2020 Hyundai Venue First Look Debut

little cutie behind me is the 2020 Hyundai Venue. And it is on the opposite end of
the spectrum from the big eight passenger Palisade that
Hyundai recently introduced. That’s to say its
new compact SUV, even smaller than the
Kona, to round out Hyundai’s SUV offerings. Hyundai says that it wants
the Venue to appeal to people who are buying a car
for the first time, younger buyers, folks
who live in the city, wants the car to seem
attainable, and sassy, cool. It kind of reminds
me a little bit of the Nissan Kicks with
the optional two tone roof and the small footprint. But it has a boxier appearance,
more like a big SUV, and I think that gives
it a distinctive look for a compact SUV. I’m still trying to decide how
I feel about Hyundai’s grills, they are distinctive. But one thing I’m
wholeheartedly in favor of is Hyundai’s lighting design. The boxy square headlights
and tail lights on the Venue look great– really cool, really
unique– two thumbs up. I have a lot more to
tell you about the Venue, but before I do
head over to Edmunds because we can help you with
all your car shopping needs. Performance options
for the Venue are easy because there
really aren’t any. There is only one engine,
a 1.6 liter four-cylinder, although there are
two transmissions, a six-speed manual
or a CVT automatic. Car’s only available
in front wheel drive, so your decision’s made. Hyundai is predicting
about 33 miles per gallon and the engines
making 121 horsepower, so we’re not expecting
a rocket ship. What the Venue lacks in
performance bragging rights, it makes up for in
interior and tech. Let’s check it out. [MUSIC PLAYING] We have entered the Venue. There’s so many good jokes
to be made in the name, but I’m not going
to make any of them. I’m going to talk
about the interior because it’s really nice. Hyundai does a great
job with interiors. They’re always subtle and airy. They give you the impression
of a lot of space. It’s like whoever
designs the interiors has a really good idea of when to
stop, when to let it breathe. The only complaint that I have
about the interior in the Venue is that there isn’t more of it. And, by that, I mean it’s
really small in here. It’s nice up here
in the front seat, but I wouldn’t want to put
any big friends in the back. And, well, there is clever
storage in the cargo area, there isn’t a whole lot of it. With the seats down,
it’s only 31.9 cubic feet and there are other small SUVs
is in the class that offer you a lot more than that. But let’s talk about
tech, because Hyundai’s very generous with their
technology in their cars. There’s a digital dash,
there’s an 8-inch screen. It’s Android and Apple friendly,
has all of the expected technology, plus
additional stuff like lane keep assist and a
drowsy driver warning, so you won’t fall
asleep behind the wheel. All of the controls in the
cockpit are clearly labeled, nicely laid out, it’s not
busy, everything makes sense. I really like it. It would be a fun
car to drive around. With a small SUV there
are always compromises, but for the Venue it
looks like the pros are going to outweigh the cons. You can be sure that as
soon as it hits the streets, Edmunds is going to
get behind the wheel and give you a full report. [MUSIC PLAYING]

31 thoughts on “2020 Hyundai Venue First Look Debut

  1. I like the look of the Venue and am surprised by the nice interior. Nice MPG too. If the prices hold at under $25K, I can see it selling well.

  2. Excellent review. The Venue is a nice little vehicle. I am glad they gave it a rugged handsome look. Some manufacturers go for a silly cartoon face: a joker's smile, an angry bird, an unhappy guppy, or a frog with constipation. Hyundai got this one just right. It looks like a substantial vehicle, not like a cartoon character.

  3. This is a small vehicle, if the interior is too small then get something else. Wish the Venue was an inch or two narrower like a true sub-compact vehicle so it fits better in tight parking spots.

  4. This might be my new future car next year I’m 19 I have a job so this vehicle looks like it would be cheap maybe we’ll see.

  5. The market price for the automatic model from base trim of soul and kona are similar (~19k). So I am not sure how much Venue is going to be priced at without hurting their own sales, especially 2020 Soul is a new generation. The timing does not seem right.

    I am going for the Honda Fit anyway. It has 52ft^2 when the 2nd row seat is down and $2k cheaper. That's 20ft^2 more than that in Venue.

  6. This car was designed for the Indian market which has a weird tax structure which incentivizes sub-4meter vehicles.

  7. Looks like a new version of a model Hyundai already has in other parts of the world: The Creta!
    Nice, well equipped small CUV, not SUV!

  8. Excellent looking car. Sure it's small but I'm sure the price tag is also small since it will be categorized under the Kona. Great job Hyundai!

  9. HUN DAY. NOT HUN DIE. See automakers in America probably are not inclined to hear the word "DIE" in their brand. The rest of the world rolls with HUN DIE. North America? Not so much.

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