40% Body Fat LOST and 80 pounds of fat GONE!

This if for Kyle and for all the people who
don’t think it’s possible. The ones who think the mountain’s too high or the road is too long. Especially when you hate running. This is for people who are afraid to go outside their comfort zone. And aren’t willing to take a risk on themselves. That wasn’t Kyle. Kyle showed up, uncomfortable and all. And he did the work. He showed up. He embraced the struggle. And the struggle was real. But he did keep showing up. And he kept getting better. And then all of the sudden, as time goes by, you get stronger. You figure it out. And you surprise yourself and your coaches. Not over night, but daily from one birthday
to the next. Your life is transformed. And you’re strong. And you’re pulling yourself up over obstacles like it’s nothing. There’s always pain along the way. But you showed up anyway. You did the work. You learned about nutrition and how to eat and how to make healthy choices. You made us laugh. You’ve done things you never thought you could do and you inspired us all along the way. You’ve become a apart of our family. And a lot of people’s families. And we’re so happy to be a part of this journey. You showed up, Kyle. You did the work. You referred your friends. And the sky is the limit for you, buddy. The future is bright and we’re going to enjoy every minute we have with you and we look forward to seeing who you become in the future. Continue to inspire and continue to teach
others that it’s possible if you show up and do the work.

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