21 lbs (9.5 kg) of applesauce??? Can I eat it all???  How much is too much?

[Music] ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba notorious nation today we have a capacity video I’ve had to mix it up on my channel I try to do a chug video a speed video one-minute video restaurant challenge restaurant buffet Buster but today we’re gonna do a capacity at home today we picked 21 pounds of food to one that’s three but twelve 121 pounds or almost nine and a half kilograms of food wheat and apple sauce so I have seven jars three pounds each let’s go get set up and see what I can eat Darrin yeah I got you now I can’t believe you did this video six months ago yeah sounds familiar I’m like oh no I didn’t bother researching this one whatsoever because I think I’m probably gonna do 15 did this 217 pounds and I said I’ll just do 21 cuz it sounds pretty cool and and I’ll just stop and out you know subtract out and see what I actually got to but I didn’t know you did 21 yeah Wow so we have on the phone here this is Darrin number two at Nathan’s this year incredible eater alright guys so we changed the video up a little bit it turns out my buddy Darren actually did this video six months ago using pretty much identical setup I’m doing right now seven three pound containers so it’s a lot of volume this guy again was second at the Nathan’s contest this year incredible eater I’m gonna link his video in my description below this is so not a collaboration it’s a total coincidence and I’m in a facebook group chat where I actually posted I was going to be filming this and he said well it sounds familiar so now I know why it sounds so you have the seven sealed jars and a scale behind me Dawei whatever I’ve left over to see how much I ate and the clock is just to show that I’m doing it in real time there’s there’s no real time here try to get it done in a reasonable amount of time I’m gonna spend like 45 minutes trying to do this so hopefully I can drink them and if not I’ll pour me a bowl back there and spoon them out here we go [Music] I don’t Bowl you turn these ups like that one I’m doing get the rest out [Music] cool [Music] hello everyone to my capacity video the reason I’m calling this a capacity video is because I’m trying to see how much stomach capacity I have today the current training live on that which is not training at all just filming videos and keeping my capacity up through eating a lot at restaurants so food I picked is applesauce of course because this is the truest measure of a capacity something that you don’t really have to drink liquids for because the liquids are throwing off your actual measurement and the applesauce kind of fills your stomach up like a water would and you can see how much you can hold at one time I had no idea though when I was doing this that applesauce would be this difficult to do I’ve never tried applesauce before and it weighs really heavy in the stomach it just sits there like a brick kind of crazy because it seems liquidy but it just I don’t know get it out it’s really bother me this is like working my stomach right now [Music] make sure you check out Darrin’s video and linked in the description below to see how he did with the 21 pounds of applesauce and I want to give a shout out to not a brat who was last week’s Easter egg winner he gets a POV sticker sent out to him or her as well for the easter egg in this video it’s gonna be a picture of another competitive eater not branded on the cups he’s there every week this is a different even noted in the comments below but please I can’t take an edited comment because I can’t tell when the comment was edited thanks again and I’ll see you again soon [Music] oh my goodness [Music] maybe I get the foot down I’m not even 12 pounds yet [Music] we’re surprisingly alive in there [Music] oh come on [Music] at least a pound [Music] doing it [Music] okay I finished this will be 15 welcome eat McDonald’s hamburgers already [Music] there’s a lot in here [Music] with 15 pounds I want to try for more with it [Music] this is Wayne so heathering out [Music] oh my goodness feels like an hour six minutes [Music] [Music] it’s another vowel right [Music] this is the Harleys [Music] Oh all right that’s 18 pounds I’m gonna call today not getting the 21 thanks everybody for watching I’ll see you guys again soon [Music]

94 thoughts on “21 lbs (9.5 kg) of applesauce??? Can I eat it all??? How much is too much?

  1. I wonder if chugging directly from the jars made it more difficult for you, since you might have taken in more air. Great video as always!

  2. ? There is a shortage On Apples in the Usa.. Please Be Advised and Thank and Old man who Decided to Tie on On and Show us whos Boss.

  3. This was amazing!! I don’t think I’ve eaten 18lbs of applesauce combine my whole life… your capacity and ability to keep pace is about the best I’ve seen ever.. great job B.O.B. !!!! Now don’t forget to take the family apple picking as it’s the season ?…. I can’t wait to see what you do for Halloween and the holidays ??!!

  4. Trying and not giving up your a legand Notorious B.O.B. and I still love the logos on the cups lol. I can't remember if I have tried apple sauce or not I can't remember lol. Awesome job taking that much apple sauce down town. You are truly Notorious! It was cool seeing Darron in a picture and phone on your video. I liked the beginning of the song a lot it just makes it feel more exiting and hard challenge to do. That much apple sauce dang and congratulations. Hope you have a great day! Disposal Team!!! And Notorious B.O.B. Team!!!!! ?⭐?⭐?⭐?⭐???⭐??⭐??⭐??⭐??⭐?

  5. BOB must of Been that kid in elementary school that ate all the other kids applesauce they didn't want.

  6. My man……hey ur style is the best swag ever…..i just love ur videos…..ur style has grown on me so much…..there is only one bob ? ur the coolest professional eater I'll give u and beard that one for sure. ??

  7. Nice plug for Darron and those logos on those cups are on point. Gr8 job on this video and switchin' it up

  8. 18lbs … amazing! I’m not prone to swearing Bob, but every time I see a notification for your channel I’m like “holy sh*t, he’s at it again” ?

  9. bob you are a love, the desire to carry you on your lap, I love to watch your videos, congratulations you are great kisses

  10. I saw Beard! Barely though! Ive been wanting to do an applesauce chug forever, but now my attempt will look silly, lol. Great job B.O.B.!

  11. Holy crap 1 of those jars last me 1 week. And this guy just cleared the entire shelf. Good job mate ??. Love and respect from mexico ??

  12. The apple is an amazing thing, say you feel hungry you take three cookies and you still feel hungry and you will come back for more you snack on a apple and do you go back for another one, most of the the answer is no??

  13. This reminds me of the time when I ordered a quarter pounder meal from McDonald’s and they accidentally gave me a double quarter pounder meal.

  14. Hey Bob! Anyway 8.2Kg is amazing! I met you through the Corbucci channel, very nice the collaborations between you. Apple sauce doesn't exist here, would that be salty or sweet? Is it different from jelly? Hugs from Brazil.

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