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Subaru fans rejoice. Subaru is finally bringing
one of their limited run special edition STI models
to the United States. And this one is a United
States-only model. In recent years, it seems
like the STI hasn’t quite been getting the
love it deserves. It’s running an older
engine on an older platform. In order to keep the car fresh,
Subaru Technica International, Subaru’s skunkworks, has
gone over the car from nose to tail, making a
bunch of changes to make it faster,
more aggressive, better handling, and more desirable. From the outside, some of the
changes are pretty obvious. Fender flares have been added,
widening the car’s track by about 1.7 inches. That means that this STI wears
the widest tires on any Subaru yet. You’ll also notice the carbon
fiber roof to reduce weight, and the carbon fiber wing
to increase downforce. Under the hood, you’ll
still find an EJ motor, but in S209, Subaru has added
a larger HKS turbo charger. They’ve upgraded
the intercooler. They’ve upgraded the pistons. They’ve done a lot
of work to bring the power in this motor
up to 341 horsepower. STI has also done a lot of
work on this STI’s suspension. They’ve overhauled a lot of
the components under there. They’ve added bigger brakes for
better stopping power as well. The only transmission you’re
going to find on an S209 is the six speed manual, which
is the way things should be. Inside the, cabin along with
some minor visual updates, you’ll also find a little paddle
on the steering wheel that lets you spray water onto
the turbo intercooler, a nod to older STIs. Subaru is only going to be
making 200 of the 2019 WRX STI S209. So if you want one, you
should get in line now. For more information about
the 2019 Subaru WRS STI S209, sure to check out our full first
look on edmunds.com/roadnoise. And for more videos
like this, stay tuned right here to YouTube. Make sure to like and subscribe.

18 thoughts on “2019 Subaru WRX STI S209 First Look | Limited-Edition Subie | Edmunds

  1. What's wrong for older platform if it works? I don't see anyone complained about the 911 platform that had not changed for decades.

  2. "older platform"
    If it ain't broke don't fix it. If it can't be improved any further, don't fix it. The WRX STi has pretty expensive chassis and differential components. Any major overhaul would only result in changes aimed at reducing manufacturing costs.

    Look at the 3-series. Has BMW "improved" the driving experience since the E46? No. They just added more rubber to the chassis, making it worse.

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