Hi Youtube friends: It’s Lola from Lola’s Life Lesson. It is so early. All of my family members are still asleep. I think it’s probably about 5:00 in the morning here. So this video is about the dry fast. I’m going to be doing dry fasting. So if you’re interested in the topic keep on watching. If you’re new to my channel hit the subscribe button and click that notification bell for future videos. So, as you guys know, I quit the carnivore diet and I decided that I was going to be doing the carnivore diet for five days Monday to Friday and then on the weekends, I would allow carbs. Well, so I’ve been doing that. So I’ve been doing the five days of carnivore and then the weekend carbs but hasn’t been working out for me because I’ve been eating a little bit with too many carbs. So I’m doing great during the week with the carnivore diet stuff. Weekends have become a bit of a slippery slope for me because I’ve been eating too many carbs. Way too many carbs and as a result, I have gained some weight. I’ve gained back quite a bit of weight. More weight than I had when I started all of this carnivore diet journey, but hey that’s what it’s all about. This is an experiment. As you know, I’m no longer doing the diet. So carnivore diet. So I do not consider myself a carnivore by any means. So I don’t want to see any comments down below saying well, you’re not… you were never carnivore. Okay. So the point of this video today is I decided that I wanted to do a reset. I am going to be trying the dry fasting. I am going to do it for as long as I can. I’m going to aim for 72 hours. But of course before I do anything, I know you guys love to see the before and after. Because I know you guys are all about the receipts. So I’m going to stand up now and show you guys the before and then I promise at the end of this I won’t do this exact same and I will show you the after. Love carbs and I want them but obviously carbs are not my friends. All right, so I’ll see you at the end of the 72 hour dry fast and I might vlog along the way. But you guys know how it’s going or I might just do it in a diary form with pictures. Bye! Hello beautiful people. All right! Bye! All right, I’ll see you at Day 3. Bye! Hi YouTube friends! It’s day 3 of my hard dry fast! And I’m sure that I am looking a hot mess today. I didn’t sleep very well last night I’m not hungry, but I am thirsty and I think I’m gonna do this for one more day and then call it quits. Alright! All right, I’ll see you on day four bye! It’s Lola from Lola’s Life Lessons and it is day four of my hard dry fast. This was my first time attempting to do a dry fast for an extended period of time. I have done a dry fast for 24 hours. But 24 hours compared to four days. There’s no comparison. This was an absolutely amazing experience. However, I want to let you guys know that this is just my experience. This is me documenting my experience. This is for informational purposes only. Please do not attempt this without checking with your doctor first or be supervised by your doctor while you are doing this. This is not a fast that some. This is a fast that I really believe that only experienced fasters should do. So I finished the fast today. I listened to my body. My body today was telling me that today was a time to to end it and as I said to you guys before I did this because I wanted to clear my head. I had. I had carb cravings and I’m happy to say that my craving went away. So I have a clear head and while I was doing this dry fast. I was doing my research on the snake diet. So I decided that I’m going to be doing the snake diet moving forward and I will be documenting my progress with the snake diet. What else? Oh I lost 14.4 pounds in four days and I know you guys. I know my friends..my youtube friends. You guys are all about the receipts. So I have the receipts for you. So I’m just going to show you now? What I’m looking like at four days dry fasted. 14.4 pounds lost when I went on the Snake Guys Channel and I seen all those transformations. Honestly, I couldn’t believe it that a person who could lose that much weight and in a short period of time but I mean. There it is and I just want to say thank you to one of my subscribers who dropped the link to the snake diet guys channel. But anyway, so I’m going to break my past with you guys today. I am so thirsty. I’m not hungry. I am thirsty. I haven’t had anything to drink. I wanted to do that with you guys. So I’m going to have my mixture of apple cider vinegar with a little bit of water and baking soda and according to snake diet channel that helps with the kidneys. That’s the first time liquid. Oh my god, oh! That’s crazy! Doesn’t taste the best but you know what? It’s a liquid of some sort. So! Oh my God! Water I feel so thankful. It’s like when you do something like this fast dry fast for four days. No water enough food! You really get an appreciation for everything everything that you have like got an appreciation for. Just little simple things… water. Just take water for granted. Ah Whoops I’m. Just going to trace this back with a little bit of Evian water. Oh so good! So I’m also going to take some lemon. I’m gonna take maybe 4. 4 tablespoon of lemon juice and some lemon juice. Oh! Mmm lemon juice never tasted so good. Oh Oh! The rest of the day I’m going to sip on water and also coconut water that’s what I’m gonna have for today and yes, that’s what I’m gonna have for today and tomorrow. I might introduce some low carb fruits, maybe some berries. Please I’d love to hear your thoughts. I would love to hear your thoughts. Have you ever done a dry fast? Have you ever fasted? Do you have any questions? Please leave it in the comments. Alright! Bye! Well, thank you guys so much for watching. Please subscribe. Please like! Please share, and I want all of you guys to stay happy and happy. Bye!

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  1. I have done a few 6 days wet +dry fasts…i find salty carnivore to be about equal. People need to stop the water bottle routine..lions don't carry water bottles and neither did any of us as kids..its a marketing health hoax.

  2. Lola! You look amazing! Just some tips! To keep the weight off. Stay away from carbs or you will gain the weight back really quickly. Also, stay away from vegetables. Please reconsider going carnivore again and you will be amazed that you all of your hard work was not in vain. Also, watch your water intake. I would love to see an update video. You are an inspiration.

  3. Hi there: There has been a lot of interest in dry fasting. So I thought I'd create a facebook support group. https://www.facebook.com/groups/352640568793774/ Thank you so much for watching! Thank you to those that joined me in the chat!
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  4. Thanks for sharing your experience. Pretty amazing results! I'm currently doing a 3 day dry fast, I'm on my 2nd day now, feeling good so far, lost 2,5kg. May I know the measurement for your acv and baking soda drink you used to break your fast? Thanks

  5. Congrats for your accomplishment— your eyes look brighter and you look much healthier in only four days! I want to lose 20 pounds, but I am worried if I will have loose skin by dry fast? It seems you do not have any loose skin after the dry fast.

  6. When you get cravings for sugar and carbs, It's often an indicator you are low on potassium … so more leafy greens and also supplement with potassium citrate xx

  7. & THATS why people on the show Naked and Afraid tap out sometimes.. No food no water oh my word. Thank you for listening to your body!

  8. WOW! So inspired. I have 15 kg to lose and am dry fasting in 5kg increments with a refeed. I hope my results are as rapid and miraculous as yours.

  9. Ths my 2nd dy f soft dry fasting ystrdy aftrn felt atlst f hvng a drp f water bt somhw i cntrld n slptf n nw lso feel lik slpy, 1bdt if we slp in di dys it will affct fr my weight los na plz tel me

  10. I can see a thigh gap trying to start on your 4th day. It’ll take me weeks or months of this for me to get where you’re at. I’d love to do it but I’d literally die if I did this dry fast.

  11. I love this. I love seeing dry fasting suddenly get attention! Especially with poc. It heals waaaaay beyond the physical.

  12. Girl your a poster child for dry fasting success👏well done you look awesome,, can't believe you dropped so much given how lean you were to start off with, I salute you and I've subbed, 💝

  13. I'm on day 4 of my dry fast. Other than some dry lips and low energy levels, I'm perfectly fine.  I plan to keep going until I feel like I need to stop. At most 7days, then transition into a water fast, back into a dry fast, and continue alternating until I lose this weight. I'm 12pounds down. Started at 182. Now I'm 170. Trying to get down into the 130s.

  14. Wow!!! Lola, what an amazing transformation!!! YOU GO GIRL!!! YOU DID THE DARN THANG!!! Great job!!! 😊

    I do all types of fasting: dry fasting, water fasting, & intermittent dry fasting with OMAD. Last week, I did a 5-day water fast & lost 11.2 pounds. I ate over the weekend, & now I'm doing a 3-day water fast (on Day 2). After I finish, I'm gonna do intermittent dry fasting (20/4) for a few days & then rotate. Love it!!! 😊

    Thanks sooo much for sharing your dry fast experience with us!!! Best one I've seen in a long time!!! Keep up the good work!!! 😊

    Also, I just subscribed.

  15. Carbs are a slippery slope for me too. I’m good if I don’t eat them but once I eat some I always end up over doing it.

  16. Amazing Job and Results!! 👏🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾 Now my question is did you prepare before starting your dry fast or did you go right into? Also so were you able to focus a lot better afterwards? I’m on my first day however I didn’t prepare myself but spiritually I believe I need to do this type of fast because my mind is cloudy and I can’t focus. Wish Me Luck! Peace and Blessings to you! 🙇🏽‍♀️🙏🏽❤️

  17. Thanks for sharing this video. I just found it today on the third day of my dry fast. I am already a faster but this is my first dry fast. Good so far…the first day was the most difficult. First day of any fast is usually my most difficult so I wasn't surprised. Thanks again for sharing, it's so inspiring.

  18. The thing with carbs, is it makes you crave more. So just keep that in mind. Eat them but then throw the rest awAy ! LoL

  19. I am on dry fast day 2 this morning I lost 3 pound interesting to see tomorrow's results, I am bloody thirsty tho I will be doing 6 days total as I don't have work as I am using my holidays I mite try for 7 days but will mean dry fasting on a work day will see

  20. Oh my god .. I lost 4 kgs in just 26 hourss. Now 22 hours more to go.. Can i shower today or wait till tmrw ??

  21. Gonna have to say this is VERY encouraging to me to stay serious fasting, dry fasting, makes so much sense. Gotta ask, how were you feeling during the dry fasting??

  22. Lola congrats on your weight loss you inspire me to complete 3 days of dry fast and I only lost 3 lbs! I don’t know what I did wrong 😐 any advice? Thank you in advance

  23. I do the 3 3 1 method. Any 3 days dry fast any 3 days fruits/veggies and any 1 day of meat, carbs, fish. Usually break my fast with water or an avocado

  24. Love this video ❤️❤️ you are the true mvp, to have dry fast those many days you go girl this video is very motivating I'll be starting my dry fast today ❤️

  25. I know a lot of people say don’t exercise while doing a dry fast but I usually do a little steady state cardio nothing high intensity just enough to where I can hold a conversation at least on the cycle machine for 2 hours a day

  26. Its interesting that in 4 days you lost your belly that was overhanging your jeans. Well done. I admire your willpower and discipline!!

  27. Hi Beautiful Friend! It’s been a while! I have lost about 8 lbs. since writing to you Lola…just with the egg fast! However, I wish to attempt a small dry fast (not sure how long yet). *Did you take any sea salt and “no salt” (potassium) on the tongue for your 4 days of dry fasting? Lola, I’m so hoping I can maybe hit 3 or 4 days with a dry fast and then go straight to water for another 10. I know that sounds radical but there are health reasons (not just vacation time coming)….and the thing about it is I am open to stopping well in advance on either one of those fasts. No radical ideas here, but healing ideas here. TY so much for your advice on the salts, Lola…I want to start this literally-now (5:10 pm this evening)! God Bless your Loving Spirit and I’m blessed to have you as my pen pal friend! Haha! Cheers from AB, Canada!

  28. I just done my 2 days dry fast, I feel great except a slight headache. What I’ve just noticed is water taste sweet my first bottle I added 1 tsp of baking soda. It’s amazing. I am certain I slept like a baby. My tummy shrunk I didn’t weigh prior r after. Just know am doing great, I don’t want to get obsessed with numbers on the scale. Plus it’s 2 months intermittent where I eat 1 meal every day at 6-7pm. Tons of water mix with ginger n lemon I blend n strained!! Am feeling better I love what I see in the mirror!!! I also did the Himalayan salt flush 4 days ago!! Am telling you it’s awesome!!

  29. This was such a great video on Dry Fasting, one of the best I've seen honestly. You've inspired me! Im water fasting right now but I think ill slip into a dry fast for a day or two and then slowly go back to eating plant based. Thank you !

  30. I'm on the second day of my dry fast, feeling fine, What I have to say to the girls in the audience is that I am currently on the third day of my period and I am from yesterday without pain at all, and I usually have terrible pain and take an opthalgine or put a hot bottle on my stomach. I'm just in shock😭🙏🏽

  31. This is so inspirational. Your body type is a lot like mine, and I can get the belly. Hopefully this will help. You look great! I hear it’s good to keep it up intermittently.

  32. I'm starting today wish me luck
    I want to lose 20 pounds hope I can make it in 3 days or else I'm going to do 3 soft dry fast and then 5 water fast o at least reach my ideal weight thank you very much for your awesome video

  33. IAm doing OMAD for Life. I have done a 7dey dry first in the past. You are motivating Me to dive into the dry again!!! Great results🤗. Thankhz so much for sharing Your results. Wholeness n Essence of Love Sister Lola ((-;

  34. Great job! May I suggest looking into a good probiotic/ prebiotic protocol. It appears most of your issues are due to poor absorption and poor elimination. The average person is walking around with 12 -14 undigested meals in them. I would also suggest weight training, as we age, it’s muscle that keeps us tight and strong as well as aids in regulating our hormones.

  35. Thank you for this video, it was very motivating. I've been thinking about doing a dry fast for some time now 🙂

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