2500 km with the Honda Civic Type R [EN Subs]

Hello, I’m the Honda Civic Type R But not any, since it is signed by Jean Graton, father of the very famous Michel Vaillant That you most certainly already know Just like this Honda Civic Type R That I don’t have to introduce anymore That I also begin to know a little bit by the way from our 1st test on the Slovakiaring to our truth test on the Autobahn and the big piece of fun we had at Clastre for the HEM I’m starting to know her a little bit… But what I did not know and I really wanted to figure out Was her ability to travel long distances For a week end for example, leave on a whim With someone who has absolutely nothing to do with Cars. And her ability to cope with daily traffic or traffic congestion in Paris This is what I suggest you to discover right away For the 24h of Le Mans and the Goodwood Festival of Speed Honda and the Jean Graton Foundation, had the brilliant idea To build an impressive art car This masterpiece on wheels, features nicely the artstrip Michel Vaillant Which very appropriate title is… FLATOUT Between museum and circuit, it was hard to choose where to stage this adult toy Le Centre Pompidou and the Art school of Metz were the theater of very well curious glances from a scholarly and enthusiastic audience. While for the circuit, it is near Reims and in the Rillettes land that we teleported ourselves To take down the 2000 km of road that awaited us No way to wipe out the stunning Civic aerodynamics To fit the two bikes, we opted for a load Which is not without reminding us of those practiced in my very regretted Ghetto Concerto And here we are, on the Circuit of Reims Gueux, the first stage of our journey. Why ? Because it is a monument of the French motorsport With its two 2.2 km straight lines, you could reach here average speeds of 220 km/h Moreover this record is from Jack Brabham he got it in 1966 driving his Brabham at the F1 GP he won just like the F2 race he also won, but driving his Brabham, powered by … Honda! And 1966 for him it was also an incredible year in the sense that he won the F1 world championship in front of Ferrari who called him “Garagista” At the wheel of a car of his making that bore his name. And that, will never happen again, imagine Verstappen wining at the wheel of a Verstappen car ? It’s unthinkable And you may not have seen it, but I brought back some Champagne! Why ? Because it was here in 1950 that we introduced the tradition of Champagne But not this tradition… this one arrived later at Le Mans, and we will see it later. Paris ! Paris the overrated, its traffic its pavement and its bikers as a bike commuter I always check my mirrors, but I must recon the blind-spot device is a great help for our nerves when they are a bit too much used Talking about solicitation, our back has been well undermined by the Parisian paving stones, Despite the adaptive damping that did its best to mask the sporting pretensions of the Type R That said, a brief passage in + R mode will reminds you that actually it’s not so bad … Sport ? Our ears have been rocked along the way In addition to the intake air recirculation sound The vocalizations of the stainless steel exhaust magnified by the folding benches Shone at each clutch pedal move during start-stop procedures It immediately made me think about the Spoon CR-Z review by Mr Pepino. Speaking about clutch, the latter offers a feeling that is not without reminding us of the first hydraulic systems of the brand. For a vintage touch that is not to displease us Which will not however be the taste of the weakest calves Like any good petrol engine coupled with a well-geared transmission The K20C1 allows you to cruiser between 1000 and 1500 rpm However, it will be necessary to demote a couple of gears to extract yourself from a delicate situation That is, in these circumstances, in normal mode The snail is as reactive as its sea counterpart in Sponge Bob Square pants… And here we are we arrived at the last stage of the journey On the legendary Le Mans 24h track I must reckon It’s always a special thing to be here, it’s impressive In the sense that it is a truly mythical race and which holds me to heart I wanted to come back with you on the 1995 edition Why 1995 ? Because if you are a Japanese motorsport enthusiasts like me. There is a good chance that this edition interests you quite a lot. Actually, it was one of the years where the average speed was the lowest 104.39 MPH To find such a low average speed, you have to go back to 1956! It’s amazing ! The reason is simple, this edition was one of the rainiest in the history of Le Mans. Returning to our Japanese. Why this edition was particularly interesting? Not content with fighting on their own territory The Japanese decided to come and fight in the Sarthe circuit on an international level. They had all armed themselves to the teeth (LOL?!) With GT1’s, it was the top of the class at the time. R33 GTR LM Supra SARD LM A private team backed by the factory (Toyota) Turbo NSX lengthwise engine And also with a GT2 NA GT2 with the famous traverse C30A And in your opinion who won this edition of the 24h of Le Mans? Not Nissan, not Toyota and not Honda ! Finally it’s Honda, but not with the one you think Honda’s GT1’s had troubles, an accident for one, and the other had a transmission failure. The Nissan Skyline, transmission failure as well. The SARD Supra had huge aerodynamics issues with the flat panel, brake and balance issues, a disaster And in fact the one that has done well it’s the GT2 NSX, NA Despite its late pitlane start due to small last minute problems. It leaved the pits 6 laps after the start. To finish at the head of GT2 class. and 8th overall ! Astonishing ! Driver ? You know them, at least one, Keiichi Tsuchiya Who managed to make the #84 till the head of the GT2 class For the Japanese motorsport enthusiasts the overall winner is the Kokusai Kaihatsu Racing McLaren F1 Sponsored by a clinic from Tokyo specialised in the penis enlargement. A Reims I left you on a small touch of drink And we return to the 24h of Le Mans to explain the tradition about “poping the Champagne” This is not from Reims, Reims just introduced the Champagne on the podium, becoming a tradition from 1950 It’s was only in the 24 Hours of Le Mans when the officials stored the bottles under the sun (in 1966). It built some foam And that accidentally, the winner of this edition made pop the champagne And this is the year after, when another of my idols Dan Gurney after winning Le Mans, took it as a tradition. This one is for the circuit of the 24h of Le Mans, the legend Et voilà, we just have to finish our trip, of course, don’t drink while driving, this one will leave its contents here See you soon for other adventures ! it’s about…3:26 am we still have 124 miles to make. we had to make a little stop I do not hide it, I am in full form And when we are in a hurry and happy to arrive, it turns out that… the great Windows from the station decided to make its update during 20minuts. Which was not really cool actually there’s Fanny (not A fanny) I will pick up the receipt Still 124 miles to do Hold on you Otaku ! Can you see this ? How the air flow keep attached ! It’s beautiful ! It is really well engineered… And here we come to Plumieux for the object of our journey The first gentlemen organized by the five-time French Cycling champion Audrey Cordon Ragot After a reconnaissance session in our own way It was time to start No pressure, casual as hell The two 9.8 km laps wrapped and many sausage patties later We had a well-earned rest before heading to the way back to home. The best news of the day, finding some SP98 while having 1.24 miles autonomy. It is by the small roads and a changing weather that we join the Mt St Michel In the Civic Type R, the danger of rain is not necessarily where it is believed The grip under these conditions remains quite correct The danger comes from the rearview where the aerodynamic brooms orchestrated by the impressive wing hase something fascinating if not hypnotizing, It is not without reminding us the sheaves of water raised by racecars… or it’s just me actually… An omelette too slobbery later, it was already time to leave Again by the small roads, where I could again, see the rigour of the stiff damping. Disciplined adult and responsible, in the speed limits, You will be shaken like a plum At speeds that will relieve you of a few points on your license and many € … The Type R is much more comfortable As if the suspension had been programmed to excel only at a sustained rhyme If you get pulled over, the tell the police that it’s because of the damping ! Its rigorous chassis allows you to leap from one curve to another at indescribable speeds And this without any apprehension a confidence we find again opening the throttle thanks to the mechanical LSD Which transmits the torque avalanche to the ground without flinching Behaviour side, do not try to engage it as you used to with a CRX At the risk of finding yourself with an understeer, or on violent oversteer, whose ESP will make the catch up weird not to say random. It is however possible to give it a little bit af angle at the corner entry But the timing between under and oversteers is extremely reduced Would this be the consequences of a relentless pursuit of the record on a German track? Certainly ! At high speed in long corners, this behavior coupled with a very advanced aero Results in an extremely reassuring car to drive at speeds that would send you directly to jail And it is certainly there, one of the most impressive points of the Civic Type R I had the opportunity to put the wheels of the FK2 Type R on my favourite country roads The sensations are simply amazing It’s just like you were driving your favourite playground in fast forward ! And this, once again, with disconcerting ease! With all the abuses I have just enumerated, let us talk about annoying subjects… Fuel consumption. It’s not that bad! Do not rely on the 28.8MPG displayed It does not reflect at all what one is able to expect from the Civic Type R Having in mind that it is necessary to take advantage of this kind of car, expect you rather a You can expect a consumption of the order of 37.6 MPG To conclude, if the Civic Type R does not offer the convenience of a GT, She has at least the performances! In addition, it benefits from a formidable load capacity, Enabling you to make the most of your weekend, and your track-days. What could be better ? Maybe, a computer much more intuitive… There’s a big disgust who just threw his cigarette butt “Cleaness and Service” Ok, so the guys from ONET cleanliness and service swing their cigarette butts like big dirty

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  1. Pas le même genre de Civic que celle qu'on connaît !
    Plusieurs années que je te voie au Classic days, (et que je t'entends 😉 ), et cette année, j'y aurais enfin accès (bon, seulement pour la parade mais quand même 😀 )! J'espère qu'on pourra s'y rencontrer !
    Toujours au top les vidéos 🙂

  2. Super sympa cette vidéo ! Je t'ai découvert grâce à la chaîne Car Throttle et leur petit "reportage" sur toi. J'aime vraiment ce que tu fais, tu gagnes un abonné !
    PS : c'est quoi la marque du sweat que tu as à partir de 2:33 ? J'adore !

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