3 Year Crossfit Transformation

hello YouTube how’s it going so today I
want to talk about my CrossFit journey and where I began three years ago and
how I got started, basically it all started when I was running about 16
stone I was at my heaviest and I was kind of looking for something to do I
started to go on diets to lose weight which was good but I also needed to add
some sort of exercise in to help burn those calories a bit more so I basically
one day I took one of my cats to the vet with my wife and I noticed opposite vets
there was this CrossFit box and I didn’t know what CrossFit was at all I just saw
these people flipping tires and doing crazy pull-ups and I was just like I
want to join now I want to go in there so basically I went home after going to
the vets and my cat being okay I went home researched to CrossFit box
and then basically signed up and never looked back since
I didn’t pace myself very well at to start I always just kind of went for it
and then burnt myself out really quickly but I soon learned that I need to pace
myself a lot better and not burn out so much so if you’re looking to go to a
CrossFit box yourself I would highly recommend it a lot of people say you
does a lot of injuries we’ve been CrossFit but that’s only with the high
end athletes that try to push themselves more and more if you’re just looking to
sort of lose weight or gain more athletic ability and you’re not looking
to push yourself to that level then you’re definitely not gonna hurt
yourself or nowhere near as much as any other sport you would partake in and the
community is just incredible everyone just helps each other they will
kind of push each other through two workouts and give each other high-fives
and praises at the end and it doesn’t matter if it’s your first time it
doesn’t matter about your weight the size the way you look or anything like
that no one judges you just literally walk into a class get told what to do
and do that workout and basically a we’ll come in and they will look at your
abilities and assess what you can do yourself and then scale the work out as
needed so if you cant do proper pull-ups just yet they would scale it to jumping
pull-ups and they will set height which you can jump at it easily until you can
you know progress lower down to the floor and eventually do a pull-up if you
can’t do push-ups you go down onto your knees or use a box but like on the
opposite side so there’s not so much to push up on and there’s all kinds of ways
to scale a workout and coaches are there to make sure you scale correctly and
you’re not lifting too heavy or doing movement that you’re not supposed to be
doing at this time over the three years I’ve gained a lot of confidence I’ve
lost a lot of weight but regained that weight back on as muscle problem fat and
as you can see here this is my 3 year transformation and it’s just been
amazing the journey has been incredible the people have been incredible and just
everything about CrossFit has been absolutely incredible if you’re looking
to join the CrossFit box and you’re feeling kind of nervous find your local
one send a message on Facebook or email and Dell advised and hopefully be able
to offer you a free trial once you step in people will be very welcoming
they’re probably introduce themselves to you and try to make you feel really at
home and at ease with everything now which is always fantastic it’s like no
other gym basically so if you step into a gym people are just there doing your
own things they might look at you and I just carry on with their stuff or you
might take friend with you and you and your friend will do some workouts
together and that’d be pretty much it but across the box is just completely
different everyone’s day as a community I’m group together and help you out
whenever they can my three years with CrossFit has given
me a lot of confidence when I started I was very shy then we know who to talk to
or what to do and now I’m a lot more confidence I speak to a lot more people
and I’m a lot more open about myself and that’s why this year I’ve decided to
create a charity event for CrossFit and it will be a CrossFit workout every more
information down below we’re all donations will go to mine charity I’ve
also created my own merchandise and you can see it right here and if you want to
know more there be a link down inscription where you can purchase them
which would be greatly appreciated that’s pretty much it for this video and
if you enjoyed please give me a like feel free to comment down below and
subscribe to my channel if you want to see more and I will catch you guys later

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  1. Are you thinking of joining a Crossfit box? If so, let me know why you haven't done so already. If you have joined a Crossfit box, then please share your journey. I would love to hear more stories.

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