40 Little Hug Elliptical Chug – 2.5 gallon Chug 21 POUNDS while on elliptical machine(9.5 liters)

oh oh just better over compressing my stomach ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba notorious nation thanks for coming to another one of my videos this is going to be a tough challenge today I’m not sure if I can even do this challenge normally when I do a challenge I’m very confident and I can eat something or drink something it might not be as quick as I would like it to be but I’m always pretty confident I can do completing a challenge today though I’m going to be testing myself I’m going to be doing a redo of a previous video I did not that won’t ago it was the 40 hugs challenge I think I’m the only person out there in the Internet to do the 40 hugs challenge it’s actually two and a half gallons of liquid so I did that in approximately eight minutes so I know I’m able to do the two and a half gallons but I was training back then I’m not training now and they make it even harder I’m gonna do this on an elliptical so I’ll be working out on an elliptical and I don’t know if you know this but I’m probably not in as good a shape as some other people out there in life so being the horn elliptical is a little bit of work for me I’m gonna see if I can do all 40 of these bottles so they’re eight ounces each 320 ounces one are two and a half gallons of liquid let’s see we can get this done started so they got this started I knew it was gonna be a tough video but I had no idea that I was getting into this much of an issue obviously I’m not in great shape so a lift of a machine is a little bit of work out for me I’m not going that fast so it shouldn’t be that hard but I didn’t realize as I continued to drink these things obviously my stomach swells and consumed fairly early home like something’s getting larger but that just presses against your lungs and it makes it harder to breathe so this was it a really a tough tough challenge for me and I don’t know how I’m gonna get through these bottles because this is absolutely I wanted to leave all the camera angles up in the screen at once so you can see that I’m actually doing it as well as see my facial expressions and how my face changes as his progresses [Music] like that you better do they know that there’s first twenty would be a lot easier than the second twenty but for different reasons inside that box is two layers of twenty little hugs they come four different flavors so there’s five of each flavor in each row so I was drinking all the flavors at once and I’m going to the next flavor and so on and then after all has done the first twenty I just take a cardboard divider out and go to the second one [Music] [Music] it’s ten of course the bottom 20 is actually further away from my hand so I have to bend over firmer and as they get to the ones closer to the camera I have to bank bag and moving more and leave my stomach and filled up with all these little hugs this ends up being a very very tough challenge I thought for sure I was gonna lose it right from the camera and I was thinking where where what direction can I go cuz I don’t stay in the package base [Music] much easier these royal party i think i don’t want the rest of the video play out now because i want you to hear the struggle i was going through and trying to appreciate the difficulty of this challenge 15 is the best is one of the best any competitive eater out telling was to do this go ahead and try it the obviously are in better shape than I am so I’m being a little aspect will be easier but this is not easy there’s so much error to a half gallon jug is not easy under any circumstance but doing it when you’re decking out trying to pay is off again I’m going to let this play out thanks for coming to another video and I’ll see you guys again soon [Music] [Applause] [Music] that way I don’t let make it there’s a lot harder than looks not even close to purple purple hearts at [Music] Stephen the better ones for the end could be mistakes I don’t know only get again oh my goodness [Music] [Music] three my stomach hurts two gallons 35 5 left rowdy Madonna they can’t reach 36 this happened thirty-eight good things in purple Oh [Music] [Music] Wendy good is better over compress with my stomach [Music] that was a 40 little Hawk elliptical chunk oh I’m so out of here [Music] [Music] ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba [Music]

41 thoughts on “40 Little Hug Elliptical Chug – 2.5 gallon Chug 21 POUNDS while on elliptical machine(9.5 liters)

  1. Thanks for watching what turned out to be a very hard challenge. No Easter Egg in today's video as I am still recovering from this chug.
    Obrigado por assistir ao que acabou sendo um desafio muito difícil. Não há ovo de Páscoa no vídeo de hoje, pois ainda estou me recuperando desse chug.

  2. That was so impressive. Most people can't do 10 minutes on that machine. Add in a drink and they quit. Great challenge stepping it up a notch.

  3. I opened the video, I thought I had entered a gym video 🙂 🙂 🙂 (abri o video, pensei que tinha entrado em um video de academia )

  4. I see you thought ahead and had a container to throw the empties away. I also see the sync action here and it all was so meditational to see Bob bobbin' like that along with the elevator music. Nice job man impressive and I am mot gonna try this lol. Oh and that thumbnail was gr8

  5. Notorious BOB, I'm a subscriber to the Corbucci Eats Channel, he challenged you in Raina Huang's challenge, eating a 1.5 meter Subway, that's five 30cm snacks, will you accept? I'm your big fan and I believe in your potential, and one day I want to eat at the same power as all of you food challenge competitors

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