279,784 miles in any Tesla – Impossible!

like I says this work from Tesla owners us and today are gonna show you how to accumulate a lot of miles on your Tesla’s one time reporter from their speaker magazine challenged me and he said this is impossible so basically you said I’m lying but now I’ll give you the proof of a lot of miles on Tesla’s and watch [Music] [Music] sure you’re all cars and accumulate the mileage of these cars so that’s my roast our roadster and you will think that has the most mileage and actually it does not have the most mileage but let me show you how much mileage it has to see the match on the most Lord ster is click on that and then vehicle model and then you see Tesla 2011 Tesla Roadster and assembled December 21st 2010 in Menlo Park California so see on our lower right screen and you can even look what the mileage is by fuel saved so you see – is total miles driven 90 mm zero six gasoline saved six thousand one hundred thirty-four between 20 through barrels and that’s a gasoline based on Lamborghini Gallardo that’s about the same performance at this car and exit at roadster is 19 2002 as you can see my own shadow okay the last pictures of the car and from here you can see not yet yet it’s charging now that’s great and on the mileage on the snow tire you can see thirty eight thousand seven hundred forty two youngest one in the family and that’s mostly out in rental that is from winter my company so that means other people helped me with the mileage for sure and I tell my customers this also says runs from sulla you don’t have to charge it up because my photovoltaic system P will take care of that so let’s check the miles of this one and how you check that is put the finger on the Tesla T and you see nine thousand one hundred seventy four then you swipe that up again nine thousand one hundred seventy four so that’s the youngest one that’s why it’s the motor X Hannity biggest battery package all the way just all around and then we got a check this car has how many March this car has this car was purchased spark bond for the company in October 2017 and we use it all for long trips that is very similar as the model three big screen press the T and then C nineteen nineteen thousand phone at sixty two last one third double signature black and Papa my wife’s car and we did a new front fascia on it from unplugged performance otherwise this number 315 would have been the old fish have old the old fascia we also did the tires and wheels the essence and the calibers also a proper and the wheels are black powder-coated so let’s check in the minors from this one and this is the wrister purple interior a double signature is because it is a double signature because of it on signature and it’s a signature itself as number 315 and let’s check here – signature 120 thousand four hundred [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music]

11 thoughts on “279,784 miles in any Tesla – Impossible!

  1. Awesome! I didn't know you have so many Teslas. I bought my Model S in 2014 and I have 193k miles on it. Still runs great. Teslas are made to last! Alles Gute. Ich hoffe es kommen noch viele Teslas dazu!

  2. Aaahhhh…. I was going to show this video to my wife because I thought that it was going to show 279,784 miles on a single Tesla. Another YouTuber showed a Tesla for sale with 400,000 miles on the single car! Here is the link to her video: https://youtu.be/G5t1YOHQhlc?t=390

  3. 300,000 miles is really not many miles. I have 2 Lexus, one with 400,000 miles and one with 300,000 miles, both are running strong. I have the Model 3 and have put 20,000 miles on it, it is still basically new. I honestly think ALL Teslas are built for a million miles.

  4. Tell Der Speigel to just drive up to Amersterdam and take any Tesla Taxi … most of them have an insane amount of kilometers. Here is one for sale that has 420,000kms – https://www.autoscout24.be/nl/aanbod/tesla-model-s-85-luchtvering-supercharge-elektrisch-wit-1370f97e-404c-c81a-e053-e350040aa3a8?cldtidx=11

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