2019 Chevrolet Camaro SS Convertible Review

All right, what’s going on guys it’s Josh MacDonald and today we’re gonna be looking at this 2019 Chevy Camaro 2ss Now before we get started make sure you guys hit that like button and subscribe down below for more content Let’s jump right into it. So here’s the key. You can lock unlock remote start it Take down the convertible top and open up the trunk with it So I’ll go ahead and start up to just lock it once hold this button down and she comes to life Upfront you have these nice LED daytime running lights with your SS badging your Chevy float. I This one also does have the ground effects package. So you get a front splitter Side skirts you also have these nice black wheels on here Brembo brakes SS badging in the middle Now these tires are goodyear eagle f1 tires Very nice. They stick to the road very well. These are also 20-inch wheels Give a vet in the hood for heat extraction And I borrow this vehicle from Hendrick Chevrolet carry you guys are the market for a Chevy you definitely check them out, right Here you have your blind zone alert that’ll light up orange at the cars in your blind zone Because the blind spots and these Camaros are well, uh terrible. So those are very nice to have Give your gas cap right here While exhaust sip sisters have the dual tone exhaust You have your backup camera right here and this camera right here is for your rear-vision mirror which I’ll show you here in a minute Go ahead and open up the trunk. You got a little button down here. You can also do it with the key Pretty good space inside of here. You got your stock floor mats and everything inside and you have more storage behind here This is up right now is to allow the convertible top to go down Go ahead and close this up Yeah, very beautiful on the outside You also do have the remote entry so you can leave the key in your pocket and lock and unlock it This us this does have the dual tone bright interior, so it’s red and black with red stitching all the way around looks very nice Use your back seats, I’ll go and show you those So the only people you put back here is people that you hate cuz there’s absolutely no room back here All right, so I’m just gonna start all the way up put your foot on the brake press this button and she comes to life So up here you have your center screen that shows you your miles per hour fuel economy Fuel range oil life tire pressure timer your speed limit you Also do have your performance data right here you can see your old temperature pressure battery voltage tired tab All that good stuff you Have your audio right here Navigation your phone and your settings for the screen Here’s the steering wheels leather wrap with the red stitching You do have paddles behind here for shifting. It does have the 10 speed automatic transmission You have a heated steering wheel cruise control You can scroll through your favorites right here Turn your volume up or down And you scroll through that Center menu by using this You also do have hands-free Bluetooth and calling Nice Camaro badging the middle with the SS badging down here Also, do you have the heads-up display in this vehicle so you can move that up or down adjust the brightness and Change the information that displays You have memory seats All your window and mirror controls are right here now this right here this is for rolling up or down the front windows If you press this button that’s for rolling up or down the back windows You do have the ambient lighting in this vehicle, you can actually change the colors all which I’ll show you here in a minute Electronic parking brake you have different drive modes, so I’ll scroll through those so you have tour sport track snow and ice and those different modes will change up the steering stiffness suspension stiffness and the throttle response Get your center console right here Ambient lighting in the cupholders Shifter right here Nice clear backup camera and you can’t also blip over to manual mode for manual shifting with the paddles Hazards, you can adjust your temperature on both sides by using this it is dual zone. So this side can be different from that side You have heated and cooled seats on both sides you Have your touch screen up here Which I’ll go ahead and show you everything inside of there. So Here’s your main screen you can see what music is playing in your navigation you have your audio which has am/fm and sirius XM radio Phone your navigation system Wi-Fi you can set up different users your settings apple carplay and android auto Your different apps OnStar climate your ambient lighting and your my Chevrolet app now if you have the my Chevrolet app, you can lock unlock or mode start caller from anywhere in the world and This ambient lighting right here. You can choose from a whole bunch of different colors so you can link it to the drive mode Right now I’m at sports. Let’s read If you go up into tour it’ll turn blue if you go on the track It’ll turn orange Snow and ice it’ll turn icy blue So that’s a super cool feature right there You can also choose from all these different colors you got pink green dual colors It’s pretty awesome And here’s that rear camera mirror I was talking about so you can turn that on or off by doing this You can adjust your brightness turn that up or down your zoom level And you can move the camera up or down just For better visibility You have your OnStar buttons up here. You can control your convertible top by using this which I’ll demonstrate here in a moment Center console right here Go ahead and show you guys the window sticker as well. So the total price of this vehicle is fifty six six seventy You get sixty miles per gallon city twenty seven highway And like I said, it is the 2019 Camaro 2ss convertible Exterior color shadow gray metallic achar normal red 6.2 liter v8 with a 10 speed automatic transmission For the awesome vehicle It does have Bose audio as well So I’ll go ahead and hop out here and take down convertible to the top with the key All right, so let’s do this thing I’ve never done this before so hopefully it works. So I think you just hold this button down does it? Help I got to do it from inside I think you can do it while the car shut off and not really sure I’ll feel like messing around with it and messing stuff up So I’m gonna hold up on this But the top do his thing Like a transformer And it’ll give you a notification when it’s done So I’ll give you guys one last look at the vehicle from the outside while the top is down It’s pretty awesome if you ask me make sure you guys comment down below and let me know what you guys think of this vehicle So I’ll go ahead and show you guys how to put the top back up So do that just hold down on this and it comes back up like that And baby Pretty cool And again a notification, so make sure you guys like this video subscribe down below, it’s Josh McDonald I’ll see you guys next time

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