326 Weight Loss I Lost 26 Pounds Plus 28 Years Insomnia is Gone FasterEFT

my name is Patricia I live in the South Falls but I have lived in London for 35 years and I got acquainted with EFT through a television program found out about faster EFT by googling EFT and came upon your website and at the time I wanted to lose weight found out you know if you had a video on how to lose weight and I found it I think it’s over 67 or 68 and I followed your tapping which was new to me and I realized I was a figure I had a bigger problem which was in in certain young I had not been able to sleep for 28 years when my father died so after one year I’m not sleeping at all I just started taking pills and so for 28 years you can take it now that meeting take his living pills for 28 years and it came to the point where 10 tablets would not do it I realized that my body was saying no it’s not the wrong bits or wrong ways not the Avenue you have to take so I I tried efg just watching you to my video faster EFT and said following what you said I had nothing else in mind and I had a breakthrough I realized that it was fair which was stopping me from sleeping which stemmed from the death of my father and I had a breakthrough I realized that by leaving me by my father dying it left me vulnerable and I realized that feeling of being vulnerable stem from childhood particular event happened and in fact was blaming him for not protecting me the fact that he died made it absolutely final he was no longer going to help me and that’s when I stopped TV and I think Happy’s breakthrough and tapping with your method and with you which I just met that day that afternoon in the south of house where I live I tried in the evening at night and worked I woke up about four o’clock and I said what worked for tomorrow night won’t work and I tried the following night and it worked in the third night I was yawning at ten o’clock I’m going to sleep with an Italian so I said to myself that’s mine and I’ve been watching your videos most afternoons and I’ve had other benefits I’ve lost 12 kilos I had a breakthrough I realized why I was pastoring compulsory eita and other benefits is that you know I can walk properly without having pain in my knees I’ve used faster eft of my mother and introduced faster her tiara to other people I have been attending of the EFT conference here when Daedric came up shared she saved me from feeling I don’t want to be there and she just said what I needed to hear just to lift my spirits she’s hopeful her heart and she let her love sprinkle and say forgiveness is about love it’s not about entertaining all your negative thinking and all your negative feelings it’s about love and a tree was really up to a point we love the way you know how to love actually my breakthrough was with my father as well as I told you and I didn’t know he loved me and watching one of your video I did flip the image and I realized it just adored me faster if Chico’s to the point unroot goes to the root of the problem and solve the problem without encountering faster eft and without encountering you i would still be struggling looking father for a way to get out of emotional trauma and i’ll still be looking you should google and type Robert Smith and find out all this video is there just a goldmine it’s just his generosity on sharing all these videos free of charge is just amazing really amazing and I am happy I’m very happy I’ve had so many breakthroughs it’s it’s quite amazing and breakthroughs about myself I’m worth it I’m good enough and and good take my life was good enough for you to speak to me absolutely I’m so proud of ya good thank you thank you thank you now we’re gonna have more people to you

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