48 hours using water preps

my wife and I went 48 hours without
water because we had a leak here and what it was is this faucet was sticking
up and there’s a PVC junction here this is iron pipe and over the years of
tugging on the hose and wiggling this it snapped and I’ve been working 1213 hours
and it’s a 45 minute drive and the 45 minutes back so that just wasn’t enough
time and dollars 60 worth of parts to couplers and elbow and 16 inches 1/2
inch pipe and that’s what kept us from having water but this is not so much
what I wanted to talk about I have water now just finished it just seconds ago
but what I want to show you is how much water to people just flushing the toilet
and washing hands now we didn’t have we didn’t have water so no neither of us
took a shower and one of us is smelling kind of ripe so I’m gonna go inside and
show you all the water to people used sparingly in 48 hours
all right there is 10 11 12 liters of water or empty liters of water and some
of these are 2 litre jugs actually the majority of these so there’s 4 8 16 16
17 18 19 20 twenty two litres and a one later so
that’s 40 litres 41 let’s just say 51 52 because there’s a two liter there and a
seven gallon that’s that’s just coffee in the morning hand washing and filling
up the back of the toilet so Brown would go down because Melo is yellow if you
know what I mean so some of that hot water heats up had to turn the hot water
heater off as soon as it heats up I’m taking a bath I’m gonna miss that funk so what I’m basically saying is if you
think you have your water needs met in an emergency you might want to rethink
how much water you actually use or actually could get by with sparingly we
were way we way underestimated what we thought we would need I’ll show you what
I have this is just our emergency stash of
water and you know what that’s about based on what we’ve used this is
probably eight or nine days of using it sparingly right here and now I do have
ten more seven gallon containers right here and out in my one of my sheds I
have a 200-gallon tank with water in it and I do have my well but that is not
potable water without a little bit of work you know purification chlorination
that kind of thing so uh that’s my video give your water your preps second
thought were concerns water because we used way way more than we thought we
would and we were trying to use it sparingly thanks for watching

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  1. im glad you asked. that water has been stored for two years and we drank it straight and for coffee. it had no odd or unpleasant taste. its good to know that.

  2. i do now. i have tons of pvc pipe and fittings,just not the ones i needed. isnt that always the way it goes?

  3. i did two clips on my iphone,uploaded them from my phone,then used youtube editor to put them together.

  4. we were amazed at how much we used. ill be putting more water up as we consume delicious and healthy soda pop.

  5. never really thought about people in the south and storing water. what i mean is up here in new england, we're condisioned you here a bad storm is coming you fill the bathtub & washer for flushing & hand washing. some 5 gallon thermos and milk jugs for drinking. but in the warm weather we're unprepared. we don't think about it once the snow's gone. thanks for making us think.

  6. wally world. strange thing is at one wally world they were 14 bucks at another they were 11 bucks. i bought all they had a couple years ago.

  7. good video. I live in S Florida. Hurricane Andrew taugh me that civilization is clean running water.
    I found I could shower using a handheld squeeze spray pump bottle and a washcloth.
    washing hands can be done with water droppingin fast drops, not a stream. kitty litter and a bucket help brown go back to the ground.
    also, a water bed is not potable water source, but is remarkably cool sleeping in a hot summer when power goes out.
    drops of lemon juice in water make it taste cooler

  8. its not water i would drink without filtration and purification. its just a shallow well. i could have used the water to flush with ,but that would have required me to go outside,find a bucket,pump the water, carry it in, and when i come home after a 14 hour day,i want to eat and sleep.

  9. This video almost makes outhouses look like fun. I'm guessing 90% of your water was used for flushing.

  10. my wife used all the hot water!!! now i have to wait a bit more for my shower. oh well,ill just get crustier.

  11. i would say, at least half was,for sure. my wife wouldnt go for an outhouse unless the sky was falling and the toilet was stolen. me on the other hand,i pee wherever the mood strikes me in my yard.

  12. nothing like a reality check to bring things into perspective. Dam Murphy & his law, lol am glad all is well there keep on doing your thing we all love it.

  13. Taking an occasional wiz in the yard is one thing, but long term it isn't too smart. I know you know this.

    If the SHTF people need to adapt, and outhouses would become the new normal.

    My wife likes convienience, too, but what other choice would there be? .

  14. You might look at stocking a No Rinse soap for bathing and hair washing. The No-Rinse brand is made for campers/hikers, but I use the much cheaper no-rinse for HORSES. Same stuff, just you buy it in the horse/farm supply store instead of the camping store. Good to learn the no-water lesson NOW, rather than when its not fixable quite as easily.

  15. It's amazing, isn't it! My pipes burst in the middle of a five-day New Mexico snow storm in the winter of 2011. I lived off five gallons of bottled water and lots of melted snow till I could finally get my 4WD Chevy Tahoe out of the driveway. Then I survived for several months after that by filling up jugs, and showering, at a friend's house. A little realty check now can save our lives when the real thing hits.

  16. Send Mamma my thoughts, can't even imagine what she had to go through smelling your rankness! On another note, this was a great video teaching people about water storage. Who knew?

  17. could i? shower,and get back in my dirty clothes? eww! thats worse than not taking a shower. im a local driver. i dont have razors and clothes with me while im at work.

  18. a couple years ago,my wife would have fixed it also. she isnt able to do a lot of things anymore because of some health issues she having.my neighbor is a useless slug who i wouldnt want on my property and she has a freind and handyman,,,,,, ME! im not so sure im actually better smelling,just not as offensive. ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. Ived missed some of my smells before also,lol,it is Definetly an eye opener when we think we have enough water stored,I tried going with what I had stored & was surprised how I used,I still need a lot more & working on it,great topic BC,thanks for sharing,feels great to have a warm shower indeed,take care & stay safe.

  20. thanks! this little ordeal made me rethink our water prep needs. i fixed the water line last night but it was a great reminder as to how sudden it can all end.

  21. The beauty of it is you didn't have to rely on running to the store or on any one! That is why we prep! God Bless!,

  22. Been there, so I know just what you are talking about. Now, can you think of how it would be, if you had no place to put that "Toilet Material?" Believe me, it is not nice, and more than you could ever guess it would be. So when you think of the water, and get your new figure of water needed, then times that for "Emergency Toilet removal" at least 10x's the New figure, or MORE. and yes, even septics can stop working. Just another consideration. Oh, and get yourself a portable shower, their great

  23. Prep 101 ~ Acquire an excellent knowledge of water – not just "good 'nuff! The human body is more than 60 percent water. Blood is 92 percent water, the brain and muscles are 75 percent water, and bones are about 22 percent water.
    The "average" family of 4 uses TWO HUNDRED EIGHTY gpd – 1/2 of which is "getting the brown down", with nearly another 40% going to laundry and leaky pipes. This is NOT to spank anyone for usage – it's the facts & why so many have no clue how intense usage can get. ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. Think about all those people building down in Arizona because they like the dry heat. If it ever does hit the fan, its gonna get real ugly real quick.

  25. i went through AZ 4 times a week for 11 years. i always wondered if the average phoenix or Tuscon citizen realized how perilous their water access is? they have no wells just and aqueduct stretching from the Colorado river. scary when you think of all those people suddenly without drinkable water.

  26. When I was in Iraq, we got 3 1ltr bottles of water issued per day. You learned to ration your water for drinking and hygiene. Most of the time, we were able to appropriate water from other Units and sources, but we didn't use anywhere the amount your exhibiting!

  27. I have three water system 1 drinking water 2 grey water system 3 waste water system. with my I have three drinking water totes 300 gallons 2- 275 gallon grey water system which I pump into a masonry sand filter with a charcoal layered which is in two 50 gallon barrels with the sand on the top barrel. I then use my rocket mass heater to flash sterilize the water. I use the grey water to flush the toilet with and gasify the waste with the rocket heater to make oils and gas, fuel, Butanal, methane

  28. you didnt flush toilets with it in iraq. you didnt water dogs and chickens. you are comparing apples to oranges here.

  29. Our water bill arrives and I'm amazed at how much water it says we use on a daily average. And we have very little landscaping and God provides much of that irrigation here.
    Your Water Heater is a source for at least 30 gallons but probably more like 40 or 50.
    The well water would have been fine for toliet flushing duty. Here in the rainy Northwest, downspout runoff will be our flush source but have to run bucket duty to have a bucker nearby to refill the tank after the flush.

  30. Very good real life situation showing how quick water goes. I will take this to heart BC…Thx for the lesson!

  31. Don't forget that in an uncertain time situation, you would probably not be putting your drinking water in the toilet tank, but saving your handwashing and dishwashing water to flush by pouring into the bowl. That saves a lot when you use it twice. Good reminder for us all. ๐Ÿ˜€

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