3 Best Tips for Running 800-Meter Dash | Sprinting

Hi. My name is Shane Paul Neil from Seacoast Multisport
and I’ll be talking about three tips to run a better 800 meters. While 800 meters isn’t a sprint, it’s still
one of the premier races in track and field. If you’re looking into entering an 800 meters,
there are three tips I would highly recommend for you. One, get used to running longer distance in
your off season. Whether it’s a local 5K or a cross-country,
you’re going to need the stamina that those will bring you for when it’s time to compete
for the 800 meters. My second tip is to focus on your running
form. Because of the length of the 800 meters and
it’s grueling nature, running form is very, very key. Breakdowns in running form can be very common,
as well. You want to make sure that you’re doing running
drills so that you maintain your running form as much as possible, even through fatigue. My final tip for the 800 meters is practice
your 200. The final kick over the last 200 meters makes
or breaks the average 800 meters runner. Those are three tips for running a better
800 meters.

33 thoughts on “3 Best Tips for Running 800-Meter Dash | Sprinting

  1. my race is tommorow I'm so nervous just watched like 20 of these vids and I feel less nervous. Like if u think il do good at the 75000 metre race at my school?

  2. Wait, is it good if I kick at the 100 meter mark because I already know I have a good kick since I can't spring a 200 good.

  3. For the point on running form i'd say focus on it for the first lap ONLY. Once you hit the bell you are going to be dying and it's just about making it round with as much willpower as possible

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