hi everyone so I’m pretty sure you
clicked on this because of the title of the video and not because you know I am
but… you know what I did so um yeah. Hi guys, so my name is Maria I’m 18 years old this is my water fasting journey so a little bit about myself: I’m a junior in
college, my life is crazy I have a lot of things to do, I’m really busy and I weigh
186 pounds my weight-loss goal is to weigh somewhere like in the 140s I do
suffer from PCOS I’m a pre-diabetic. there’s a lot of
things in my diet that aren’t beneficial to my condition. I lack self-control
and (hope that) the water fast in a way is going to serve as an incentive for me to
control myself and to kind of abstain from eating things that are bad for my
body. (I’m) looking forward to this weight-loss journey let’s see where it takes me. I do
feel hunger a lot, however, yesterday was a lot more difficult since I was at
work and work with food… I smell it and I really wanted to like eat but I thank
God I just decided not to like I think hopefully now is like I can actually
stick to this and meet my goal because I’m just really tired of looking
like this so yeah…does anyone see me looking skinny here? please say yes because if not, I’m gonna quit. I’m twenty two days away from the end of my fast, so I’m not
necessarily excited right now. I it just feels like it’s gonna take so
long for me to finish this. Hey so it’s me
you know you begin to realize how much you harm yourself, and the impact of
your own decisions on your own life… I don’t think I hold myself accountable
for a lot of the things that I do there’s a lot of things…a lot of emotions that I haven’t resolved. (You) shove everything push it somewhere where
you don’t really get think about it that often. I guess it doesn’t really matter
how much you change yourself from the outside as long as you’re still yourself
on the inside and there’s a lot of things you haven’t resolved yet, then
those things are going to keep affecting you no matter what. I guess it’s a bit
sad but it is what it is… Hi guys! today is February 16. I weigh 162 pounds now
that means I’ve had a total weight loss of 24 pounds so far (and) this is what I
look like! I lost I lost a good amount get amount of weight, basically a whole
pant size.. I have a little sheet of paper explaining my plans after my fast.
so on day one I’m just gonna base it off just eating watermelon, drinking water and
also adding coconut water. On day two, same thing
watermelon, water and coconut water Now for day 3, I am going to incorporate watermelon
papaya water
water’s optional, it truly depends on what I’m feeling like eating, it’ll
probably just be watermelon. I love watermelon so much!
I can’t believe I’ve actually come this far and let’s just see where life takes us
bye guys I’ve been listening to Levi the poet
again and if guys don’t know who he is, he’s probably the best… what could what
can I call him? a poet / lyricist. I’ve found a lot of
solace in his words… I do have to admit that my life has not been as hard as his,
I have not experienced what he has and I thank God every day for giving me
enough strength to deal with with the few problems that I do have. Hi guys! It’s me again
{obviously} I was never able to adhere to any diet but there’s something
about this year in general that made me realize that I’m just so tired
of living the way that I used to and got tired of feeling bad about myself
and more than anything I got tired of feeling sorry for myself over things
that I could change… it’s day 21 of my water fast, I’m really tired. I just got
home from school, I’m running on (like) minimal sleep…probably three hours. I weigh
157 lbs, I’m far too tired and I’m just going to sleep it off Hey so there’s a fan in the back. it’s
hot in my room, so ya girl had to do it. It’s day 24 of my Water fast (if I’m not mistaken)
I want to give up like I think at this point it’s not even
about me being lazy… I’ve been laying in bed basically all day and this whole
week has kind of been like that. I have my midterms next week I really wanted to
finish this, but I probably wouldn’t be able to given my
schedule and all the things that I have to do in my personal life. At this point
I just feel really exhausted of course I’ll eat tomorrow… hi guys so
today’s officially my last day of my water fast, I’ve stayed at 156lbs for like
four days now and I doubt I’m going to lose anything after this, so I just decided to
end it. (But) I just wanted to get my full benefits from the fast, but I just
realized I was going to be unable to keep on pursuing my fast because not only are my
midterms coming up, I’m also starting my new job so I need another alternate
form of energy aka regular food. I’m really excited and
I’m really proud of myself, I can’t believe I actually did this like there’s a
significant difference… I’m just sitting here like damn, I did that! like I said
I’m not done yet this is not the end and all it’s not yet
healed. I have a long ways to go. I’m gonna break my water fast with watermelon
(like everyone does) but I love watermelons!! see you guys my next weight loss video! I’m eating pomegranate by the way, so I hope you guys don’t mind. I embarked on a 25 water…well it was actually supposed to be a 28 day… challenge…it was a challenge more or
less, but it ended up being probably one of the most emotionally and physically
draining things that I’ve ever done in my 18 years of life. Granted, I have not
lived that long. I’ve been struggling with being overweight and at risk of
getting type 2 diabetes, I have PCOS and I also take birth control to
regulate my hormones. Not only that, I was also taking metformin just to
regulate my insulin. That wasn’t helping, I got to the point where I had
such a negative reaction to my metformin that I started to throw up .
I would always be nauseous and annoyed and it kind of just became one of those
things where it was like I didn’t want to lose weight so I never um I
didn”t take it seriously. I kept gaining weight and but whenever I was
told like, “hey girl, you weigh 186.” I was shocked and I actually
couldn’t believe I let myself go, technically I was fourteen pounds away from hitting
200 lbs and it was so humiliating to see myself this way. So I had been looking at
water fasting for a really long time but I never actually did anything to water
fasts and I’d look at it and say “oh, okay. nice.” There are so many health benefits
to it, if you look into it it’s not just about losing the weight, it’s a mental
challenge between me myself and I. It’s something where I’m telling myself that I
have to control what I eat I have to control the way that I view
food and I have to stop seeing it as a way to get comfort because believe it or
not, a girl like me obviously sought food for comfort. So on January 31st,
I started officially and I told myself you’re gonna do it! Like you have to..and
I did. I water fasted from January 31st until February 25th, which
was 25 days. I do miss regular food. I’m not gonna lie, I’m Mexican, I live in a
Mexican household. We have amazing cuisine
that’s what made me fat (lol) but I’ve decided to leave all that and actually I’m
pursuing probably going raw, like raw vegan or maybe not go that extreme and
just eat a whole lot cleaner. I decided to change the way I live my life because
I’m not done losing weight, I’m still well, I’m going to start working out. If you guys
are pursuing or are looking into water fasting, I hope that you guys consider it,
but also be mindful of the many challenges that come as a result. I was a…well, I’m a full-time student. I also work so I dealt with all of that and I
had to get up every morning at 5:30 I have classes back to back
so I have five classes a day, so my classes would start at eight and
would end at 4:00 p.m, but I had to just get to school fast because of
traffic and my commute is pretty long but here I am !! A success story, I don’t know
what else to talk about

100 thoughts on “25 DAY WATER FAST RESULTS | I lost 30 POUNDS in 25 DAYS VLOG

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    Thats it , i am doing it rn i am on day 2 from 20 😁

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