27-Year-Old Admits Drinking Up To A Liter Of Vodka Per Day

at my Pecos drinking a liter of vodka a day because I don’t like the person I see in the mirror Nichole’s issues are not just with alcohol nicole suffers from multiple eating disorders nicole has even caught herself and used other forms of self-harm when I was 13 I started cutting and greasing myself I would hit myself with a hammer or screwdriver or face it was my first way to escape my emotional pain and depression I stopped hurting myself when I was 20 and then focused on excessive exercise if I couldn’t work out I’d have full-blown panic attacks Nicole confessed that she was purging up to 20 times a day but the thing that caused me the most pain my dad called me lazy and fat I’ll never forget it broke my heart there was something that Nicole said this morning in the car on the way back to the studio that I want you to look at and respond to because I don’t know her yet so I want you to talk about it take a look [Music] from dead [Music] what are they talking about you’d have to ask Nicole and Michelle because there’s been no violence she’s saying you don’t know about it I had to bear the brunt of it bear the brunt of what I please ask mr. Nicol in Michelle

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