2020 Ram 1500 EcoDiesel Review ― Beefed-Up Diesel Power & Towing

first came with an EcoDiesel V6 engine back in 2014. We rushed right
out and bought one. And over the next 22 months,
we put over 50,000 miles on that truck. We loved every one of them. Then, just over a year ago,
the truck was fully redesigned. But there was one thing missing,
and that was the EcoDiesel V6 engine. This year, it’s
back, and they say it has more towing capacity,
more torque, and better fuel economy. So there’s one question–
does this new EcoDiesel engine in this truck that we
love make a great combination? We’re about to find out. But before we do that
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next time you’re ready to buy a car or truck. We’ve made no bones
about how much we like the Ram 1500’s interior. And this Rebel is no exception. The Rebel’s color scheme
is definitely darker than our Laramie, for example. But it’s every bit as nice. This particular one has a couple
of option packages, the center console which has all these
great compartments and just all kinds of storage options. But the big thing is
the 12-inch touchscreen. All the controls are
right where you need them, and everything looks really
high quality, really nice finishes everywhere. You know, this truck has
a great driving position. The seats are comfortable. They adjust in a lot of ways. The telescopic steering wheel
has plenty of adjustment range. So yeah, this is just a
great place to spend time. I’m a big fan of the Ram
1500 Crew Cab’s backseat. I mean, look at
all this leg room. I’m 6 foot 2, this is
set where I like it, and I’ve got plenty
of room back here. And parents should know
that the Ram 1500 Crew Cab has three sets
of latch anchors back here, not just two. So you can put car seats in
any seat position you want. The only thing that
would make it better is the reclining seat mechanism
that the Laramie and up have. But I’ll take it. This is a really nice
place to spend time. [MUSIC PLAYING] Right now I’m in
a Ram 1500 Rebel. And we’re in a Rebel because,
well, for one, it’s cool. For two, it’s an
offroad package, and I’m a sucker for those. But also they’ve actually
given this trim a lot of love this year. For one, the EcoDiesel engine
is available in this truck. This new version
of the EcoDiesel makes more power and
torque than it did before. And its torque rating
of 480 pound feet is actually the most of any
of the small diesels that are out there right now. The Chevy Silverado’s straight 6
makes a little more horsepower, but this makes more torque. And that’s more important
as far as I’m concerned. It’s got an 8-speed
transmission, where the other two have 10 speeds. But this transmission’s
always felt like it just had the right number of
gears and the right sort of shift intelligence
to use them wisely. And that seems to be
the case here as well. I got no complaints at all. The truck we’re in has
coil spring suspension. There’s an optional
air suspension that used to be
standard in the Rebel, but they’ve decided
to go the other way. Coil spring suspension is
standard, air is optional. And I actually like it that way
because coil spring suspension is great off road, but it also
delivers a smooth ride on road. The standard axle ratio
in this truck is a 3.21. And that will deliver
the best fuel economy. We don’t know what the
rated fuel economy is. All they’ve said so far is that
with the optional 33-gallon tank, it should have
enough fuel on board to go from Duluth
to Dallas, which is 1089 miles, which would
be 33 miles per gallon on the highway. Now, nothing’s confirmed,
but that’s the boast that they made. Now, the optional
axle ratio is a 392. And you’ll want that if you
want to higher tow rating. But the highest tow rating
requires a max tow package, which is more than just
the 392 axle ratio. It’s also a heavier axle
overall, stiffer rear springs, a bigger rear stabilizer
bar, and other small tweaks. And that will get you the
advertised maximum tow rating of 12,560 pounds. It’s available in the Tradesman
or the Big Horn, which is known as the Lone Star in Texas. But that’s OK, because if you go
to a Ford and look for a diesel there, you can’t get the
diesel with their lower trims. And the same is true
of the Chevrolet, you can’t get it in their Trail
Boss, which is like the Rebel. And the low price custom, they
won’t sell it there, either. So Ram has a couple
of advantages. You can get the EcoDiesel
across the range. How much does it cost? A Tradesman Quad Cab 4
by 2 with the EcoDiesel costs just over $38,500
with Destination included. And that’s a bargain compared
to the lowest-price Ford F-150 with a diesel, which
is well into the 40s, because they don’t offer this
engine with their work truck. Chevy doesn’t offer their
diesel in a work truck either, but we don’t know what that
means in terms of base price because they haven’t
released pricing details yet. Not only is the ride
smooth, it’s quiet in here. I mean, you can tell
you’re driving a diesel, but not really until
you lay into it. They’ve done a lot
of things to make this version of the EcoDiesel
quieter than before, and it’s really paid off. Ram introduced a multifunction
tailgate, which is interesting. It’s split 60-40, and it
opens like barn doors. And the upshot is, if
you want a bed step, you can open the 60%
side, step on the bumper, and use the closed
side as a grab handle, kind of like Ford’s bed
step, and just hop right in. Or if you want to
open both sides, you can lean
further into the bed to get to big, heavy items
that are up near the cab. It’s an interesting solution. I’m not convinced yet, just
because I haven’t actually used it in the real world. I’ve only demoed it. But it is interesting when
you think of the multifunction tailgate that GMC just offered. It seems like we’ve got a
new tailgate war starting up. The Rebel 1500 is an
interesting trim level. Because it’s not just
an offroad package. I mean, it doesn’t
beat you up at all. It sits up an inch higher,
and you have a locking diff and Bilstein shock absorbers. Those things are all
great– knobby tires too, and kind of a front end with
a better approach angle. All of that is great,
but it’s also a truck you can drive every day. The ride is really nice. The tires make a
little more noise than the other tires on the
other versions of this truck, but it’s not way out
of the ballpark at all. It’s got some kind
of, like, presence. I don’t know, it’s cool. Now that we’ve driven
the Ram 1500 EcoDiesel, we can confirm that the
extra power and torque is something you can feel in
regular driving, every day. And the 8-speed
automatic transmission is just as smart as ever. As for that monster tow
rating, it certainly is an impressive
number, but you can only get it in a couple of
specific trim levels. Overall, it would be hard
for me to choose this truck in any other powertrain. Click Subscribe for
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36 thoughts on “2020 Ram 1500 EcoDiesel Review ― Beefed-Up Diesel Power & Towing

  1. fucking smelly shity poisonous black smoking diesel,i hate hate hate sooooo much,breathing that smoke on the road. 🦖💨 💩💨🚗💨 ☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️ I WANT TO BREATHE CLEAN AIR

  2. It’s so fun to see all the car reviewers releasing the same videos at the same time because Ram paid them to produce them. 👏🏼

  3. I like this truck and glad Ram added it back to the lineup. Tailgates on trucks are getting nicer and more functional.

  4. Wow so cheap in USA, US38k is A$56k, which is the price of the ford ranger XLT but the V8 Ram is sold for over A$120k . Ridiculously expensive!! I assume this Model will be dearer being a diesel!

  5. ok whats so high about the 12inch screen, whats it working purpose of a work truck , thats your opinion torgue is what get u going but bhp is what keep u going in the high gears

  6. More towing capacity without more load capacity.
    So at max trailer weight, it can't handle the minimum associated toungue weight.
    I'd like to buy one but my 9K trailer has more tongue weight than it can handle. Ram needs to upgrade its max tow so it can handle closer to 2K load capactiy.
    Oh and an 8' box with quad cab would be nice.

  7. Do you know what would make the perfect truck for me? RAM designed with Toyota build quality. Personally, I’ve been disappointed with FCA. That RAM truck though is impressive new.

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