3 Best Tips for Running 200-Meter Dash | Sprinting

Hi. My name is Shane Paul Neil from Shamus Multisport. Today I’ll be talking about three tips to
win the 200 meter dash. My first tip to get very familiar with running
the curve. Because you’re starting on a curve, the
closest part of your race won’t be a straight line. Learning how to hug the inside of your lane,
lean properly and use the centrifugal force coming off the curve are going to be very
key to your success overall. My second tip is to begin working on your
cardiovascular. Because it’s a longer sprint, your lungs and
your cardiovascular health overall are going to be very important, especially coming towards
the end of the race. Running longer distances, 3, 4 and 500 meters
in your training will go a long way to ensure finishing strongly in the 200. My final tip goes back to the end of the race
and learning how to relax. One of the biggest issues sprinters have,
especially with longer sprints like the 200 or 400 meters, is relaxing at the finish as
things like lactic acid begin to set in. Understand that everybody else if feeling
the same way and that by relaxing and maintaining you running form, you’re more likely to finish
stronger than your competition. Those are three tips for running the 200 meter

33 thoughts on “3 Best Tips for Running 200-Meter Dash | Sprinting

  1. Hi. I'm a footballer (FUTBOL,soccer) player but in my school we do sprinting. I got 23.00(I think I got lower) and I'm 14 years old is that good.

  2. I am 13 and can run 200m in 26.5. Is this a good time? I am running in the national athletics championships in Birmingham.

  3. Hey, I'm 15 y/o and a freshman now, but last year when I was in grade 8 and 14 y/o, my best time for a 200m dash was a 23.3 second. I'm probably around a 22.5 or so now, is that good ?

  4. Hi please can I get a like as I'm really nervous for my 200m tommorow as I'm in the county championships representing my city and I don't even train 😶😒

  5. i got signed up for this event 4 days before a meet. i’m not a sprinter. i’ve never done track events, only field. does anyone have any tips?

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