100 thoughts on “4,270 kms – A Pacific Crest Trail Documentary

  1. I attempted the pct in 94. Im amazed by all the videos, drones youtube vlogs. I just had a simple point and shoot and did a slide show

  2. Super film ! Très fidèle à l’esprit de cette belle rando.
    Bravo de t’être forcé à filmer sous la pluie, je sais ce que c’est !
    C’est dingue, je devais être juste derrière toi, je suis arrivé à la frontière canadienne également le 3 octobre ! (Vers 17h) on ne s’est pas croisés, dommage ! Je confirme que la fin était un vrai test 😉

  3. Hey, FDG! Nice docu-vlog on the PCT! After living nearly my entire life (66yrs) in Washington, and watching countless vids of PCT hikers, and doing some Trail Magic last Fall, I find myself being amazed that more hikers don't do the Trail SOBO. Yes, if you're going to start in Washington, you've GOT to be in shape before you start. BUT!, that way you can see the BEST scenic part of the Trail (IMHO) at the best part of the year to see it! Yes, you have to wait until normally at least mid July to start, but I think the desert in Nov/Dec is easier than Wash in Sept/Oct. We sometimes have great Septembers, but above 5000 ft it can be a crap-shoot any time of year. Glad you enjoyed your trip to N America, Skagit Ed

  4. Great video and storytelling but sad to see the blatant disregard and lack of respect for the laws and regulations of using drones in wilderness areas and National Parks.

  5. Wow!!!!…. By far the best documentary of hiking the PCT that I've ever seen. I'm sorry that Washington State was so wet. I live here in Washington State. The Washington section is by far a great section of the hike. You were a bit late to finish. That's why you ran into so much rain and snow….

  6. Bravo et merci pour ce récit fabuleux. J'ai en tête le CDT, ne sachant pas si le PCT serait pour moi (fréquentation). Merci vraiment parce que ton regard est franc et droit et du coup c'est un merveilleux reportage!

  7. I’ve met you guys at Stagecoach RV Resort, or Julian, I can’t quite remember. The wind got me off of the trail in 2018, after I fell 3 times hiking from the Cabazon underpass through the Mesa Wind Farm, I was able to reach White Water Preserve and from there to Big Bear Lake, where I was picked up by my buddy. He drove from Fullerton to BBL to rescue me, I had a really bad herniated disk.
    Best month of my entire life!

  8. Great documentary dude! Do you have a link for the buff that you used? I've been trying to find one just like that, but they are all colored or patterned. Thanks brotha

  9. i loved your video coyote. makes you want to get up get out and enjoy the adventure……and a milkshake
    thankyou for sharing an incredible hike

  10. This should have a National Geographic yellow logo in the lower right corner…, found it to be on par with NGOs camera crew 😉.

  11. Un grand Bravo ! Just amazing, super travail dans ton montage et surtout pour l'exploit que tu as réalisé ! J'étais sur le JMT en 2017 ça donne envie d'y retourner

  12. Great video thanks for posting. I am doing the PCT in 2021. Can't wait to get started. Follow me on my journey up too it. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrPMQRA4-rZiec21396zeVQ

  13. Feel welcome to the Pacific Crest Trail Telegram group: t.me/PacificCrestTrail
    Connect with other CDT hikers (your phone number stays private), share trail info, enjoy pictures & videos on the trail, stay in touch with eachother off the trail, all other relevant purposes related to the CDT.
    Please check the FAQ:

  14. Did you start the hike alone and just meet friends along the way our did u plan to hike with them? I want to do it next year, and i dont want to be alone all the time. However i dont have any friends with this interest!

  15. no one gives a fuck about a Syrian bitch. You Syrians are a bunch of fucking leeches and killers. Stay out of our country!

  16. Thanks for this awesome movie. I'm starting my thruhike in May and your movie got me even more stoked about the PCT

  17. This was very well done – enjoyed it very much! The Whitney shots were epic!! Thank you for sharing your journey!

  18. Super le doc !! Je pars en 2020, j'ai super hate ! Vous aviez un drone pour les plans aériens ? Si oui lequel ? Pas trop galère à gérer la batterie ?

  19. Bravo! I enjoyed this video very much. Thank you for posting! Do you have any plans to for another thru hike? How much money did 6 months on the trail cost all in ?

  20. Félicitation pour la traversée et pour le documentaire qui est chouette et ramène pas mal de souvenirs… J'ai marché seule sur le PCT sur les 500 premiers kilomètres l'an dernier, j'ai un doite, nous sommes nous croisé ?!

  21. And the Oscar award goes to……. FiascoDeGama! Excellent outstanding talented insightful personal mesmerizing funny classy heartfelt epic, the best of all PCT documentaries! Congratulations!

  22. This is the best PCT video I have seen. So well done bro. Can’t wait to make my own someday, this has bee extremely inspiring.

  23. Very nice and impressive… but this isn't 4270 km, that's basically the distance from Northern Russia to Algeria

  24. Hiking with Frenchies is the best because they can always find the best bread and cheese. Great doc of the PCT. 👏🏻👏🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  25. Wow that was awesome! Great job!!!
    How did you manage to not get sick / catch a cold with 6 days in constant rain and snow storms?

  26. Leave it to a Frenchman…. they never give up. Thank you for sharing this with me. Thank you for being you. You are most beautiful mr Frenchman 💜

  27. Enfin un truc en sous-titre FR c'est top et quelle inspiration pour un petit randonneur comme moi lol, un jour peut-être, surement! MERCI! Il y a ta gear list quelque part ou pas

  28. Whaouu, super documentaire!
    J'ai fais le Te Araroa trail en Nouvelle Zélande l'année dernière, et ma prochaine aventure sera le PCT.
    Je savais même pas que c'était envisageable de le combiner avec le Burning Man (sachant que j'ai très envie de le faire également). Est ce que tu conseilles de faire les deux en même temps? Tu n'as pas regretté d'avoir pris 10 jours hors trail et te prendre toute cette neige ?
    Merci pour l'inspiration, ça ma remotivé 🙂

  29. First off awesome footage my friend. The video was spectacular and thank you very much for sharing! Cant wait to see this myself next year on my thru hike! What drone were you using on the trail out of curiosity?

  30. Haha great! Feels like yesterday and I didn’t even remember you filmed us riding back in the pick up! Hope you’re on another great journey! Cheers!

  31. Hello lovers of hiking I share a good plan with you, because I was satisfied myself:

  32. Hello lovers of hiking I share a good plan with you, because I was satisfied myself:

  33. what a great video! thank you a lot for this inspiration. wachted it yesterday late night and walked the pct this night 🙂 – i dream from the pct since i have heard from it the first time. 3500 Dollar is not the world, but with the flight, the equipment and the pay for the social security in my homeland (austria, and im selfemployed) the rent (think about renting the appartment – that could possibly work) im at a cost of around 15000 Euros for 2 people .. if i would win the lottery – witch im playing once in a while – 3 times a year .. i would start planning the next day. for sure. what im thinking about ist the Visa Situation?? how does that work? i spent half a year in Ney York just for fun and had to fly to europe just for a couple days to get a new visa and that was 2000. think that would not work in this times.. Wish u the Best for your next Projekts! Be good.

  34. Great video👍 Awesome landscape along with the people that you met! Almost felt like walking along with you on the trail.

  35. Awesome documentary! Planning on doing the PCT next year and your movie just got me even more psyched about it! Fantastic material!

  36. Bonjour du Canada! Bravo, c'est sûrement un des meilleurs documentaires du PCT!!
    Est-ce que vous auriez des conseils pour les étrangers qui veulent faire la randonnée du PCT? Je prévois d'y aller l'année prochaine 😀

  37. Bonjour Anthony, magnifique vidéo, on a l'impression de marcher avec toi et de souffrir avec toi. Tu sembles extrêmement épuisé dans l’Oregon, cela semble tellement réaliste. Juste magnifique. Merci. Depuis quelques mois, voir quelques années, j'ai vraiment envie de faire ce fameux PCT. Ton documentaire m'a permis de répondre à beaucoup de mes interrogations, mais il en reste encore plein. Notamment, comment tu gères l'eau, est facile ou plutôt tendu et aussi les colis sur le chemin, j'ai compris que tu avais envoyer un colis de France, mais il y avait énormément de chose dans ce colis, tu as tout pris avec toi ? Cette question est peut-être évidente pour certain, mais je n'ai pas trop d'expérience, juste une volonté de fer.

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