3 Best Tips for Running 100-Meter Dash | Sprinting

Hi my name is Shane Paul Neil from City Coach
Multisport. Today I’ll be talking about three tips to
train for the 100 meter dash. The 100 meter dash is all about the start. My first tip on working on the 100 meter dash
is to work on your start. Your block work as well as your reaction time
is very, very key. And this is where having a coach is very important,
so they can help you with your training overall in terms of making sure your form is correct
and making sure you’re getting the most out of your reaction time and your multiple drive
phases. I also recommend working out and training
in groups when it comes to the 100 meter dash. While it also helps build the camaraderie
and the team atmosphere, running side by side with somebody will surely help pull you along
in training as well, especially if you have some of your teammates who are slightly faster
than you. Keep in mind, if you’re the fastest out of
your group, it may be time for you to start looking to train with other people. The fastest person in the group generally
doesn’t get any better. Finally, weight training and conditioning
are going to be very, very key. Injuries such as pulled hamstrings, torn muscles,
and other muscular injuries are very common in the 100 meter dash just because of the
velocity and the stresses you are putting on your body. Making sure your body is well conditioned
will ensure that you avoid injury and help you be faster overall. Those are my three tips for running the 100
meter dash.

22 thoughts on “3 Best Tips for Running 100-Meter Dash | Sprinting

  1. I have two meets this week coming, Tuesday Thursday at Long Beach City College go Vikings. I'm 38 I have to say I possess confidence in my self. Training with Bayano Kamani has been interesting but not brutal. I have been focusing on just running and catching up to my team mates and I have done just that.  The 100 meter dash will give me the claim of attempting to be the fastest man on the planet at the tender age of 38 with room to improve on. Wish me luck as I have been viewing your videos for tips on sprinting.  Thank you.

  2. His hand movements are sort of diagonal but I read everywhere that hand movements should be as straight as possible with elbows at 90°..?

  3. his explaining about injurys but not a skills ..how to reach in time 1step in 100 mts so plz breifly we need

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