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I can’t believe you talked me into this. It’s gonna be amazing. You ladies ready? Slow. Oh, fuck. This is amazing. It kinda takes your breath away. Oh my god… What was that? Oh my god – What is going on? We’re sinking! I can’t breathe! I can’t breathe. We have to get back to the top. Where is it now? Ah! It’s over your head. Kate! I can’t even see what’s below me… 47 Meters Down I’m so scared.

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  1. In my opinion it was a kinda of a good movie. SPOILER ALERT SPOILER ALERT 🚨the guys left them and then they eat one of the guys I guess trying to save them, then I fell asleep 😂😂😂

  2. Dude sharks don't attack like that. I literally wrote an essay on sharks and I did research in about 20 articles. Sharks wouldn't attack humans so commonly. They mainly attack humans surfing above the surface. They mistake the surfers for seals which is their favorite meal. Sharks aren't vicious and aggressive enough to charge after every movement they detect. That just isn't in their nature.

  3. It's a waste of money if you see it because it already came out a long time ago they just named it different. The original name is In The Deep if you want to watch it.

  4. If you pause it at the scene near the end when she lights the flare, you can see there's at least 3 sharks. Is that the big climax? I sure hope not.

  5. "The best shark movie since Jaws" -Someone who has never seen Jaws

    Also, that same quote was used to describe The Shallows. Good job.

  6. Eh….. it was OK …. until the ending.
    Great CGI … my hat goes off to
    Them for that ….
    BUT…..I'm profoundly disappointed in the ending…
    You'll have to see it for yourselves ..not gonna spoil it.
    But wished I hadn't spent $50 for …. admission and popcorn and drink's ….
    For my friend and I to watch it and just waited on the DVD !!!!
    Man !!!! 
    That movie was one….Crazy DEAL !!!!!
    The Shallows …last year …
    Way… way….better.
    I'll let myself out now….

  7. I'm going to see it tonight at 9:00 PM I'M SOOOOO SCARED BUT SO EXCITED AT THE SAME TIME!😬😬😆😬😬😬

  8. Jump scare…… Jump scare…. Jump scare…… Jump scare….Jump jump everyone jump jump! Party in the house!

  9. iv seen that movie yesterday it was not that good at all jaws was better u could barley see it and the ending was sucky i think they should have both lived

  10. I watched this movie. Slight spoiler alert. So, I need to know what gear
    they used! A full face mask with no nose clamp, that allows them to
    equalize and not blow out their eardrums at a rate of decent exceeding
    300 feet per minute? I must have it! And, they're diving with what looks
    like Aluminum 50s, and have enough air to stay at about 150 ft. for
    over an hour! Even using two tanks, that's incredible! And, changing
    your first stage underwater, that's a capability I would like to have!
    But why didn't they send them tanks with regulators already attached?
    And how to they not get narc'd beyond belief until the second tank
    magically had an effect similar acid and shrooms, washed down with
    absinthe? I won't even bother talking about what happens in the
    hallucination, and the ruptured lungs that would have killed them all
    instantly… And those "Deep Sea Divers" from the coastguard diving
    singles? WOW!!! As a diver with 5 different certifications, including
    NASE Advanced OWD and a PADI Rescue Diver, I find this movie to be so
    cringe-worthy it becomes more of a comedy than a horror movie…. but,
    hey, at least they tried, right? lol

  11. Of coarse there's no safety chain just a single cable im gonna have to say thats a bad design . I think it would be def worth the price of admission if Mandy Moore was in a thong the entire movie id be first in line for that show

  12. I saw this movie, The movie was better than I thought! 3.5/10
    CGI effects were bad, the story was ok, the acting was not bad but it could have been better, and the main characters could have been chosen differently. Maybe the main characters could have been guys. I don't know what it is about the main characters in Horror movies being hot chicks

  13. why would they put this movie out when it came out as a low budget movie in 2016 called in the deep all they did was rename it n bring it out to theatres


  15. Yesterday i went 2 the movie theaters with my older sis and saw this movie.(Im not a fan of sharks😵)When the part of the sharks came…IM NOT LIEYING I SCREAMED SO LOUD!!!P.S i cried when the 2 couples died.

  16. Lol so stupid, they can't equalize ears with a full face mask, which means their ears would probably explode by the 15th meter, when they are going up they must go slowly and stop for decompression stop, or else they'll get decompression, which swells all limbs and is very very painful 😑 so I think the shark is just a small problem

  17. Well, it's two girls thirsty for some liquor on their vacation, who later meet two guys thirsty for girls…. who all go together to a trip where sharks are thirsty for the blood. So, basically the sharks get the girls and meat. 🌚

  18. If you press read more, There will be spoilers.
    I love this movie but, It needed more jump scares. There was a lot of time's that I thought a shark was going to come but it didn't. The movie was really good but the only thing I dislike is. Not enough jumpscare's or not enough sharks at the right moments like when she's going towards the light and she had to swim in the open, There weren't any sharks. The true ending wasn't that great, I love how Lisa was hallucinating the entire thing when she got saved, But. At the real ending, we see kate and she is perfectly fine. But when she was bringing the air tank's back to the cage, We saw her get attacked by the shark and kate got chomped by her arm and the shark swam off. Then, Kate got badly injured. What I'm thinking about on what happened is. When the air tanks fell to the ocean floor, Lisa was hallucinating the entire thing and it did not happen at all. Kate did not find the air tanks. She got saved instead then they wen't to go rescue lisa. But if that did happen the, Why did they swim up and we did not see any shark's at all? Was it all a hallucination? Did kate really die from the shark? Did Lisa hallucinate the entire thing of both ending's?

  19. weird movie I saw them in the boat the back in the water did the other girl make it to or no I just saw one going up but in the boat I saw the 2 of them did she make it or no it's a weird movie

  20. The shark or sharks were hunting these 2 lay-deeees because they smelled period blood in the watahhhh!

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  22. You know if they didn't drop they're phone underneath the cage and if the shark hadn't ate it then the problem would've been solved, cuz they could've called 911 and get rescued xD

  23. The idea that sharks actually pursuit swimmers is bollocks. Most of shark attacks happen by mistake, the shark just thinks the swimmer is one of their menu favorites (seagull, for instance). Now these film producers come up with the idea that big whites would pursuit a cage a the the bottom of the ocean in the dark? Really? Come on!

  24. I mist the movie while it was in theaters 🙁 But the DVD come out a few days after my BirthDay Can you guys let me have 14 Likes for my comment, I'll be turning 14 this year.

  25. Okay i LOVE Sharkmovies and this one is good. I mean.. way more better than stuff like Sharknado… BUT why is nobody making a movie about a killer whale? I love killer whales they are so pretty.

  26. This movie was pretty terrible. You can read my full review of it here: http://www.epsilonreviews.com/reviews/2018/2/5/47-meters-down-2017-movie-review

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