25 Amazing Things To Do in Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok, Thailand, is a fascinating southeast
Asian city that offers something amusing for everyone. Sometimes referred to as the Big Mango, Bangkok
is an important international hub, and the home of over 12 million residents. This video includes twenty five of the best
things to do in Bangkok – so let’s jump right in and get started exploring this magical,
tasty and diverse city. Number one is wang lang market which is located
adjacent to Siriraj hospital. There’s a stall that makes deep fried bite sized pieces
of pork that will literally melt in your mouth. Khanom tungtag is another famous treat at
Wang Lang Market. Number two is the gigantic Chatuchak Weekend
Market. Including over five thousand permanent stores, and if you count the makeshift stalls
and hawkers around the market, the number of vendors is closer to fifteen thousand,
making Chatuchak the largest market in Thailand. Number three is Klong Toey Market, the fresh
food breadbasket of Bangkok. The biggest, most bustling fresh wet market in central
Bangkok, and lots of food to buy here, we’re going to check this out. The entire repertoire
of Thai cooking ingredients are available at klong toey, including a few interesting
and extremely exotic foods if you look in the right places. Number four is to visit a floating market
– and there are a few that set up on the weekends just on the outskirts of town. I’m here at
the talad nam bang nam pheung which is a local little floating market. Though Bangkok floating
markets are a little Thai touristy, they are a great place to spend a day of leisure browsing
and eating wonderful food. It’s kind of like a sweet tomato juice, maybe with a little
bit of papaya mixed in, that’s what it tastes like, pretty good. Number five is Pratunam market. Bangkok’s
Prtunam market which is one of the busiest wholesale markets in Bangkok. Shopping is
often a major component of any visit to Bangkok and Pratunam market specializes in wholesale
clothing. Number six is MBK shopping center, a mega
mall that’s literally a country in and of itself. Electronics, clothes, souvenirs, and
a huge food court on the sixth floor are a few of the draws. Number seven is or tor kor market, a high
quality fresh market that caters to the upperclass. The aisles are wide and clean and the produce
is nothing but the finest. There’s also a great selection of hawker stalls serving
delicious food. Bangkok’s Dusit Zoo is number eight. I’m
here today at Bangkok’s dusit zoo, which is the central zoo of the city. In case there
are any lions or tigers that decide to escape, there’s a good selection of street food
right outside the gates of the Dusit Zoo to distract them as you run for your life. Number nine on the list is Lumpini Park, located
just north of the Silom district. Surrounded by tall buildings, this is like a sanctuary
of greenness in the middle. It’s great if you want to go jogging, but I’m not here to
jog today, I’m just taking stroll and eating ice cream. Lumpini Park is a natural escape
from the fast pace of Bangkok, it’s a sanctuary where crows and monitor lizards reside. Don’t
miss the evening public aerobic dance sessions. Getting a Thai massage is number ten. You
cannot visit Bangkok without indulging in a traditional Thai massage. I can already
feel my body rejuvenating. I’m going to take a quick nap. A Thai massage can actually be
quite painful, but keep in mind that you can always ask the masseuse to take it easy on
you. Number eleven is the Grand Palace and Wat
Phra Kaew located in the heart of Bangkok. I’m standing outside Bangkok’s grand palace
and wat phra knew which is one of the most famous attractions in all of Bangkok. I went
there a couple years ago so I’m not going to go in today, but definitely if you come
to Bangkok, you’ve got to check out the grand palace and wat phra knew. It’s one of the
most revered sites in all of Thailand and one of the most iconic landmarks in Bangkok.
If a tuk tuk driver approaches you and tells you the palace is closed for the day, it’s
probably a scam, and instead walk yourself to the main entrance gate to get in. So, I’m going to enter the reclining Buddha.
Just behind the Grand Palace is number twelve, Wat Pho, home of the golden reclining Buddha.
Wat Pho is also famous as being the birthplace of the Thai traditional massage. Number thirteen is Wat Arun, the temple of
dawn. So it costs just three baht to cross of the Chao Phraya river, and we’re heading
over to wat arun, which is one of the coolest temples in all of Bangkok. The fine sculpture
details and the steep climb to the top level of the temple, are a few of the main highlights
of visiting Wat Arun. It’s definitely not for you if you’re afraid of heights, because
it’s almost like climbing up a ladder, but the view from up here is great. Number fourteen is Wat Saket, also known as
the Golden Mountain. Wat Saket which is also known as pu khao tong, which is the golden
mountain, Bangkok’s golden mountain. The three hundred and eighteen stairs to the top takes
just five to ten minutes to climb, and your effort is rewarded with fantastic panoramic
views of Bangkok. Number fifteen is the Erawan Museum, famous
for its three headed elephant. Within the three headed elephant is an impressive museum
while the beautiful gardens that surround the complex are neatly manicured and make
a perfect place to take a peaceful stroll. Number sixteen is the Vimanmek Mansion. It’s
the world’s largest golden teak mansion. Unfortunately they don’t allow photography inside, but we
can get some photos from the outside. I just finished the tour, it took about thirty minutes,
and it’s really cool inside, impressive to see. For nightlife, shopping, and restaurants,
Khao San Road is number seventeen. I am on Khao San Road which is the center of backpacking
here in Bangkok, Thailand. Victory Monument in Bangkok, Thailand. At
number nineteen is Victory Monument. And since it’s a transportation hub of Bangkok, the
roundabout is full of shopping, food, and entertainment. Don’t skip a meal at boat
noodle alley, a collection of canal side restaurants next to Victory Monument that serve bowls
of pure porky delight. Number twenty is durian fruit. While its shell
is spiky and intimidating its flesh is sweet like nectar and creamy like butter. A durian
is a fruit like no other, a unique and sensational flavor and texture that should be experienced
by anyone that visits Bangkok. While some dislike the pungent smell or the pudding texture,
in my opinion, a durian is the absolute heaven on earth. Thai street food and home style restaurants
is number twenty one. Fresh herbs, spicy chillies, zesty lime juice and a host of tropical fruits
and vegetables all combine to make Thai food intensely appetizing. Rated as one of the
top cities in the world for dining, Bangkok’s food reputation won’t let you down. Fancy
sit down restaurants are great, but in my opinion it’s the street side stalls and the
family run hole in the walls that serve the best Thai cuisine. A Thai feasting experience
will thrill your taste buds and keep a smile on your face. One way to bring home the wonderful array
of Thai flavors is by signing up for a Thai cooking class, which comes in at number twenty
two. There are a number of different choices from professional cooking schools to motherly
style home cooking courses. Often a cooking course will include a visit to a local wet
market followed by preparing a set menu of a number of different dishes. Don’t worry,
you’ll get to eat what you cook too! This is the flavor that will give us the deliciousness
of this green curry we’re about to cook. I’m at the market, I’m going to get some of this
stuff. Number twenty three, located near Yaowarat
Chinatown is Pahurat, a little slice of India in the heart of Bangkok. Fabric and clothing,
chai and chapatis, are all available in this concentrated area of merchants. I go to explore
the mixture of cultures, and or course to eat Indian, Bangladeshi and Burmese cuisine.
First dip it into the sauce, give me a plate of this and I’m happy. The historical pak klong talad, or Bangkok
central flower market is number twenty four. I am at Bangkok’s pak klong talad, which is
the famous flower market. People come to purchase flowers for everything from gifts for their
special loved ones to flowers with religious and cultural significance. The sea of brightly
colorful flowers in mesmerizing. Finally at number twenty five is Yaowarat,
Bangkok’s bustling, and always energetic Chinatown. Gold stores, lottery ticket vendors,
Chinese medicine dealers, and exotic food markets all add to the mix. When evening in
Yaowarat falls, street food and seafood restaurants take over and don’t stop serving until the
wee hours of the night. This is called kuay jab, and it’s in a soup made from all things
pig. Sampeng Market also located in Yaowarat, is an intensely busy shoppers paradise that
includes an unfathomable range of knick knacks. So whether you choose to go on a shopping
rampage, a street food pilgrimage, a peaceful temple visit, or a cultural museum trip, there’s
no doubt that the steamy hot capital of Thailand has it all. Hey everyone, it’s Mark Wiens here, Thank
you so much for watching that video, and if you enjoyed it, please remember to give it
a quick thumbs up, and also leave a comment right below to let me know what you think
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