2020 Ford F-250 Super Duty: All the Unexpected Results, New Changes & First Thoughts

to the Arizona desert. I’m Travis Langness
for edmunds.com. And behind me is
the 2020 Ford Super Duty, the F-250 in this case. This is one of three
heavy duty trucks on the market that have
been completely redesigned in the last few years. Now, while this one hasn’t
been overhauled nearly as much as the Ram and the
Chevy models have, there’s some pretty
significant updates. We’re going to be getting
in a few trucks today, see the different trim
levels, and the whole lineup to see what this new Ford
Super Duty is all about. What do you get on the
inside of the F-250? Well, you get
pretty much the same you get as Ford’s full
size offering, the F-150. The steering wheel’s the same. The controls are the same. The dashboard looks the same. You get the same
Ford Sync screen. A lot of space
here in the center console, just like you would
get in any full size truck. And that’s great, because those
full size trucks these days are super comfortable. And if you’re used
to one of those, you’re upgrading to
something bigger, you want a familiar layout. You want something
you’re used to that won’t take forever to learn. Now, some of the
controls are kind of hidden away here over on
the side, hard to reach. But there’s good visibility
here, just like the F-150. There’s this little
dip down so you can see the big tow mirrors. That’s especially
helpful when you’ve got a big trailer behind you. But everything comes
to hand pretty easily. And the small
upgrades are things that really only the heavy duty
owners are going to notice, things like the Trailer
Backup Assist knob here that was previously
only on the F-150. It’s also nice to have
things like adjustable pedals and a tilt and telescoping
steering wheel. That’s a leg up that Ford
has on the competition. And really, this is
a premium interior. If you’re in the back of a crew
cab heavy duty pickup truck and you need more legroom, you
should try out for the NBA. This is a really spacious area,
and all the stuff back here feels nice. Good seat material. It’s soft enough to sit
on for a long road trip. Plenty of space underneath the
front seat to put your feet. And there’s lots of
cup holder space. There’s USB-A and USB-C
ports, a 110 plug, and heated outboard seats. This is as luxurious as any
Mercedes was 10 years ago. So this is the inside of
the 2020 Ford Super Duty. Now, that means the
250 and the 350, those are included
in Super Duty. But what we’re driving right
now is the 250 Super Duty 4 by 4 with the 6.7-liter
turbo diesel engine. Now, that is an optional engine. The base motor still is 6.2
with a six-speed transmission. But this vehicle gets the
new 10-speed automatic, as does the other optional
engine in this lineup, the 7.3-liter V8. That’s 7.3-liter V8. And that is the third
engine in the lineup. It also gets the
10-speed automatic. That is the biggest
motor you can buy. Sure, there’s the
Bugatti Chiron, which has more displacement
and twice the cylinders, but 7.3 liters, there’s
nothing else short of a W16 that you can get that’s
larger on the market. Now, strangely enough, that
7.3-liter engine has less power and less torque than
this turbo diesel. I guess the torque part
is not that surprising. But this 6.7-liter
engine has the diesel. It has 475 horsepower and
1,050 pound-feet of torque. 1-0-5-0, that’s four
digits of torque. This is more torque than
anything Ford’s ever made. Thankfully, it shows up
in places like towing and in payload. Those are all improved. I mean, if you’re looking at
like an F-450 with that engine, now you can tow 37,000
pounds with that. Really, it’s out of the
realm of anything people are going to tow
on a normal basis. While the 7.3 liter
has 430 horsepower and 475 pound-foot of torque. Now, that’s not anything
that to shake a fist at, but it’s not nearly as
much as this diesel one. Of the two, the diesel
is what I prefer. It’s the one that
gets more range. You’ve got more towing power. And it’s going to be a little
bit less expensive to fill up. So what else is different
about this vehicle? Well, on the inside, it feels
pretty similar to an F-150. Sure, it’s a little bumpier on
the highway and a little bit louder. But you’re really familiar
with all of the switch gear. Everything on the inside
feels relatively premium. Pickup trucks, especially
heavy duty pickup trucks, have been getting better
and better at this stuff. You can go on long road
trips without getting tired. Put down hundreds, if
not thousands of miles without getting road fatigue. And you’ve got all the creature
comforts you want, especially on the top trim levels– stuff like ventilated and heated
seats, a heated steering wheel. It’s really easy to drive
over long distances. You might know the
Ford F-150 Raptor for its off-road prowess. And what Ford has done to
their Super Duty trucks is add the trimmer
trim to that lineup. It’s basically an
off-road package that you can add to
multiple trim levels. And it’s a lifted ride
height, wheels and tires, the option even for an
integrated front winch. And what it does is
increase this vehicle’s off-road capability. Now, I wouldn’t take
something as large as an F-250 on the Rubicon. It’s something that’s more
for deep mud ruts and kind of splashing through water. Although, it does
have a new rock crawl mode, which is
pretty impressive, and significant
suspension articulation. Now, they did have to mess
with some of the sway bar stuff up front, but the truck hasn’t
lost any towing or hauling capability as a result. One of the big improvements on
the Heavy Duty Ford this year is the addition of the
Pro Trailer Backup Assist. So what that does is it allows
me to steer the vehicle using this little knob as opposed
to the steering wheel based on where I want
the trailer to go, not based on where I
want the truck to go. That came up from the F-150
to the heavy duties this year, and it’s a game changer. It’s a really cool
feature, especially when you’re towing a 42-foot
trailer and you’ve got to back it into
a parking spot. So we’ve spent plenty of
time on the road in the F-250 with nothing behind
it and nothing in the bed, which is not what
most heavy duty pickup truck drivers do most of the time. You don’t buy these like
you do with a full size or a midsize pickup
truck for the image. This is for the work. This is a workhorse. And this vehicle
is meant to tow. The F-250 properly equipped
can tow 20,000 pounds. That’s quite a lot. Matter of fact, that’s
so much that if you’re towing that much, you need a
commercial driver’s license for that kind of towing. But what I’ve got behind
me now is 11,000 pounds, a big long trailer. And we went up the mountain. We’re going back
down the mountain. And this feels really
a lot more effortless than I thought it would. Modern heavy duty trucks do
most of the work for you. You know, they do the braking
and the throttle work for you. They’ve got smart
computers for shifting. We’re in tow haul right now. And it knows to hold
before it shifts, not shift early and give
you a struggle up the hill. Really, when it comes to the
towing stuff, this is a breeze. The last generation
of this truck was not bad at this either. And what we’re getting is
evolutions on really impressive technology. That’s the all new 2020
Ford Super Duty, the F-250 and the F-350. It’s not completely redesigned,
but it’s got big updates– the new power trains under the
hood, the new interior tech, the new towing technology, and
the cool new off-road package. Is all that enough to keep
up with the redesigned Ram and Chevy products
that it competes with? Yeah, I think so. This was already an
impressive truck. And what Ford has done is just
breathed on it a little bit, made it slightly
better, and addressed some of the issues we had
with last year’s model. We can’t wait to get the Ford
Super Duty into the Edmunds offices and put it through
our full series of tests and put it head to head
against the Ram and the Chevy. But for more information on
the Ford and all of its rivals, go to edmunds.com, and be sure
to subscribe to our YouTube channel.

35 thoughts on “2020 Ford F-250 Super Duty: All the Unexpected Results, New Changes & First Thoughts

  1. Ford needs to bring back the Manual shift on the floor four wheel drive system. Not everyone likes the electric shift on the fly they only offering now in the 2020 models.

  2. I wanna touch base on what you said at 3:57…It may get a little better gas mileage than the 6.2L or 7.3L gas engines, but it's gonna A LOT of fill ups to make up the difference of the extra $10,000 it cost to purchase the diesel and that goes without mention the fact that you can change the oil on a gas engine for $50 to $80 which is a lot cheaper than the several hundred dollars a diesel oil change will cost you.

  3. If you are planning to tow trailer, you should know how to backup a trailer as well. All these gimmicks and gadgets for backing up a trailer is really unnecessary, your skills will diminish over time depending on techs.

  4. The torque this thing puts down is incredible and the range on the 250 is almost 700 miles per tank. This will be my next truck

  5. Unless you're going to regularly tow very heavy loads, stick with the gasoline engine. Cheaper to buy, cheaper to maintain, and likely to be more reliable. Repairs on a diesel engine can be extremely expensive. And don't forget the difference in price in a simple oil change. And the fuel filters on a diesel are extremely expensive

  6. Sorry not the most torque Ford has ever had.

    The 1996 Ford Aeromax had a Cat. 3406 893ci that had 1,650 lb⋅ft of torque.

  7. The Fast Lane Truck tested the new Ford 7.3 liter V8 over an 800 mile road trip and averaged just under 15 mpg with basically the entire trip being driven on the freeway in an empty truck. The truck was a 2020 F-250 Crew Cab 4×4 with the 7.3 liter V8 and 4.30 rear axle ratio. They did a similar test in a truck with the 3.55 gear ratio and averaged about 1 mpg better on the highway. Personally I was expecting slightly better results than what they got. I would have thought they would have gotten 17 or 18 mpg on the highway with an unloaded truck but I guess the new 7.3 liter V8 is thirstier than I thought.

  8. If I’m not mistaken you do lose towing capacity by selecting the Tremor package versus the same truck without the package.

  9. you can tell he is in Cali because he mentions diesel being cheaper to fill up, only place I know where gas is close to $5/gal and diesel is in the $3's

  10. That steering knob for the trailer is the worst thing in full size trucks. 1 it lets someone who shouldn't be towing think they can tow. 2 if you tow all the time you don't need it because you can back up your trailer already.

  11. If you are towing on a weekly or daily basis get the diesel, if you are towing once a month get the 7.3 gas. If you buy just to brag about torque than the diesel wins that game. Buy just what you need not what others think you need.

  12. It's the same cab, it's the chassis n other heavy duty suspension ford is not gonna make two different dashboards for 150/250 series or even 350 series ????

  13. Hey great review doesn’t look at all like the other dozen that are on the Internet😂 mama blah blah blah . There’s one thing you didn’t answer why is Ram up 18% In sales which is a ridiculously huge number, well I’ll tell people why since you’ve been bought off my Ford. The power stroke is an expensive to maintain engine and if it breaks your bank breaks With it! anybody can work on and under under a ram Cummins and fix anything without lifting the cab off 😂 fraud is just trying to keep up and they don’t have the truck/Engine to do it with. it would be nice if you/ someone could do a real world review not the quote I got bought off by Ford review”. There are guys out there hotspotting with these trucks and the maintenance is off-the-wall expensive especially when they break down which is often send plenty in the truck stops with a Hood opeand a service truck next to it and a tow truck in front of it.. that’s a real world review.

  14. It's important to clarify the following statements of yours: "… the SuperDuty is a harsher riding version of the F-150 …" => there is a harsher ride because it is more HD and has heavier springs to enable it to carry and pull more weight; this is normal, the ride will be better under load. "… The 6.7L diesel is cheaper to fill up … " => The 6.7L can be cheaper to fill in IN STATES where diesel costs are low, otherwise paying $10,000 extra for the diesel motor may not be worth it. The 7.3L may be better off road because the engine is lighter and that makes the vehicle more agile / maneuverable.

  15. you mentioned that a person needs a commercial drivers license for 20K. Towing a trailer for non-commercial usage still require a CDL????

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