2019 Ford F250 Superduty 6.7L Powerstroke DEF & DPF Delete at ONLY 5000 Miles!

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if you haven’t already done so today we are talking about the delete on my 2019
f250 Platinum Super Duty today I’m going to talk about what I’ve done to the
truck to delete it and why I’ve deleted this this truck there’s a lot of
reasonings for the delete and so I’m gonna go over everything and what you
guys need to know if you guys are looking to do the delete but if you guys
feel like you’ve got some comments hit some comments down below let me know
what your experience is with deletes and without deletes so let’s go into reason
really the reasoning for deleting the truck again it’s a 2019 it’s a 6.7 liter
power stroke I haven’t introduced the channel it’s coming I have a 1999 GMC
six point five liter diesel that I’ve got a little mods on and so when I
decided to get the the the f250 I the hands down was gonna go with the diesel
and I’ll tell you I’m happy with the truck event a little bit about Ford I’m
completely disappointed in Ford for you guys that don’t follow the 2019 Ford
Fiasco ST that we’ve purchased just a little update we have gotten zero place
with Ford apparently they’re buying back the car but it’s been two months we’ve
had the car less than five days and they’ve had the car for over two months
and they’re forcing us through the lemon law buyback process which is just if it
blows my mind that they’re making us do this but needless to say I’m completely
disappointed with Ford I wish that I never bought this truck with it being a
Ford with that said the the truck itself take the badge off
I love the truck it’s it’s had very few minor little pork core key issues but
but with that said that is actually one of the reasons why I deleted the truck
as you guys have followed some of the other videos I’ve been doing some
modifications to the truck I’ve got the intake on the on the truck I’ve also
done some other small modifications here and there nothing to really void
warranties but a lot of people have said don’t do a delete until your warranties
over which I which was going to be a hundred thousand miles on your on your
powertrain but I’ve done some stuff to the truck that would forward even
warranty my truck with a find reasons not to warranty my truck and so I’ve
weighed these pros and cons out with Ford as a company and I felt that Ford
will do me no good with my warranty so I really took the warranty out of the
equation now I’ve done a lot of research about the deletes and one of the things
I mean you know there’s there’s two sides to it right there’s some people
that are like don’t do the delete it was built not to have a delete or you know
to have all the emissions stuff on there and the other people were like look you
know old school guys that are like look these Diesel’s we used to have diesel
trucks that used to go 100 100 thousand you know five hundred thousand miles and
never have issues and they get better gas mileage and they’re better
performance it’s just all-around just better without the emissions stuff and
so I took that into account and I really that was the main reason that I did that
elite I wanted I purchased this truck to be a diesel truck and it was more of a
gas truck than it was anything and it just it just kind of sucked I mean I had
five thousand miles on the truck and I was already the decision was made I was
gonna do the delete you know I’m so with the delete what we’ve done and I’ll show
you guys what I have deleted and taken off and what we’ve done to make this
delete work everything I’ve purchased I’ll link down the below it’s been from
a Pei down in Louisiana they’ve been great they’ve got me the EZ link tuner
they also got me the cat delete or the exhaust delete the
section that we’ve taken out which I’ll show you in a minute you are gonna need
the EZ link or you’re going to need some type of tuner in order to basically
trick the truck to think that the Deaf system and the particular filter the EGR
and everything is still there now what I will tell you about the clean overhead
what I will tell you is that I have not done and will not do an EGR delete the
reason why I am NOT deleting the EGR is I am in California and I’m gonna have to
smog this in six years so I do have a six year pass so I’m happy for that but
at the same time at some point I am gonna have two smog the truck which
means easier are still gonna have to be on there so with the the EZ link tuner
you do unplug the EGR but you do not remove the EGR so the EGR has been
unplugged there’s also something on my throttle body that is also unplugged and
then the tuner is on there to trick the truck to think that the DEF system is
still in place and whatnot so the tuner also enables you to tune the truck to a
lot of horsepower move this inside just to hopefully be able to get some better
sound the eye we’re talking like 200 horsepower so I am I do have some plans
to get the truck over to a dyno and actually get some dyno numbers for you
guys but quarry up modern diesel thank you I love you guys’s videos he was the
one that turned me on to this whole system and I’ve been watching his videos
and so far he hasn’t had any problems with this truck so I’ve duplicated I
believe the system that he has so thanks Corey for the recommendation but what I
wanted to let you guys know is that you you’ll need all of this – you’ll need
this to be able to get the truck to perform better breathe better
currently I just filled up the tank California they get you in taxes here in
California three dollars and seventy nine sites the gallon it’s killer but
just fill up the tank in the last the last miles per gallon
average was 17 and if you know higher drive
I Drive floor pedal to the floor basically I’m like I love this truck now
the big gas mileage that I got the fuel B before I took it easy and I did almost
get 20 miles to the gallon and that’s just basic how normal people would drive
now prior to this with my foot into it I was only getting about 13 miles of the
gallon if I was taking it easy I was getting
about 17 miles to the gallon so I got a significant better gas mileage
improvement the sound of it is just I have a diesel yeah I have a diesel truck
so it’s it’s I love it now I’ve got the Platinum and so I think I’ve said before
I did look at a lariat and I looked at the platinum and one of the deciding
factors outside of the extra features that the Platinum has to the Lariat the
Platinum is much much quieter than the lariat when I got in the truck and
started the lariat it immediately was like wait a minute
the Platinum is so much more quieter and so with the delete I don’t even hear the
exhaust I hear the engine a little bit more but
I don’t hear the exhaust at all if I roll down the window it’s like night and
day obviously you hear but so the tuners in you know you’ve and I’ve got the
switch on the fly which I’ll show you in a second I think you guys have seen the
knob before but with the tune that I’ve got I’ve got the switch on the fly which
gives you at 0 or 1 it’s 35 additional horsepower which is what I turn it down
to when I’m doing towing and then basically the rest of the time I have it
turned up to 5 because I love the power that this truck has and the capacity
that this truck has now I also do have a pedal commander and I’ll tell you about
the pedal commander with the with the tuner if you were in Sport Plus mode
this truck is almost on dry the thing is it shifts so hard and it’s
so crazy so if you have a pedal commander and you decide to do the
delete and stuff what you’re gonna end up doing is turning it down or actually
off I actually drive the truck in Eco mode believe it or not with the extra
because I just basically I can just floor it and the truck shifts much
better it’s smoother you’ve still got a ton of power you still get to two in a
reverse bar one once that turbo spools up it’s it’s
going but it just makes it more drivable in the city when I’ve gotten up in the
Sport Plus mode the thing is just like you barely touch it the thing is just
it’s it’s such a jerk and when you’re in sixth gear on the freeway and you barely
touch the gas it immediately shifts down there to fifth and sometimes even fourth
and it really shifts very hard so if you’ve got the pedal commander you’ll
probably want to turn this down but let’s go and let’s show you real quick
so we’ve got our switch on the fly so we’ve got our easy link and everything
is installed down below so we’ve got our pedal commander all linked in but we’re
up at number five and we can obviously you know we’ve got down to one two three
four five so I just keep up on five that all the time and then this is the system
that we have deleted so this is the whole system so starting here at the end
we’ve got the this is the particular filter this is where we burn through so
this is this is basically all discs this is all disconnected and then some
sensors is the igniter I believe coming down into the death system this is the
injector people be careful around the injector this injector is like $1,000
injector so make sure that this is very well kept safe so you’ve got your def
system here I believe you’ve got I believe this is a cat and then you’re
into the muffler now coming down to the truck I’ve decided to leave the stock
exhaust tips on it just it gives me one last thing that I have to worry
about with the police if I do get stopped for any reason I do still have
the stock muffler and but what we’ve done is let’s see if I can get up in the
under here is you can see starting right here down to there that’s your delete
pipe so that system replaced this system so look it’s um it was a pretty simple
I believe there’s three bolts on one end and a clamp on the other end and pretty
much all of the plugs the Sun but basically it was that was pretty much
that was that was it and the system pretty much comes right out you won’t
plug everything and the easy link Turner now I did leave the tuner in the car now
I left it just because I want to be able to keep the gauge I want to be able to
have the gauge cluster it’s very nice to be able to have the gauge cluster but
the fact is is that regardless if you pull this thing out and you take it to
the Ford dealer and deal with the warranty they’re gonna know anyways
because it obviously flashes that you see you and their programming is able to
detect that so don’t think that if you do do this and something does go wrong
understand that when you take your truck back to Ford they will most likely know
that you have done the delete and there might be some questions to it if you
guys have a Ford dealer that you know that that’s going to work with you
that’s great I’ve just found first of all Rhonda
Pratt absolutely horrible dealership I’m I
apologize for giving them any of my money it’s just it makes me sick that
those people got me in my mind Rhonda Pratt for don’t ever ever shop at Rhonda
brought forward but you know but when buying this truck I shopped around to a
couple different dealers and it’s just it’s just it’s it’s sad the dealerships
have become this way and you know we’re looking at cars again because we’re
offering to buy another car for bogman because whenever her car I mean she’s
we’ve already made two payments on it we’ve we’ve got three thousand dollars
worth of parts it’s just absolutely it’s sick with with
how Ford has treated us and I get and I get that you know they’re they’re
buybacks and stuff like that but we’ve had this car for less than five days in
our possession than two months if they would have given us another car we would
have been completely happy but anyways back to the truck back to the delete’ I
absolutely love it so with the delete you do have to unplug the EGR and the
throttle body sensor I believe but what was nice about the tuner is it actually
told you when you program this that this has to also in addition be unplugged so
it was it was very very simple to do I you know I didn’t even jack up the truck
or anything I did it myself here at the shop and like I said it took me about an
hour to do about an hour and a half to do to drop it off get the new one on and
it’s amazing absolutely love it so I’m gonna throw in some shots and take this
thing for a drive I’ll show you some performance stuff but all in all so
we’re at two months of owning the truck like I said I love the truck I hate the
badge but I love the truck and it’s just it’s it’s it’s coming it’s it’s coming
to the truck that I wanted it to be so let’s but let’s not let’s get this
outside real quick let’s turn this thing let’s get this thing started up so you
guys hear it so what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna stand back just a little bit from
it and we’ll do the and so if and if you guys want to know
it doesn’t roll cold if whooping rolls calling like crazy if if if you get this
is this thing like on my 99 6.5 that’s got you know it’s tuned and it’s got
bigger turbo and everything like that this thing on that thing but it’s and
this thing is so rad I’m I’m completely happy with it so if you guys are looking
at look I did a lot of research and like I said I weighed the pros and cons and
you know look the pro is you’re gonna get better gas mileage you’re gonna be
breathing better was the urea better than diesel smoke in the state of
California they are really really really really the DEF fluid so the urea is the
piss that comes out of the tailpipe is deeming worse than the carbon that comes
out of your tailpipe so you’re gonna get better gas mileage your breathing better
we do have the intake on there so it more air in more air out but just all in
all everything is so much better about this now the cons to it right
I’ve void my warranty you know does for is for gonna say I boarded my warranty
because I put a carb label legal air to air intake on it you know I mean it’s
just it’s it’s kind of be it’s it’s gonna be one of those questionable
things and I would rather you know what I’m just not even to deal with for it
look if there’s anything that goes wrong with this engine I’ll take care of it
personally if if something goes wrong with the seat the seat motor goes in
look I’ll take it into Ford and have them warranty it the window motor goes
out they’ll warranty it anything that goes outside the powertrain basically
from the pass and everything the truck is gonna be so much better in that out
the mission stuff think so truck is gonna be so much wider without
the mission stuff then with the emissions I have that’s really the
reason why I decided to do the leap plus it sounds like a diesel it smells like a
diesel it runs like diesel and I have power for days the torque and power is
amazing on this so hopefully this gave you guys some insight make sure you
follow a channel make sure you hit that subscribe button hit me some comments
down below let me know get interacted with this tell me tell me some other
cons if I miss some cons tell me tell me some of the pros if if there’s some
people that have deletes that have you know a couple hundred thousand miles on
it and no problems and I want to hear that that’s what I want to hear but
anyways let’s get this thing driving and let’s see how it performs alright so we
are in the Super Duty we are on some back roads in Mexico and what I’ve done
is I’ve turned the tune all the way down to basically zero and the pedal
commander is off right now so what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna look at some
zero to sixty times and I believe if I can get this timer to hook up correctly
hopefully we’ll get some quarter-mile times on basically what the truck is
stock at the lowest setting pedal commander off with the delete so that’s
what we’re gonna try now so let’s go ahead and pull out on the road and
what’s nice about the the timer is it starts automatically
so once the timer starts automatically then it’s good to go make sure our GPS
is all good and setup and then we will start filming this just
and another fellow passerby er so let’s go ahead and see what this thing can do
zero to sixty stock quarter-mile me and it’s got some kick already so we’ve kind of peaked out and we’ve
got our quarter-mile time there we’ve got our quarter-mile time
all right so let’s try to slow down and pull off here so not bad not bad so we
have on the tune turned all the way down we have 0 to 60 in 6.9 seconds we did a
quarter-mile in 14 point seven seconds so that’s not bad for it being turned
all the way down okay so I’m gonna go ahead and turn this thing up to five now
and what I am gonna do is I’m going to go ahead and turn on my pedal commander
and I’m going to turn the pedal commander up to high just because we’ll
get good response you know when you’re flooring that the pedal commander
doesn’t work too much different but you’ll see you know we’ll have we’ll
have some good time so driving glasses on up and what looks like we’ve got
it’s someone coming up behind us so that was not that was not a bad time at all
I’m I’m surprised with I’m surprised at that time 0 to 60 in 6.9 seconds I mean
this truck just weighs so much so I’ll take that time all day long all day long
I’ll take that time and that’s like I said that’s turned all the way down I
think that’s 30 additional horsepower and that is pedal commander off so we’ve
got pedal commander on so let’s go ahead and which it’s just like it’s so angry
with the pedal commander on I mean it’s absolutely angry mad angry alright so
we’re back on our back road and we’re at zero so we’re gonna go ahead and we’ve
got our time on so what’s nice is we’ve got our little timer up here alright
ready and let’s go let’s see what kind of times we get with
full power pedal commander up on high we got a better 0 to 60 time and we’ve
got a better quarter-mile time not by much
man that quarter-mile time didn’t really wasn’t really crazy different so let’s
pull this thing over and take a look it looks like our zero to 60 time so let’s
stop here so zero to 60 time on that run was 6.2 seconds so a bit faster and
fourteen point one seconds on a quarter-mile
so that’s crazy because from the just full-on you know this thing it it’s got
the stock tire so let’s do one more quick quarter-mile run while we can and so let’s get out here and we’re gonna do
one more quarter mile run and ready to race we’ll let this guy pass by just be
safe we do have our locking diff on turn off engine brake on and so we’ve got
ready to raise hundred percent and away we go I mean we just spun the tires
right there god this thing is blowing black smoke like crazy so we’ve got our 0 to 60 time already 0
to 70 and we are heading up to our quarter-mile
so we spun the tires that time I I knew that 14 9 and hour 0 to 60 was 7 seconds
so it actually wasn’t even any better so our best 0 to 60 time out of the three
was 6.2 seconds for this ginormous truck 0 to 60 that’s mad crazy now one last
thing let’s throw one last thing let’s turn the pedal commander off because I
don’t know if the pedal commander will help or affect it so let’s take the
pedal commander off okay and let’s go ahead and do one more run so let’s go over here and let’s do one
last little run and so we’re gonna go zero to sixty quarter-mile full tune
pedal commander off and go and I feel like it’s much slower that’s that let’s take this time so we add 0 to 60
in 6.8 seconds 0-60 in 6.8 seconds and we’re doing a quarter mile and fourteen
point one fourteen point seven so fourteen point one quarter miles our
best time so far and our zero to sixty six point two seconds so I’ll take it so
man I’d I love the truck I love the truck but you know and then
we can just cruise me and we’re just right along
and the thing isn’t extremely loud right in the cabin you can hear that it’s not
that loud now obviously we roll down we roll down the window let’s get the
window down here and we get on it it rolls it rolls good but man I enjoy
the truck I love the truck I’m glad that I did the delete not only for the
performance aspect but for the fuel economy I’ve done two minor trips in
this I went up to Chico the other day and I got an average of nineteen point
nine miles per gallon and that’s freeway freeway driving so that was that’s
fairly decent so I I’m alright with that buzzing around in the city and whatnot
we’re like seventeen miles per gallon so it’s good so man I hope you guys enjoy
the video hit that subscribe button if you guys aren’t subscribed already to
the channel hit the subscribe button we’ve got more to do to this truck we
are heading over to red label to have some stuff done to the truck this week
so make sure you hit that subscribe button smash that like button hit me a
comment is there something I need to do to this truck what’s what can I do to
the truck hit me up till then we’ll see you next time let’s roll some coal guys

89 thoughts on “2019 Ford F250 Superduty 6.7L Powerstroke DEF & DPF Delete at ONLY 5000 Miles!

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  2. Nice truck Bill! Sorry to hear about your terrible experience with that Ford dealership, scoundrels! Are you expecting any issues with smog after the DEF delete, or strictly EGR? I bought 2018 Ram 1500 Ecodiesel Laramie last October and absolutely love the truck. It's got the baby diesel 3.0L and towed a 7K lb toy hauler to Buttonwillow for 3/11 up Hwy 33 like a champ. Would like to DEF delete or tune, but hesitant due smog

  3. It’s not just FORD, it’s GM and Fiat as well. They will find a way to not Warranty if the truck has been tuned or modded in any way. Now, the Moss act helps but if you tamper with Certain things then it’s on you.

    I’ve been lucky enough to find certain dealers that are “cool”, but even then if you come in with a blown motor, Turbo, or Tranny, then they have to go through Manufactors Warranty and a Inspector will come and inspect a large warranty claim.

    So it’s not just Ford, oh and that’s all I’ll own is a Ford Truck. They’ve always taken care of me and I’ve had 5 deleted strokes and not one problem.

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  5. Deleted mine off the lot and has 155,000 on it and not a single motor problem running ez lynk with tyrant tunes

  6. I have a 2019 f250 leveled 3in up front on 37s and did mine at 1400 miles. Going on 5k miles and all is great. These trucks are monsters.

  7. The King Ranch and Platinum trims are not different as far as sound levels go. They have the same insulation and same glass. Otherwise good video. Thanks

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  11. Had the same type of issue with GM on a 1st generation Trailblazer. Stealership tortured me then GM. Hired a lemon law attorney. It was a very large GM dealership.
    I’m lucky to have 3 Ford dealerships in my area. 1 VERY bad one!!
    Getting ready to delete my 2016 Superduty.

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  16. i had a 2017 and i had to smog after the first year i had it 2 years and smogged it then had a ford buy back on it because of front suspension

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  20. Did a full delete with a H&S tuner on my 2011 F-350 Lariat SD at 150,000 miles. This is a work truck where I tow 12 k regularly. Zero issues , mileage gain is up 4 mpg on average and the extra power for towing is a plus.

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  35. Not bad! My emissions intact non-deleted L5P Duramax with just the Banks Derringer & Banks Intake does 14.06-14.09 in the 1/4 mile and 5.75s 0-60. Easily in the high 12’s if I would delete & actually tune but it appears those days are over.

  36. Great video! I’ve got a 2017 250 Platinum. I have 2 questions: 1. Can the EGR clog up if it is just left unplugged. 2. Did you drain your DEF tank or leave whatever was in it there? Did you have to drain the DEF injector line?

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