3 KG RICE & DRY FISH GRAVY EATING CHALLENGE | கருவாட்டு குழம்பு சாப்பிடும் போட்டி | Saapattu Raman |

Hi Foodies! Welcome To Our Channel Saapattu Raman. You People Gave Us Good Response For Mutton Biryani Video Which We Uploaded last. So Please Continue To Give a Big Support For Our Upcoming Videos Too. Bala Veera & Dhana Sekar Commented us to do 2.5 KG Rice & Dry Fish Gravy. But Today I’m Going To Do 3 KG White Rice & Dry Fish Gravy. This Video is For Dhana Sekar and Bala Veera. I took 3 KG Rice and dry fish gravy in tablet This is dry fish. lets start the challenge. Ready 3…..2…..1 Start…… Gravy is hot ! Gravy Smells Good. i’m going to eat. Its too spicy. if i can i will finish half plate. i can eat only 2.5KG Rice.Today, i can’t able to eat 3 KG. Rice is too hard to chew . I’m going to quite the challenge now. White rice is too hard today so i can’t able to eat. Today For me to eat 2.5KG rice & Dry Fish Gravy it take 9 mins 39 secs. You people too try this challenge in home and tell us your time. tell us your suggestions in comment box please like & share the video. Don’t forget subscribe our youtube channel SAAPATTU RAMAN.Bye……

100 thoughts on “3 KG RICE & DRY FISH GRAVY EATING CHALLENGE | கருவாட்டு குழம்பு சாப்பிடும் போட்டி | Saapattu Raman |

  1. i try using hand to eat curry and rice.it's really tast better than using spoon .I don't know what the reason why using hand will tast better than spoon when we eat curry and rice.=)

  2. அலோ நானே பெரியசாப்பாட்டுராமன் இதுமூனுகாலோரைஸ்ஔஇல்லை

  3. इस इंसान को इतना खाके देखकर मुझे ही अजीर्ण होने लगा

  4. உங்களுடைய வாய் திரக்கும் போது 😂😂திருச்சி சாரதாஸ் கடை கட்ட பைதான்😂😂 நினைவுக்கு வருகிறது .

  5. When Someone eats something makes people mouth watering But whenever I see your vedio I Will be Shocked sir ….I Could take Coaching from You

  6. این همه انسان گرسنه تو دنیا دارند از گرسنگی میمیرند. این کلیپ ها چه جذابیتهای داره؟ غیرازینکه همین آدمها خیلی زود دچار بیماریهای ناشی ازپرخوری میشن؟حتی دیدن اینهمه پرخوری حال آدمو بد میکنه. این چه معده ایه من نمیدانم.

  7. Eating like cow and killing himself by getting money from youtube there is lots of job to do and get money give thses food for people those how are on street sitting and not having food . Sorry for you man.

  8. Karuvatto kulampil saptinga ok sr supar neenga ennum koncham athikama sapitamutiyuma.
    unga fan kanmani Benglore

  9. Sir Ungalala mudinja 4 KG Old rice(பழைய சோறு)Sapttu kaatunga papom😎😎 Ethunaalum saapdalam ana ithu ungalala mudiyave mudiyaathunu nan adichu solluven
    Best of luck😎😎😍😍

  10. Super I love ur chennal….I met u and ur son on the road side in your land….I am pasumbalur…👌👌👌

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