3000 Years Old CHINESE FORBIDDEN RICE & 1.5 KG AILA FISH EATING CHALLENGE | கானாகத்தே மீனு வாங்கி |

Hi Foodies! welcome to saapattu raman. Today i’m going to eat Aila fish(Kaangathae meen). In tamil one famous song is about this fish. and forbidden rice(black kavuni). Total 6 plate forbidden rice and 1.5 kg aila fish. my favourite honey is here, fish, rice, fish gravy,water. first, i start with fish. aila fish too much bones in this fish but the taste was super without bones this fish was too good i completed fish and i enter into my favourite rice. i tried aila fish for first time it was good in taste but bones….. i ate always fish with curd Go and get me the curd It is too spicy so i’m going to drink honey. i like curd and fish but my son and wife advise me to avoid that combo. Gravy super but….. i want curd please give me a curd this is not cow milk curd, this is goat milk curd. so many people don’t like this combo. but i love to eat this combo curd reduce spiciness in food. i need another plate of rice rice and goat milk curd super combo it almost 18 minutes, quick… again give me curd i love to eat rice with goat milk curd. i’m planning for 10 plate before because of that 1.5kg fish i’m going to stop at 6 plate. For me to eat this 6 plate forbidden rice and 1.5 KG aila fish it took 20 minutes 29 second. first i’m planned for 5 plates but i love the taste of goat milk curd so i ate again 1 plate. In food – black colour foods are healthy. This rice contains more antioxidant in olden days chinese kings having a habbit of eating this rice. they don’t allow normal people to eat this rice. that much worth for this rice. It control cancer and diabetes If diabetic patient take this rice for 6 months they will see the difference in sugar level. if you want to find good rice in shop. don’t worry i will give you an idea. go and ask shop owner like this – is this rice having worm? if shop owner said yes then it is good rice, if he said no it is chemical mixed rice. because worm know which one is good, which one is poison. kindly get a rice from well known shop or organic shop. Forbidden rice is really super. why i repeatedly saying means because i feel the taste. i want you people to feel the taste. again i’m saying forbidden rice is good for health this rice increase our life span. that’s why chinese king ate this rice. This rice is more than 3000 years old.it came from china to our country. Kindly like , comment and share the video. and subscribe our saapattu raman channel. don’t forget to click the bell button. until then bye from porcheliyan, bye….

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