2610miles You struggle a bit don’t you ? A bit yep ! It’s 30 minutes we’re trying to open the hood (bonnet)… it doesn’t work tho Ho f*ck ! Ho yeah ! The V8 ! No 6 ! That’s a V6 ? Yep ! Ho shit ! There’s plenty of room over there, what have they done ? Great, we don’t have a Ford Fiesta Four pot ! Don’t you want to remove that, to make more noise ? I was thinking about it ! We gonna get a Check engine light ! Do you think we gonna get a check engine light if we remove the airbox ? I don’t think so… But then we gonna drive like dick heads ! Okay, that’s a good thing, pretty cool that Stang, white, Californian plates please, Girls… be aware ! My lil’ Georges in tha Stang, And the Road trip begins now ! I’ve not crashed it yet… No, we’re not going to crash it, wait until the last day at least! Smooth, no teeth… hu, no hands sorry That’s for a greater feeling on toes; I feel the brake and throttle pedal pressure… It’s a trick I’ve learn we the master Tsuchiya Everything is okay ? The V6 is awake… What the fuck is that ? It’s in MADMAX, guys are like “THE V8 THE V8 !!!” I don’t know MADMAX Seriously ? “THE V8 !!” Okay, here it’s the V6 so… Oh my… the lack of culture… Where are my classics… They make priers to the V8 like “V8 !!” Okay, we’re awake now. We don’t know what it’s all about… there’s the price, But then there are the gallons Is this little baby thirsty ? Do you think I can reach the 30 ? Don’t know… Hell yeah I can, I’m a boss. Well I will not make it to the 30… That’s tough Ho fuck ! Ho fuck ! There’s a road signal over there, is that the moment I crash the car ? NO ! It’s not the time to do so! No ! I take the wheel now ! I may go Downhill uphill downhill huphill downhill huphill downhill huphill… So we kill the tires, brakes, No no no ! We gonna wait for the last day ! Okay, that’s pretty nice. The 43477, I don’t know what it is, but it has such a face ! Cool car, cool road we’re enjoying. Touring. Nope, there’s no body THIS, is Brow ! Here, is JC, the drift Prince, [Give me the keys] Brow will be used to showcase Mister JC’s drifting skills ! Well, we’ll check it out right now ! The purpose of all of this: JC will have to get to the closest to Brow without removing… Brow’s head Ho noo ! This dumbass Brow just fall by himself !! JC is over there with the beautyfull Mustang, I can feel the pressure rising… I think Brow does not feel very very confident right now… Okay, ok, so plenty of room… You have a 2nd try ! 2 attempts to try to bit JC Poor little Brow…what have we done ? His head went like “boom” We’re good for a good wash now Do we have wheel chains ? Nop We’re tough guys We’re not “Monchu” Monchu put some wheel chains, we don’t ! We’re not Monchu ! All year long we fit summer tires ! We don’t fool around ! Fuck he’s huuuge ! Wassup ? Don’t worry we don’t want anything bad for your little guy. Okay that’s the “Wild life” over there… That guy is aiming straight to the desert and he carries a huge boat ! There’s probably the Burning Man or something (wtf ?!) He thought the Great Canyon still have some water into it or something ?

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