2019 Unity Island Bed

– Hey Dean from Leisure
Travel Vans and we’re doing some urban Rving today. That’s right, we’re in
the big city of Winnipeg, a historic forts area
where the Assiniboine River and the Red River cross. I want to show you the 2019 Unity IB. So the 2019 Unity IB is
powered by the Mercedes Benz 3500 series cut away chassis. 188 horsepower, 325 foot
prepositor, with a five speed automatic transmission. We ordered some really
great safety features. Got your front collision impact assist, lane assist, we also order
the Bi-Xeon headlamps, we order the chrome grill,
we order the fog lights, high beam assist, auto
lights and rain assist for the auto wipers. And we also ordered
the 170 inch wheel base on the Sprinter chassis, it’s 135 series, 15,250 pounds GCWR. This really is the show piece right here. You can see how beautifully
arrow dynamic it is. I really love the step here for cleaning my front windshield. LED lights at the top. When you’re driving down
the highway, you can see a leisure coming from
Miles and miles away. It looks great. Curved wall, they have curtesy lights. We have our 16,000 BTU furnace and we always need storage, urban
or in the great outdoors. Great little area there for a tool kit. We’ve got out step
that’s going to come out. We can also leave it on camp mode and the step stays down all the time. The step’s not going in and out. And speaking of a hot day,
today is relatively warm. I think I’m going to take this jacket off. One great thing about the Unity IB, I’ve got some jacket
holders right here ’cause we’re going to go for dinner later. We’re just going to put that right there. We have our two deep cycle
six-volt batteries. Easy access right here and I really
like this, the screen door locks off so I’ve got some
ventilation, no mosquitoes. And I like that we’ve run
some brassy across the screen so if you have pets, the
pets aren’t going to jump out the screen door. Another great option for 2019
is the remote keyless entry for your main entrance door. Works off the Mercedes Benz fob, so you can double click it to lock it, locks the dead bolt, click, click, click and
the door is unlocked. So nice little option to have. The brand new legless
awning with wind sensor, very simple. Wind sensor switch must
be on all the time. If you turn it off the wind
sensor’s not going to work. One touch of the button and look at that, the awning automatically comes out. We also have built in LED
lights that are built into the awning which you can
also use as nightlights. There it is, look how beautiful that is. So we’re just over 12 feet in length, seven feet wide. What a beautiful area to
keep the sun off my head. This is one of the great
things about the 2019 Unity, Unity Island Bed, is versatility. I want to go to a tailgate
party, baseball games, football games, hockey
games, I have this beautiful patio awning and of course
with the wind sensor feature if a gust of wind comes up,
it automatically goes back up. I don’t ever have to worry
about my awning being out. We also have a three way switch
here for an LED light up top and we also have LED lighted
handle for at nighttime for getting in and out of the motor home. But if you love the outside,
look at this beautiful Denim. You’re going to absolutely
love and I mean love the interior, come on in. Welcome inside the 2019 Unity IB. As you can see, what a
beautiful motor home. Look how the Mercedes Benz chairs and of course we always order
the Mercedes Benz swivels because they are so easy to swivel, turn, face into the motor home and create all this beautiful space. Six foot five interior height. Once again, we are only 21
ft, 7’10 wide and 10’6 height. Very still, no slide outs. We have three different
leather ultra colors. We have Pebble, Fog and Coal. This is the pebble that we’re looking at. All down with French stitching, super soft, super hot. It’s a super hot day
today, you can see the sun is pounding down on this. I can put my hand on here
and it doesn’t burn my hand. New for 2019 we added
arm rests onto the chairs so they’re very comfortable to sit in. But very comfortable
to sit back and lounge. You can also watch TV from
here with the pullout TV. Look at this, very nice. You’re going to love this feature. We have a little shays
lounge feature here. As you can see, this comes across. Put our cushion back in and
we have one other cushion that fits in. It stores underneath the bed. We place this cushion here and we now have a shays lounge for
kicking back and relaxing. I like that or you can
use it as an ottoman for the driver and passenger seats. Sitting here, put your feet up here to watch TV or even from the driver side, and the passenger
side as you can see here. Very nice. Also you can kind of
make it into a quasi bed. Look at this, you can
slide this cushion over, drop this down and you
can sleep with your head on this side and your feet this way and you kind of have a little
emergency sleeping area or even a little daybed. So from a great lounging area, we can put the dining room table in,
which stores underneath our bed at the back. Pull goes down. Look at the size of
that locking mechanism. When it locks in, this
table is not going to move. Locks in, clamp it down. Now that is a table, that is strong. Look at this. Not moving at all. Nice big table area, dinner for four or you can use it as a computer desk. You can work from here on your laptop, you can slide over onto
this side, work over form this side as well because you’ve got the built in arm rest. We also have an 1,000 watt
pure sine wave inverter so I can plug it in in my inverted plug and charge my computer
while I’m working as well. You can see how simple it
is when you want to get up. The leaves move out of
the way and you can walk into the back, walk into the galley. Get something out of
the fridge, come back, go back to work, go back
to having some dinner. So you can sit back
here, relax and watch TV all at the same time. Also the Unity IB has four seat belts. One here, here, here and there. Total of four seat belts
in the Unity Island Bed. Above the cab berry we’ve
got some great storage areas, here, optional safe goes up in here. But lots of storage space up front. We have our Jensen stereo system. It runs 12 volt. That’s your DVD player, CD player, AM, FM. It has an HDMI plug in, it
has a USB charging plug. We have four speakers
in the Unity Island Bed. Two up front, and two at
the back and also it does streaming Bluetooth as well. So this Island Bed is
done in our cherry stain. We also have maple and espresso. So three different colors of wood stain. We also have two glamour package. We use the FENIX white uppers
or the FENIX gray uppers. Or you can also leave the all wood look because it looks fantastic as well. In this upper cabinet we’ve
got our solar controllers. We have a great option for solar. We have 200 watt flex
solar panels up on the roof or 400 watt. So if you’re a serious dry
camper, 400 watts of solar panels would be a great option to have. So right now my 400 watts of
solar panel up on the roof are drawing about 8.2
amps of power back in to the two deep cycle RV batteries. Curved cabinet doors,
I mean they look great. European hidden hinges. I love the new longer latches,
you can touch anywhere and they open up. And I love the soft close. Look how much storage space you have. This is 12 inches deep,
so nice big upper cabinet on this side. Plus if you look underneath here, we’ve got LED lighting’s, strip lighting. That looks great. Up here you can see the rope lighting. That’s standard for 2019. On the other side, this
is our control center so we have two TVs in this motor home so we have a switcher box with
an HDMI connection as well. So you can watch TV, digital TV up front. You can watch a movie in the back. We’re all pre wired for satellite dish. This model has the T4
Winegard Satellite dish. It’s right here, just push the button. It’ll automatically
find the satellite dish. We do Dish, Direct or Bell. So three different satellite providers. Also standard for 2019 is the Winegard 2.0 Wi-Fi booster with 4G. Digital TV antenna and a
radio antenna all in one. We also have an inverted plug up here for running all our electronics. Let’s have a look at the
galley, the upper cabinets. What beautiful cabinets they are. Look at that beautiful rope
lighting, the curved doors, European hinges. Look how deep these cabinets are. If you don’t have a
plate, always just grab the plate of the microwave. If it doesn’t fit, it’s
really not a cabinet. So if it doesn’t fit you’ve
got to have equipment. Don’t take it. But nice big cabinets. Double shelves so you
can put your coffee cups up high and your plates down low. You can see nice two big upper cabinets above the galley. I love how they close in place. Big pitcher window. Look how beautiful that is. Awning style window, so very important. See all the awning window opens up. Lots of fresh air, cross ventilation. If it was pouring rain out,
I can still get some air. Also, new for 2019,
ultra leather valences. Looks fantastic and we
have daytime shades. We’ve got built in shade
holders, I really like that. To hold the shade in place. I can have the window open. Also we have nighttime shades as well. So at nighttime, no light
coming into the motor home. Okay, let’s have a look at the galley, the counter top of course. We’ve got a counter top extension. How perfect is that. Little more room for working. We have a brand new color
for 2019 called carbon. We also do` Antarctica white. This is solid Korean throughout. I love how much room we have. We have our two burner
spark ignition stove. Look how simple it is to fire right up. Also has a built in back splash. I really like that feature. So two burner stove. You can also use it as a cooking area. So it gives you a little
more room in the galley. Make sure the burners
are off before you put the glass cook top down. I also love this, look at
this big, beautiful, deep, stainless steel sink. Chrome kitchen faucet and
solid surface sink cover so you can be working
and still pouring water. Now that is a great use of space. Beautiful built in garbage can with a solid Korean cover. You can also use that to keep drinks cool. So nice use of space there. Back over here we’ve got our
stainless steel backslash. We also have a very nice place
here for, little spice rack. Inverted plug, once again
LED lights in the cabinets, look great. And above here, a beautiful
storage cabinet, very nice. We talked about earlier out beautiful TV. Our movie’s still playing. We’re going to watch that a little bit. Two USB charging plugs right here. Above the galley we have our 12 volt fan. You can also upgrade that
with a nice little option with the rain sensor built in so you can set your temperature,
automatically comes on. If it decides to rain, it
will automatically close. Great little feature. Runs 12 volt, keep the
motor home nice and cool on a hot day. If you look up here
we’ve got our beautiful vacuum bonded roof with our LED lights, are all dim able as well. We’ve got ducted air conditioning that runs through the entire motor home. Bedroom, bathroom and
living area, keeping you nice and cool on a hot day,
’cause we have a 15,000 B2 air conditioner with a heat pump. And of course, our beautiful skylight. Look how beautiful it is. Look how it opens up. Lots of natural light, lots of fresh air. You have a few mosquitoes,
bring it across. You can still have lots of fresh air. It’s a super hot day today, so we’ve got the sky light open and we’ve got the sun
shade closed so we can get some fresh air and not the sun. Down below the galley we’ve
got some great storage areas. Look at this, full
drawer extension gloves. Solid wood, all lined. They look great, so lots of storage space. Full water filtration that
goes in all of our units, that’s a charcoal filter. Nice, and little more storage area here. So lots of storage area. Look how they all close in place. Look at this beautiful reverse
curved door, spectacular. And look at the storage space in that. Easy access to our Truma
AquaGo Comfort Plus hot water heater. We’ve got our surge protector back there, nice little option,
protect any power coming into the motor home. And we’ve got our water filter
right there so easy access to all that. Plus another storage area back in here. So you’ve got lots of
places for pots and pans and dishes and all the
stuff you want to take when you go RV. You’re gonna love this. We call this the P.O.P., pull out pantry. Yes sir, look how much
stuff you can put in there. That is beautiful. You’re going to love this little feature. Little privacy blind at night. No light can come in. Above the entrance door
we’ve got our service center. Optional stabilizer jacks,
two stabilizer jacks. Turn them on, they automatically retract. And they stabilize the coach, don’t panic when you turn it on the
power, they will automatically go up. New exciting option for
2019 is four point automatic hydraulic leveling jacks. So if you want to level the
coach by pressing one button great little option to have. This control center’s for
our Truma AquaGo Comfort Plus hot water heater. Comfort Plus heats the one
liter of hot water in the tank. You can leave it on eco,
it will not heat that tank. Other mode we can turn it off. This is our control center for our tanks and our badge. You can see we’ve got 13.8,
that’s full battery power. Our two deep cycle 6 volt
batteries are fully charged right now. Fresh water tank is empty,
gray is empty, block is empty and the propane has about 32 percent full. Also, we have our water
pump for turning on our water pump switch right here. As we move over, we have
our optional generator. So this is the control center. So you have a 3.6 kilowatt
propane or 3.2 kilowatt diesel. So you always push the stop
button until it lights up. That means that it’s primed
and then you would start the button. We also have an hour meter
in here so it tells you how much usage your
generator has been running. And this last one is
our inverter right here so you can see I turned the inverter on. Just inside the entrance door, we’ve got our beautiful
handle for coming in. All done in ultra leather. Built in light as well, very nice. This is our step, putting
our step on camping mode. Turning it off. This obviously right up
there is our LED lighting in our cabinets which
is standard for 2019. This little red switch
tells you that I have my service center light on
and my passenger storage light on as well. And we have brand new light
switches with dimmer switches built in for all of our LED
lights up in our ceiling. On the other side of the galley we’ve got a little storage space up top. Confection microwave
so this is a microwave and an oven as well. So dual purpose. And our three way fridge. 6.7 cubic foot, separate
freezer, separate Fridge. It runs three ways, so
it runs on propane power, so it I’m dry capping,
running on propane keeps it nice and cool. We can also run it on
1.10 power, short power or on 12 power. Separate freezer, separate fridge. This is our thermostat for our motor home. So you can have the fans
running on the air conditioner. Hit it again, we can run
it on with the snowflake, that means its on air conditioner. I also have it on furnace. I hit it again it says heat pump. Set the temperature,
that’s all you have to do. Runs just like a residential
thermostat at home. Always leave your fans on auto. Lots of great features
up front but have a look at this. A private bedroom area. Full walk around, walk this way Or I can walk this. Walk around island bed. Now this is nice. Look at the size of this. Can sit up, I can watch TV
in bed, I can read a book. I have USB plugs. I’ve got inverted plugs. I can work on a computer, laptop, iPad. I can read. What a beautiful use of space. I love this LED lights. I can also turn them off
and on and I can dim them. Look at all the storage I have up above. Once again look at those
beautiful curved doors. European hidden hinges but
look at the storage space that you have and look
how much room I have in the bed itself. Nice big bed for sleeping for two. I love the walk around bed. I love the two pitcher
windows on both sides. Awning style windows. But let’s talk about storage. Look at this, nice hanging closet. Pull out drawer down here. Full drawer extension, glides in. And if we sit back and have
a look, look how beautiful this pitcher window is,
awning style windows. Daytime shades, nighttime
shades and once again we’ve got the holders built
light in for the blinds so you can have the window open. Look at that beautiful
TV area right there. So I can be watching
satellite TV back here. A movie up front, TV
back here, DVD up there. So you can turn on the
lights in the bedroom. I can also dim them as well. We have two speakers in
the back bedroom area and of course, ducted air conditioning even in the bedroom area. This has to be the most
functional RV on the market today. So tons of interior
storage but just in case you need a little bit more,
we can provide that as well. Look at this. Bed lifts up, built in straps. Look at that, lots of storage space. We carry our cable, our pole
and our shays lounge cushion but lots of storage space for
extra linens underneath there. And the great thing about an island bed is the bed is always made up. It’s right here. Plus we have two pull out drawers. Look at the size of those drawers. That can store a lot of stuff. And on both sides of the
drawers, more storage area. Now that is some smart use of space. I also love this little feature. We have LED lighting at night,
so you don’t trip and fall. So the Unity Island Bed has
a residential style bathroom. It does not have a wet
bath where you would sit on the toilet to shower. Nobody wants any part of that. Showers door slides across,
makes into a full-time bed area. I have a separate toilet, sink
area and a stand up shower. But look at the size of
this beautiful bathroom. Solid Korean counter top, brand
new color for 2019, carbon. Look how much room you
have for storing all your bathroom supplies. You have an accessory channel here. Hanging towels, glasses built in. I’ve got some shelves right here. Beautiful medicine cabinet up here. And we’ve got some more
storage down below. Also have a GFI plug here and we have a switch for the water pump. So if you forget to turn on
your main water pump switch at night, you can just turn this one on. And this is a marine gray
China macerated toilet. So that’ll grind up all
your solids and shoot them into your black water tank. Also we’ve got a fantastic fan. This one has the optional rain sensor. The great little option to
have, will automatically close when it’s raining. Nice little mirror for
getting ready in the morning and we have a dressing mirror right here and you can see we’ve got
our Leisure logo clothing. We’ve got a great Leisure
store where you can get Leisure logo merchandise. I love this solid door on the bathrooms so somebody can be using the bathroom and somebody could be separately showering. Now that is smart. Big standup shower. Once again, this is a full
dry bath residential style dry bath but you can see
how much room I have. I’ve got my boots on, I’m probably at 6’3. I’m 6’7 to the top here,
so I’ve got lots of room. We’ve integrated our soap
and our shampoo holder here. We’ve got on and off
switch on the shower head, that’s very smart. And I love the skylight,
LED light and look at this. Got a little place here for dental floss. No, but we do have a place
to hang, drip dry your towels and bathing suits and
clothes and a nice handle for getting in and out. Nice big shower area. You don’t have to go to
the camp shower areas, you can shower in your motor homes. Look at this beautiful swivel seats. Lock right into place. Look at this, I’m ready to go. This is a very impressive cab areas. You can hear, we actually
have the motor running. You probably can’t hear
it, hard to believe. That is a V6 turbo diesel
clean running diesel, carpeted liner in here. So we put rubber backing
on it so when you’re moving from front to back, you’re
not going to slip and fall. Easy to clean. Got a couple little storage
areas here for coffee cups. Up here for coffee cups, both doors. This locks and unlocks the motor home. Air conditioning control
center’s right here. We have telescopic steering
control and tilt steering, that’s very nice to have. And I love the chairs,
all done in Ultaleather. These were all done with the
Mercedes Benz swivel seats so you can bring in the chair
up, you can bring it down. You can move the chair
all the way forward. Look, when I move it all the way back, it’s quite amazing, I have a 34 engine. I can barely, barely touch
the accelerator or the brake and you can move the seat up and back. So you should be able to find a position that’s very comfortable for driving. So for all of our Leisure
owners, for the first two years that you own a Leisure
travel van, we provide road side assistance which
gives you technical support, road side assistance, tire
service, tire assistance, delivery of fuel and liquids in emergency, lockup smith, jumpstart,
RV mobile mechanic. It also provides you a
dealer locator assistance and concierge service. That’s all free of charge
for the first two years of you owning your Leisure
travel Van and you can renew it after that if you want to. We also have MyLTV on our Leisure website, travelers clubs that you can join. We have contests. We also have technical support. We have FAQ’s. We have some videos if
you ever have a problem or you don’t understand something,
so you can look that up. And we give that to all of our
Leisure travel van customers. Have a little charging areas
they have on the Mercedes Benz, we have a USB plug here, we
have an axillary plug here. We also have a 12 volt plug down here. And we have another one
in the coffee area here. So we have the integrated back up camera so you can watch it,
move it over to camera so I can see what’s behind me. See there’s a car right
behind me, and I know how far to back up. I can see my ladder. If you have a tow vehicle, you
can watch your tow vehicle. You can have bicycles on
the back, you can watch your bicycles. So you can actually have the
camera on while your driving down the highway. When you put it in reverse,
it will automatically come up. So regardless of how
your using the Unity IB you need storage space. So the Unity IB will not disappoint you. Look at this, another
little storage area here but I love this, look at this. Fiber glass compartment
doors, built in strut, so it’s not going to fall and hit you on the back of the head. Plus they lock in place
which is important. Also in this compartment,
we have our 100 watt pure sign wave inverter. All of our new electronics,
all need clean running power. So when you turn your inverter on, which takes your six watt
batteries and flips them over to 110 power, you
want to make sure that it’s clean running power so
we don’t damage anything. Vacuum blunted curved walls. So vacuum blunted between
seven and 21 pounds per square inch. This is a fiber glass exterior. Welded aluminum framing, two pound density poly styling insulation interior wall where we press that together. That’s what makes the one piece wall. And we paint this three
coats of color, two coats of clear. So each paint color is painted three times and then two coats of clear. And for 2019, we have
seven exterior colors. Denim, Bordeaux, Champagne,
White Suede, Euro Sport, Silver and Graphite. So seven different exterior colors. As we work our way down, we have a one panel electrical plug. Down here a great little option. We have the Alcoa aluminum rims. We go with six Alcoa rims, inner and outer and also at the front so
we have duals at the back. Very important when you’re
looking at motor home you want to make sure you
have dual wheels on the back, more stability when you’re driving. The Alcoa aluminum rims,
great little feature from them is you can check the
inner and the outer tire pressure from right here. Fiber glass fender skirt
and then underneath here we spray foam all of our
wheel well so you don’t have any stones that are damaged. Also quieter when you’re
going down the road. We also spray foam all of
our under floor tanks as well so no stone damage. Also gives them a little
bit of insulation as well. As we work our way down, we
have our optional generator. Once again, our beautiful
fiber glass curved doors. This model has the 3.6
kilowatt propane generator. Or you can have the optional
3.2 kilowatt diesel generator. So people always want to know which one. It all depends how you are. People to do some serious drive camping, a diesel generator
might be more beneficial because you have more time of hour running on the generator using the diesel fuel versus the propane. Once again, we’re always needing storage. Look at this beautiful exterior storage. This is all galvanized
sheet metal compartments so it’ll never rust. Down here we’ve got
our propane quickening. That’s a smart little
feature so carry a little propane barbecue with you,
you can plug right into that. You don’t have to carry a
big 20 pound tank as well so we can run it off the
main 15 gallon propane tank. Pass through storage. Look at this, full pass
through, all the way through the other side. Hello, can you see me? I mean, is this not incredible? Look how much storage
space you actually have. I mean, talk about a mother in law suite. But look how much room you have. I’m totally in here, I’m well over 6’2 with my shoes on, look at this. This is storage beyond belief. And LED light too so I actually could read and sleep back here. This is perfect, I love it. Let’s have a look at the
back of the Unity IB. Full fiber glass rear mass. You can see how it’s contoured. This comes out of a mold
vertically integrated. We build all of our fiber
glass parts ourselves. Yo can see all the couture
how it’s beautiful, it’s fully insulated as well. Two piece rear mass, full
fiber glass main body and a separate bumper as well. So if somebody were to
ding your back bumper you can just replace the bumper part. LED lights here and LED lights up top for your mark a lights. We also have our
integrated back up cameras so I can see when I’m
backing up into this area. Plus you can leave it on
if you have a tow vehicle. You can watch your tow vehicle as well. Down below here we’ve got our
5,000 pound receiver hitch. If you want to tow a vehicle,
a boat or a utility trailer. We also have our seven pin
connector for connecting it up. The Mercedes Benz has a 15,250 pound GCWR. So that minus your wet weight is how much you can tow, so up to 5,000 pounds on a Mercedes Benz chassis. We also have a great
option on all Unity models and that is the exterior ladder. Two piece exterior ladder. This part comes out of here, we can just hook it onto here. This way nobody can get onto your roof ’cause they don’t have the
extension for the ladder. And speaking of the roof, let’s go up and have a look. So we’re up on the roof
of the Unity Island Bed. All Unity roofs are the
same, all vacuum bonded, fiber glass flex roof, two
pound density quality stiren, aluminum welded framing. It’s super strong as you can see. We’ve got some great features up here. If you look at every single
screw head on this roof, it’s completely sealed. No open exposed screw heads on this roof. As you can see it’s super, super strong and this is why a Unity is a Unity. We’re over on the driver’s side. Once again our beautiful
pass through storage. That’s incredible. Let’s have a look at our
outside service center. Once again our full fiber
glass compartment doors. Twos struts so it’s not
going to fall and hurt me when I’m working down underneath here. We’ve got our winterizing
bypass valve right here. Cable connection, satellite
if you have a portable satellite dish, we’re also
pre wired for satellite dish. Over her we’ve got our
exterior shower, hot and cold running water, very smart. We also have a nice little
pick up for RV antifreeze for winterizing or if you’re a dry camper, you want to put fresh water in your tank you can suck up the fresh
water out of a water container and put it into your fresh water tank, that’s very cool. Because we’ve got our
water pump switch here, just turn that on and
it’ll suck up that water or that antifreeze through the lines. So when you want to fill
up your fresh water tank or you’re hooking up to shore water, you run the hose through
here, it plugs into there and then you can actually close this down and not have it exposed
so that’s very smart. The water pump switch, very nice there. Also propane switch for turning
your propane off and on. We have 15 gallons of propane. Sometimes you go on
ferries, or through tunnels you have to turn it off. Or when you’re filling it
up at a service center, you want to make sure
that the propane is off. Right here we’ve got
our block water flush. I want to flush and clean
up my black water tank you always want to make
sure that you’ve got the black tank open. You wanna make sure that
your sewer hose is connected and you’re into a sewer area
and then turn on the water. It’ll wash out the black
water tank and goes down into the sewer. And right here, this is our propane fill so you would go to our
certified propane filler and they would fill up your propane tank. And then down below here
we’ve got our black tank and our gray tank, so we
always dump our black first and then our gray. And here is your dump area. You hook up your blue hose
here and you would then dump your tank. We also have a great option
called the macerator pump. So you can actually dump your tanks. It’s already connected. It can actually dump uphill. It runs on 12 volt. Beautiful little survey center, everything is right here. We have our beautiful sexy
frame less glass windows, awning style which means they open up so it could be pouring rain outside and you don’t have to
worry about getting any water inside the motor home. But those are beautiful. Once again our beautiful curved
body, three coats of color two coats of clear, looks great. The aluminum rims. Our short connection,
30 amp short connection. Also standard in all 2019 is
the Truma AquaGo Comfort Plus hot water heater. This is the best instant hot water heater on the marketplace. It has a one liter reserve
tank that stays nice and warm on Comfort Plus. When you turn it on, it
uses up that one liter of hot water. By the time that one liter is used up, the heat exchanges are
super hot and you have continuous hot water. It is the best hot water
heater on the marketplace and it’s standard on all Unity models. I mean we haven’t had a crazy
amount of exterior storage with the pass through
the back, look at this. Two more storage bins. That is incredible. Plus we always include the three inch sewer hose dump station. But look at the storage
space that you have. Once again, built in
struts, fiber glass doors. Look how beautiful they come. Underneath the chassis is
that nice arrow dynamic look and you can see they lock right in place. Now that is some serious storage. You’re going to love this feature. This is our diesel fill. It’s integrated into the body. You can close the door
so no diesel fuel smell goes into the motor home, fill it up here and then of course it locks in place. This is a great little
feature you can actually bring the mirrors in. We’re seven 10 exterior width. What a great amount of exterior storage, stilts, small, big city
life, out in Alaska, you can take it anywhere you want. I think you’re going to
absolutely love the Unity IB. What a beautiful floor
plan, private bedroom area, full-time made bed,
beautiful private bathroom, macerator toilet, lots of
storage, walk around island bed, nice big galley, very
flexible area up front. And we’re going to take this little baby out for a little drive. Hey Dean Leisure vans. Go see your local Leisure
travel Vans dealer, take one of these beauties
out for a test drive, you’re going to absolutely love it. Go get yourself a Leisure Travel Van, Dean from Leisure Travel Vans. You can configure your
Leisure Travel Van today. We have built in price, you
can compare floor plans, you can pick colors of
exterior, interior wood colors, leather colors, plus you
can pick all the options and you can price it out and know exactly what you’re getting in
your Leisure Travel Van.

100 thoughts on “2019 Unity Island Bed

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