3M Surface Capacitive Touch Systems | Digi-Key Daily

3M presents their SCT3250 series and SCT3250EX
series of Surface Capacitive Touch systems for fast, accurate, and reliable touch response
with operation unimpeded by on-screen contaminants. These two systems feature high-end optical
characteristics by reducing the effects of environmental glare in an all-glass, single
touch, and easy-to-integrate system solution. The SCT3250 system requires a controller and
also a cable to drive the touch sensor. The SCT3250EX system only requires the cable
for driving the touch sensor. Additional features include a 3.2 millimeter
all-glass solution, superior surface durability, high ESD performance, and others. Operating systems supported by these systems
include Windows, Linux, and Apple. Ideal applications include industrial devices,
gaming machines, information kiosks, ticketing systems, and other self-service systems.

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