Right now, Cadillac only offers one three-row
SUV, the Escalade. While the Escalade is an
undeniable cultural phenomenon, it is also an
undeniable behemoth. Can Cadillac capture
some of that magic in their new
six-passenger three-row SUV, the 2020 Cadillac XT6? Will this be a
Less-calade or just less? Hey, my boss says that if
we get enough subscribers, I’m not allowed to pun anymore. So make sure to hit that button. The XT6 may be smaller
than the Escalade, but its dimensions
compare favorably to other competitors
in its class, like our current top-ranked,
midsize, three-row, luxury SUV, the Audi Q7. In fact, the XT6 claims a little
bit more third-row passenger space than the Q7. To find that extra
room, Cadillac had to raid the trunk, though. With the third row up, the
XT6 has a relatively small 12.6 cubic feet of space. Fold down the
power-folding third row and the remote-folding
second row, and you open up a
pretty impressive 78.7 cubic feet of space. Th0- XT6 relies on the same
310-horsepower, naturally aspirated V6 that you’ll
find in the smaller XT5. Fortunately, Cadillac replaced
the less-than-stellar 8-speed automatic transmission from the
XT5 with a 9-speed automatic. We’ve had a chance to
drive Cadillac’s 9-speed in other vehicles, and we
find it pretty well-behaved, especially when it’s got a
little extra power behind it. [MUSIC PLAYING] Cadillac has packed almost
all of the technology features they
offer into the XT6. You’ll find
everything you expect, like smartphone integration,
driver aides and active safety features, GM’s camera-based,
rear-view mirror. You’ll even find an optional
night vision camera system. The 8-inch touchscreen
infotainment system gets the knob-based
secondary input that I had mixed
feelings about back when I got to try it out in the XT4. Hey, you should
check out that video. Fortunately,
Cadillac says they’ve made some functional
improvements that should make it a little
more intuitive to use. Right now, it looks like at
launch, Super Cruise will not be available on the XT6. However, Cadillac
says they will be rolling out Super Cruise
across their model lineup soon. Towing is rated at
4,000 pounds, and you get some neat towing aids, like
a trailer hitch camera view. However, 4,000 pounds is at
the lower end of the spectrum, with competitors like
the Land Rover Discovery claiming thousands more
max towing capacity. We don’t have pricing
information yet. But stay tuned to Edmunds
for more news about the 2020 Cadillac XT6 as we approach
its planned spring launch. For all our coverage, from
the Detroit Auto Show, make sure to check out
edmunds.com/roadnoise. And stay tuned right here
to our YouTube channel for more videos like this.

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