I’m going to be a superscientist master [Music] so today we came to Akihabara which is one of the macker of super sized digits China – Wow so you went two hundred and thirty four point six pounds today what I lost once yes oh that [Music] so please today we are going to this restaurant three pouch snake I choose you [Music] go pokeball my god Wow I don’t even know what to see this is literally the biggest date I have ever seen in my life yes this tops everything I’ve seen in the States this is hands-down the biggest date I have ever seen in my life oh my God look how thick this is I don’t know if you guys realize this but just this piece alone is large enough to be at least one stake in and of itself I have this plus all of this this is easily the biggest thickest state I have ever had in my entire life this is nothing short of Awesome this oh my god this is so absolutely let’s try it with the sauce and crispy garlic sauce is amazing like seriously this sauce just absolutely makes this doesn’t she that right there [Music] what are you doing over there not another lunch the whole time yes I’m having the most delicious have for this date and it’s a normal size unlike the oysters in Olympia I’m fighting over here to eat this and you’re eating hamburger steak that’s nothing she’s a Pokemon [Music] I got a three pound steak oh my god now let’s see what you oh my god Krish you are 241 pounds now I got 7 pounds okay guys you guys like what you guys saw today remember to go write in the comments below

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