2018 Vlog Day 1 (HOW I LOST 20 POUNDS / 10KG IN 1 MONTH)

okay hi guys welcome to my vlog um my
first day of my vlog this is my first time vlogging just to track my record
and record my entire journey on this weight loss journey I’m personally a
very introvert person I’m very introverted so I think I’ll be I think
I’m I’ll be very awkward yknow so um I have a list of what I want to
say like in my phone I would be just I’ll just be referring to my phone ya,
so why am i why am i vlogging is because I’m going to participate in this
Herbalife weight loss contest loss contest challenge whatsoever
whatsoever you call it so this challenge is to reward those that really lose
their weight based on the most number of based on the highest percentage of fats lost so this this contest doesn’t come like free ,it isn’t free of charge, you have to pay a certain amount to
buy their products and to use them throughout this entire journey for one month exactly and they are like different prizes for example the
first prize is $1,000 cash and a trip to Hokkaido Japan yeah and so on and so
forth but I think the main go of me trading this is not because of the words
may believe but I think that it is to really motivate me to really want to do
this because I think I need a very strong motivation such as my money
this I’m just students so this money doesn’t come in very easily I’m
basically using all mine almost all my money from my birth to me first got the
president yeah most most of my relatives give me cash it’s very difficult for me
to part with this money but you know it’s it’s for the better
I’ve been wanting to lose weight since forever and I’ve been on off on off in
whatever I’ve been doing so I’ve been dieting doing a lot a lot of different
things and Herbalife I’ve been introduced to Herbalife by my cousin so
he’s the one who’s bringing me into the challenge as my trainer as well and I’ve
tried Herbalife for a few months before probably about six months to one year
and I’m not sure exactly sure whether I trust the products whether I really
think that it works but I’ve only tried the basic the basic product the f1
formula I’ve never tried that entire range together before like for example
they say they will never commanded me to use the personalized protein powder
along with the f1 from Allah but I’ve never tried before so by going to buy
this entire package I will be getting to try out every single product that they
have yeah so I know that this whole Herbalife thing like the whole weight
loss products it’s not supposed it’s not meant to be a long-term plan like I’ve
done a lot of my research I’ve done research on intermittent fasting vegan
diet a lot of research and I know that going on these products it is it won’t
be a long term but it’s to kickstart your journey
so I bearing that in mind decided to take a journey and this is
like my game plan to lose the most highest percentage number of pets is to entirely not eat any type of solid food
and only drink the two shakes that they will be giving for the entire one month
yeah I think I’m not sure that I can do it but for the past few weeks I’ve been
trying to undo the what I call a water fasting yeah what the fasting for a few
days it was torturous but I believe I can do it and I was evolved really you
know when when when you’re your life cannot really your life but your money
like your entire fortune is there you have the motivation to really count your
count your life on it you know so cold yeah okay so this is day one and I’ll be
checking in every single day to keep myself sane and see what happens at the
end of the entire moment sorry my I think my hand keeps shaking because I’m
holding it with my own a camera with my hand and it’s really really tiring okay
sorry I’ve been very awkward but yeah stay in touch
yes bye bye thank you bye bye

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