47 METERS DOWN Official Trailer (2017) Mandy Moore, Shark Movie HD

It’s gonna be the best vacation ever Seriously you have to try I don’t even know how to dive It’s totally save Okay It’s like you’re going to the zoo except you’re in the cage I don’t know about this welcome aboard There! Look It’s huge Remember, the faster you breathe the faster you use up your air. Trust me. Once you’re down there, you’re not gonna want to come back up This is amazing It kinda takes your breath away Oh my god It’s the biggest shark! Will you take a picture of me? Sorry, sorry! We would like to come back up now We’re bringing you back up oh my god I’m so scared We need to get you some air How deep are we? 47 meters Hello is anyone there? Please someone answer me! We need to get back up to the top Can you hear me? We’re gonna send down extra air tanks I’m so lost Stay in the cage We have no air We have to go now There are sharks everywhere! 47 Meters Down

100 thoughts on “47 METERS DOWN Official Trailer (2017) Mandy Moore, Shark Movie HD

  1. It was pretty realistic to me ……..as a person who has never been scuba diving or had any classes on it or experience with it ,yeahhh thats probably why

  2. How the fuck can they even hear each other?! they're obviously using some sort of radio device but their ears are in permanent contact with the water…

  3. The most idiot, stupid & crap movie I've ever seen in my wonderful, perfec life. It's a buuuuullssssshhhhhhi……T. ?????????????????????????

  4. If someone is making a movie about the deep in the ocean, they better have talking fish. The damn mask color kept tripping me out, the writing sucked and it was boring.

  5. I went to see this movie with my gf when it came out I was to busy trying to suck on her boobs to pay attention but I just rewatched this a couple days ago and it’s actually a good ass movie

  6. Just watched the movie. Thought it had some good jump scares but a lot of things were very predictable and there really wasn’t anything I didn’t expect to happen. I think also think the writer could’ve been a little more original because this was clearly greatly “inspired” by jaws.

  7. I know this is just a movie, but you are more likely to be crushed by a vending machine than eaten by a Great White. The moral of the story is: Don't use vending machines. They're evil.

  8. Can people fucking chill with sharks? They're mostly harmless unless you provoke them. Great white sharks are actually really friendly and like to be pet, sooo…

  9. anyone notice how clair holt carribia hennin and phobe tonkin all did shark movies after h2o they must really love the water forever my fav mermaids

  10. I watched this I was confused if the sister was still hallucinating when the people came to save her because she thought that her sister was alive and they were in the boat but then she was just sitting in the cage

  11. 30 minutes into the movie and had a big yawn. I decided to just read wikipedia to find out the ending instead. Again, another big yawn.

  12. Yea…..except sharks don't behave like that. Fearsome as they are it's not believable in this movie. Compare this to Open Water. Great movie that is truly possible.

  13. How can you hear undeewater in a mask when your ears are not in the mask? Or falling 47 meters that fast would kill you or blow your ears out. Poor Mandy. She needs work.

  14. I just got done watching this movie and it's very good it is very nerve-wracking at first I thought the movie was going to have a bad ending but then it has a good ending (sorry won't spoil anymore)

  15. I was very disappointed by this movie… it had a lot of potential to be a good movie but just didn’t seem like it had a lot of thought put into it.

  16. Not bad at all. The ending was a bit cheesy, if you paid attention to the many references about "halucinations from the gas". I needed more shark scenes, though.

  17. i hate the blonde's sister. all she was good for was freaking out and she didnt shut up. no wonder she out of air

  18. Can we stop portraying sharks as merely evil assassins, human hunters? How many more sharks are killed by us than we are killed by the sharks? For their shark fins… Poor creatures

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