29″ KING KONG Team Pizza Challenge!! (HW Final #9)

Hey everybody! This is Randy Santel, “Atlas” with Atlas & Zeus Promotions and proud owner of FoodChallenges.com. Definitely excited tonight, because this is going to be the last pizza that I have for quite a long time! It’s day 7 of Hell Week, challenge #2 of the day. We’ve done a great job on the last 8 pizzas we’ve done. They tried to kill us over in Toledo’s this morning, but we were able to beat that one, becoming the first team. We are in Sandusky, Ohio at Chet & Matt’s, taking on the 29″ King Kong Pizza Challenge It looks delicious! Can’t believe I still want pizza, but after looking at this I’m very very excited to be eating it! We got 30 minutes to finish, we had to go with two toppings. We’ve got onions on all of it and then for my half I’ve got ham, and he’s got tomatoes We’ve got 30 minutes. If we finish we’re going to get the $40 pizza for free, sweet shirts, $100 cash and we’ll get a gift certificate another pizza to be used later. Let’s get it started The current record is exactly 15 minutes. We’ve already got 8 records from this week so lets go for #9! One, two, three! 6:15 – I’m done with most of my crust pieces, now it’s time to down all these middles That Rival’s pizza is kicking back. Still got over 4 minutes to beat the record. 15:40 – on our 9th challenge of the week we didn’t get the record. It’s been a very good week! We’ve eaten over 90 lbs of pizza in 7 days together. I’m probably not going to have pizza for a while. You? He’s ready for dessert. Delicious pizza! Loved the ham on the onions. Very good pizza! The owner said about 3000-4000 people have tried, so we’re one of 10 teams to win! and the #3 time. Awesome pizza! Going to get $100 cash, a coupon for another pizza, and also get shirts to add our collection. Best of all, it was our 13 collaboration food challenge win! So thank you to Chet & Matt’s for the awesome food challenge, thank you to Ramsey for being a very good partner for Hell Week. Nine challenges in seven days! Thank you guys for watching!

100 thoughts on “29″ KING KONG Team Pizza Challenge!! (HW Final #9)

  1. Poor ramsey, at the end of every video he's bursting to go throw it up, Randy is just like meh I don't have to eat till the next challenge

  2. PLEEEEASE FOR THE LOVE OF FUCK RANDY, STOP EATING THE OTHER DUDE'S PIZZA BACKWASH. Half of that stuff was in that guy's mouth and all over his greasy fingers.

  3. Hi Randy I am a big fan of yours and your eating challenges.Try to visit my country Philippines and do some Filipino dishes eating challenges.Thank you!

  4. Hi Randy I am a big fan of yours and your eating challenges.Try to visit my country Philippines and do some Filipino dishes eating challenges.Thank you!

  5. Hey Mr. Santel! IΒ΄m from Germany and watch your FC every Day! Awesome! Good Job! I visited Sandusky, Ohio twice in my Life! But not because of their Pizza! πŸ™‚ Cedar Point ruuuulz! πŸ™‚

  6. Hey Tandy big fan of yours and have you ever been to Memphis to the big foot lodge for the Sasquatch hamburger challenge

  7. Mantis tries to eat "fast" but ends up looking like a sloppy eater jamming all the pizza in his mouth with half of it coming right back out again and Randy eating his scraps is so gross. I get that you want to achieve the shortest time Randy but its disappointing watching you eat his scraps. Love your videos without Mantis nonetheless:)

  8. It's unfortunate that you weren't able to make it a clean sweep of challenge records but a win is a win! Congratulations! πŸ˜€

  9. The Mantiss always looks somewhat comatose. Is it a bit of weed to gain the appetite? Cannot believe you guys did two of these challenges in a single day – that is truly insane. Good job…now go sleep for a week. Eat an apple or perhaps an orange and hit the gym!

  10. Great idea, dude – yes – have a large glass of carbonation to bloat your innards even more. Hope you popped a few Aleve with your coffee the next morning – insufficient chewing makes for a most explosive end hahahaha

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