought to light when they revealed the 2019 Avalon. Toyota will always be the best.

  24. I really like the new styling on this car. I had a chance to test drive one at an auto show recently. I couldn't have been more impressed. As someone who is used to a v6 in a sports car, I can honestly say I didn't feel a difference in acceleration — even in a 4-cylinder. It handled better than the car I drive now. Tech is a nice thing to have, but a car has to be reliable on the road. I might be looking into buying a Camry later this year.

  25. this guy is definitely hired by honda !!! Bland review .. Love my camry and car play might be a download later this year..

  26. what's wrong with the camry becoming more interesting and bold?? just cause it originally was a reliable simple family car it does not mean the car can't change the way it is.

  27. Why always heated seats? I live in SoCal, I have them now and have used them twice.  What I could go for is ventilated seats, I need those almost daily around here. If Toyota would put embedded nav in the XSE 4 cyl I could go for that, but I have no need for the V6 or its price. If Toyota would put Nav and ventilated seats in thes things I just might get into one when my RAV4 lease is up.

  28. I love my new 2018 se model. After driving this car for a week, immediately noticed the fuel economy compared to my 2015 Camry! I’m happy 😃

  29. Nice looking Camry, but 19" wheels? if you every driven on mormal roads full of potholes after winter in the north east, you know these rims wheel very likely get bent, at the very least, a horrible ride quality. 19" rim look great, but not Camry practical,

  30. The 41 MPG is only on the L series … Which nobody buys . It has smaller tires and thin Plastic wheel covers . The dealers don`t hardly stock them .

  31. This thing shits on all the Mercedes Benz, BMW and Audi out there in; with its classy looks, dual clutch transmissions, 9 speed autos and twin turbos. Also it has a way smaller 2.0 twin turbo engine that does 100km in 6.0 sec
    I dont how you can compare this Toyota to the best German cars out there as this thing is way ahead of any car out there even the Lamborghini
    What i love is this has an electric handbrake which my GRANDPA loves, well that says it all.
    20 years ahead of everyone thats trying to keep up with the new technology inside and outside.

  32. What an ugly mess of a car. From fake vents to lots of black exterior cheap plastic to a lack of features found on competitors like ventilated front seats, heated rear seats and steering wheel to no Apple car play or Android auto the Camry is very lacking in tech. Don't even see rear seat USB ports or power ports. NOT GOOD!!!!

  33. It's a beautiful car no doubt but for $40,000 it should come with a heated steering wheel and memory seats and ventilated seats Toyota you have to step your game up it's 2018…

  34. great car, reviewer needs to try harder. the Camry is in a class of its own for 2018! no other car has the best bang for the buck and 100% reliability, and now it looks awesome!! for 25K you can buy an SE model save a shit ton on gas and look freaking cool doing it!

  35. I bought the 2018 Camry in Ruby flare SE my only beef with the car is the take off after you break very sluggish or maybe I'm doing something wrong and someone can tell me if you have one other than that everything else is beautiful it's just going to take some time getting used to all of the new functionality

  36. I have two gripes with this car. The car's front end is as ugly as ugly can be and the trunk space is smaller than than my present Camry. I have a 2005 Camry and I appreciate the large trunk space it has. If not for these two issues, it would be the perfect family car. I could live with the looks but my wife hates it. I am getting the Honda Accord.

  37. They went way too far with the styling and it's going to look outdated quickly. The front end looks like a Cylon's helmet, from the 80's. Just terrible. And I love Toyota, but the front end is just plain hideous.

  38. Driving a rental right now. Can criuse at 100 mph all day. Gets about 35 mpg at steady 80-85. Incredible car. You can't have a car with too much handling either. It takes corners well and it does not Bob, sway and weave. The front end does not wash out unless pushed well beyond the limits of normal driving. I would live a TRD package with the 4 and 6 cyl models

  39. pretty sure your the first to say awful things about the looks of this car…if I was to point out negative things it would be the price and lack of features,….such as remote start and xm radio….the looks are great

  40. There’s a lot of features he confused, I just bought a 2019 and he’s got a few of the XSE options incorrect. Also update to the 2019, it has Apple Car play.

  41. We have a 2006 Subaru Tribeca and I absolutely hate it. In the last 3 years, it has cost us over $10,000 in repairs. We just spent $4400 to have a complete engine reseal at 107,500 miles because every gasket and seal had failed or was failing and was leaking oil like a siv. We just bought a 2018 Camry LE with this blue streak paint color and absolutely love it. We bought it to replace the Subaru because it is incredibly reliable and will not cost us an arm and a leg to own over time. The ride is simply awesome, very comfortable seats, awesome storage in the trunk, and absolutely love this styling!

  42. I will be getting a 2018 eclipse black Toyota camry SX with red leather. Only in Australia. Can't wait, it is a seriously awesome looking car!

  43. Best Camry I ever drove. Mind u it was just a I4. Feel like a track car. It’s fast and saves tons of gas. It’s so much fun on the highway I didn’t want to get out when I got to my destination. I wanted to keep driving. Toyota topped Mazda Ride on this Camry.

  44. Your video was akin to a step father talking about his red headed step-child…little comments shows you don't really like camrys or their looks, ride, etc.

  45. My only issue is no Android or apple play. But it's not a deal breaker since all I care about is Bluetooth and Nav. Does this vehicle have driver lumbar support?

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