47 Meters Down: Uncaged Movie Review

The original 47 Meters Down a sleeper hit
that was originally destined to be a direct-to-video release, found theatrical life thanks to an
enterprising, intrepid producer. The story about a pair of sisters on a boat tour, trapped
in a cage,having close encounters with sharks is not much different from that of this sequel
which has a few more of their careless, perilously inquisitive peers, exploring underwater caves
and as expected, becoming fodder for blind hungry sharks. Uncaged may not have a narrative connection
to its predecessor – the sequel generics are mostly concentrated around a similar thematic
set-up. Set in Mexico, the narrative follows Mia, an American girl who has recently moved
to Mexico with her undersea explorer father, his new wife and stepsister Sasha. Dad gets
the two tickets for a glass-bottomed boat excursion but then Sasha friends, Alexa and
Nicole, lure then with a better idea and that’s how they find themselves at the bottom of
the sea fending off carnivorous sharks. This is no Jaws. The build-up is perfunctory
and the by-the-numbers narrative spiel seems all too predictable and unpromising. The film
is shot underwater for most of its short runtime so there’s neither enough light nor much in
the way of atmosphere to keep the interest going. The CGI sharks look like they are being
prompted by mechanics and the close encounters designed to up the scare quotient, are more
often than not, laughable. The dialogues are limited, the format is mostly
explored- shark sighting- hyperventilate- seek a way out- fail and then repeat. Incidentally,
the entryway gets blocked by an underwater quake fuelled by an angry shark and there’s
no way out, we are to presume – until the trapped girls find an opening too high to
scale and then dive right back into the shark-infested waters. They, of course, get a top prize for
foolishness. Stupidity reigns supreme here and only blind fans will find this unremarkable
and senseless escapist fare enjoyable. There are no thrills and the tension is lost in
the inanities. Totally avoidable!

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