3 KG ICE BIRYANI, SEER DRY FISH FRY & Green Chilli Eating Challenge | How to Make Pazhaya soru ?

Hi Foodies! Welcome to Saapattu Raman Already you watched our nalli biryani, chicken biryani , mutton biryani etc.. but today our traditional ice biryani(pazhaya soru, neeragaram) this is made from black kavuni rice dry fish fry shallots green chilli lemon pickle i’m going to eat new style sorry old style already we weighted it. it is 3 kg i’m going to try in america and canada half litre of fermented rice is more than 1000 rupees(15 dollars) it benefits are more than many thousands. they known our food values but we forget it. we went back of pizza burger and dosai but you guys must try this food this is black kavuni i prepared this rice in evening 5 o clock it is not hot now (9 PM) put it big bowl and mix a water and keep it for over night pour a water upto rice head crystal salt place it for more than 12 hours mix dry fish with masala Groundnut Oil it is fermented well smells good mom enough it is 3 KG everything is here let’s eat 5…4…3…2…1… Start first i will mix it don’t switch on i’m going to eat very fast Mom: eat it cleanly less salty so i add some more my all time favourite dish whenever i’m going to any function outside city i packed this rice in silver bowl. before going to function i will eat this rice and i will get inside first shallots next green chilli Mom: be careful it is more spicy nice spicy next lemon pickle now dry fish it is like normal fish seer dry fish it is more salty because it is dry fish now i’m going to drink sour taste is highlight in this fermented rice so many people won’t like sour taste but this sour taste is came from fermentation i completed successfully for me to complete this 3 Kg Fermented rice it took 6 minutes 26 seconds i forget side dish because of this taste. that much nice taste it is i took only 1 piece of dry fish i like this rice taste very much it is also called pazhaya soru, neeragram, zinc food and ice biryani in Tamil Nadu it is traditional food our Ancestors drink this in every morning 6 o clock after drinking this rice they are ready to go for farming but now it is different people like idly, dosai, and tiffin varieties now a days now youngster don’t know about this food before British came to India we follow this method after british arrival people likes tea, coffee, bread etc… and we to forget our native food now Americans and Canadian known its value and packed in tin and sell it in market traditional rice gives exact taste and it is good for health too but genetically modified not give us that much benefits. Canadians also use our traditional rice to make this food. after selling this food from canadians then our people to searched in google and found its benefits. it reduce wrinkles in skin. keep us young.that much power it contain we said how to make palaya soru? don’t mistake us it also have some procedure to make cook the rice before day 4 or 5 Pm and pour a water and salt in night and keep it for 15 to 16 hours it form good bacteria and it gives nice smell and taste so it will take more than 15 – 16 hours after 16 hours you feel the real taste. we added some side dish for it you don’t need to put it in fridge it will give chillness in normal itself. bacteria won’t form in fridge so keep it outside it is not only traditional food in Tamil Nadu. it also traditional food in kerala recently we read angovat temple in ancient time they to ate this food because our tamil kings build temple there that’s why it contains zinc, potassium, iron, minerals and vitamin B12 it all said by westerns after research. but our Ancestors eat this food daily. why i said this this much lengthy means it contains more health benefits comparing to tea and coffee. this food is more good for south Indian because of hot climate make this food for children make a habit to drink this magic food in future that child will be more stronger please like and comment kindly share this benefits with your friends and help this food to reach more Don’t forget to subscribe our channel Saapattu Raman and press the bell button until then bye from your’s Porchezhiyan Byee..!!!

100 thoughts on “3 KG ICE BIRYANI, SEER DRY FISH FRY & Green Chilli Eating Challenge | How to Make Pazhaya soru ?

  1. Really u r sapattu ramanay than.vayndukolai etratharku nandri,enoda adutha vayndukol 35 pacha mutta try pannunga sir

  2. Hi Sabri and uncle and the anty Salam to u from Dubai ??and I love ur videos and ur personality and ur whole family ? but where is subtitles I don't know what to say

  3. இந்த வீடியோவுக்கு மிக்க நன்றி ஐயா நாம் மறந்த உணவு நம் நாட்டின் பாரம்பரிய உணவு வகைகளை நினைவு கூறும் வகையில் அமைந்துள்ளது

  4. நீங்க ஏன் இடியாப்பம் challenge பன்னல இன்னும்.. I am waiting…. For that…..

  5. Try this challenge

    Fry the bread with Ghee
    Place tomato,Cucumber,Jam,more cheese,Egg between two bread

    Try more than 25-50… This will be challenging task ??

  6. நான் தினமும் சாப்பிடும் உணவில் கடைசியாக பழைய சோறும் சாப்பிடுகிறேன்

  7. நல்ல முயற்சி வாழ்த்துக்கள்.
    ஆதித் தமிழனின் உணவு பழைய சோறு ஆனால் பச்சை மிளகாய் அதில் சேராது. ஏன் என்று தெரிய மீதி தமிழர்கள் இங்கே கருத்திடுங்கள்….

  8. வாலகருவாடு இல்ல நெத்திலி கருவாடு வச்சிருந்தா இன்னும் தாறுமாறா இருந்திருக்கும்

  9. சில்வர் டப்பாவிலா ? சில்வர் கேத்தியலிலா??????

  10. அண்ணா நீங்க சாப்பிட்டத பார்க்கும் பொழுது எங்களுடைய அம்மா எங்களுக்கு ஒரு உருண்டை கஞ்சியையும் அதில் மேல் உப்புகண்டம் குத்தி வைத்து கொடுக்கும் ஞாபகம் வருகிறது. அந்த காலகட்டத்தை நினைவு படுத்தும் பொழுது கண்ணீர் வருகிறது. இந்த சுவை எங்கும் கிடைக்காது நன்றி…மேலும் உங்கள் அடுத்த பதிவில் கேப்பை உருண்டை நீர்மோர் கருவாட்டு வறுவல் …காத்து இருக்கிறேன்…
    By சபரீஸ்வரன்.

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