#4Liters Challenge

What’s up everyone? Trisha Hershberger here for a very unique
video for me. Usually I don’t do a lot of day in the life vlogs on this channel
but when Digdeep and Soylent challenged me to take on the #4Liter Challenge I thought why
not. It’s for a good cause and my viewers could
win a prize. Win and win. For those unfamiliar with Digdeep they are
all about giving people access to clean water as a basic human right. They encourage communities to build their
own smart water projects which then in turn affect things
like access to education gender equality happier people all because of water. So what’s the #4Liter Challenge? Basically I have to go through an entire day using only 4 liters of water aka
1 gallon. The minimum a human needs to survive. Considering the average American uses 100
gallons of water a day this is going to be tough. Here we go. Good morning it’s #4Liter Challenge day. I have to live all day today on just this guy. So the first thing I’m going to do is make
coffee and have breakfast but I was trying to think of a way I could make coffee and use less
water so I think I’m going to make a shot of espresso and just you know put milk in it. A shot of espresso is like this much water
to make as opposed to coffee which is like this much water. Those are exact measurements by the way. So I got my espresso in there. How much water do we have left? Oh so much water still left. That’s going right back in. There we go yeah. Got my cereal. Got my coffee my cafe. And it’s breakfast time. Now I’ve got a dilemma. I hate it I hate it. So how much of my water do I want to use to
rinse these dishes? I can not leave them in the sink all day or
else I’m going to go nuts so I’m going to use a little bit of my precious water to rinse
these puppies out and put them in the dishwasher. Here we go. Normally I would rinse all of this out but
I can’t. No water. No water. Okay so morning kitchen stuff that’s what we got
left. Time to wash face and brush teeth. I have this ingenious idea that washing would be easier
with a spray bottle so I bought this spray bottle. We’ll see if that actually works or not. But I’m going to fill up like we did with
the espresso tank I’m going to fill this up with water and
then pour whatever I don’t use back into the jug. Oh no I split some! No gosh darn it. It’s not what I wanted to do. Okay look at those droplets on the side. Can you guys see them? That’s all wasted. Here we go. It doesn’t feel like my toothbrush is dry. Hey spray bottle good call. Gross. So gross. I got to wash that off and I have to wash
this off. That was unsuccessful. And my thought for cleaning my face was much
the same. I got a washcloth here. Good morning good morning face. I think I’m going to try to take a spray
bottle shower. Right over there. This are coming in here with me. Oh man. No no. Okay well I didn’t wash my hair as you can see. DnD bag is packed because I’m heading over
to Geek and Sundry’s studio to film some Foreververse
and I always bring a big sippy cup full of water with me when I go. I’m going to make the tough decision and
say maybe I’m not going to fill this puppy all the way up with water but at least
more than three quarters of the way I’m going to fill it up with water so I have something to drink. So I am choosing to drink water today on my
day where water is at an all time premium. Okay so I’m back from filming. I got my DnD fix today and I’m back. As you guys can see here we are on the water. But I’m going to fill up this spray bottle again because it’s time to make dinner and
what I thought about making for dinner tonight to not use a lot of water is I’m going to make
fish I got some cod right here that I’m going to put in the oven. I am going to steam some spinach. That’s what the spray bottle is going to
be for. And then this one is not really water conservation
but I’m going to try it anyway since we’re doing pretty good so far I am going to boil some
water to make perogies. Whenever I make dinner I try to always do like one meat one starch one
veggie so that’s what I’m doing tonight. Normally I would fill this pot like three quarters of
the way up but I’m not going to do that this time because waters a precious commodity. It is currently 7:15pm. And then my thought was when I’m done with the water since it’s pasta water I
can then use it to water my flowers. Yes for anyone who is looking at my salt and pepper shakers they
are awesome. And dinner is ready. Alright so dinner was really yummy now I have all these dishes. And do I really want to waste this which I
need to brush my teeth and wash my face on rinsing
dishes? I think I’m just going to make an executive decision to leave these in the sink overnight
which kills me but I’ll do them in the morning when my 24 hour challenge is over. It’s the end of the night and I’m right
back where I started. And this is going to be harder now because I’m
actually washing makeup off. This morning I was just washing sleepy off now I’m washing makeup
off. So I do have something to help me out here. Kind of like eye makeup remover pads. Whenever I have a filming day I usually have
a little bit heavier makeup on. On my non filming days I try to go makeup
free if I can. Oh yeah okay washcloth time. Did that get any of it off? It did! And it’s probably not the cleanest I’ve
washed my face. Toothbrush time. I almost just did it. Did you see me reach for that? Wow so attractive. You know what? Screw it I still have a lot left I’m actually
going to rinse and it’s going to be amazing. So here we go. Ah just to really rinse feels so good. Check it out. Okay so that’s what I have left and I think that’s enough to go
rinse off some fishy dishes so I don’t have to leave them in the sink and then I will go to bed
and that’s the end of my #4Liter Challenge. Okay so that was way harder than I thought it would
be. I like to drink water throughout the day because it’s healthier than drinking soda or other
things but I couldn’t do that because I had to conserve it. When I had to pee throughout the day I thought
if it’s yellow let it mellow but since I was gone and in another studio for some of the day
I didn’t feel comfortable letting it mellow at someone else’s place so I did flush. So if you want to count me out for the #4Liter
Challenge because I flushed you can do that. I looked it up even water conserving potties
flush 1.6 gallons so oh well. This was not easy. I thought my countless camping trips would
come in handy when it comes to water conservation but I guess even
then I used more than one gallon per day. It’s so important that people have access to clean
water to clean bathe cook drink. If you want to learn more about Digdeep and the #4Liters Challenge
you can click the link below to take the pledge to support water as a basic human right. When you take the pledge you will receive
a promo code from Soylent and be entered to win a
prize from Digdeep and Soylent. Thank you guys so much for watching this video and go out and
spread a little awesome today. Bye.

65 thoughts on “#4Liters Challenge

  1. I think our way of life is not made for such a low consumption of water. We would need to change everything to be able to do it. And the water would be first for cooking food and drinking… probably not watering plants or washing the dishes as much.

  2. Sadly I think this is something Californians should get used to practising. Whereas some countries and regions are feeling the effects of climate change through flooding others are experiencing record-breaking droughts. We're a resilient bunch when we put our minds to it but I think many people are still under the illusion this will all just eventually go away. Maybe it will in a few hundred or thousand years. Until then get used to things like water conservation.

  3. This would've been super easy my first deployment. Our water heater didn't work for our shower tents so we would take water bottle showers maybe once every four days other than that you only use it for drinking and brushing teeth or preparing food. For the bathroom we had piss tubes (all male FOB so just dig big holes use some rocks and whatnot fill it back up with a tube going in there and pee in it) and wag bags for number 2 that you throw in a bun pit.
    Essentially if you don't use all the first world amenities we are used to it is actually fairly easy to use a gallon a day and I'd say a good 80% is for drinking.

  4. Considering how much you had left you did pretty freakin great. There have been days when I didn't have running water so that made stuff like using the toilet super gross because I couldn't wash my hands. Eww.

  5. I had to do this for two days when the water was out at my house and it's tough! It really makes you think about all the times you use water – even just to rinse your hands or to rinse dishes. You did great!

  6. That would be hard just based on the fluids we drink if you were to include milk, Soda etc in the list, Then you think about how much water a typical shower takes and that is so much water. Fair play Trisha on doing it for the day.

  7. its kind of impossible to maintain the higiene first world ppl r used to on only 4 liters of water. i mean u could if u gathered rain water for stuff like flushing the toilet, washing dishes(at least partly) and even showering. it would actually take more than 3 liters of drinking water for a guy like me to reach a recommended amount for a healthy diet.

  8. Congrats on the challenge day. but i have to think that the 100 gallons a day people include flushing so the challenge should include that and each flush is more than a liter i believe… but i could be wrong. but you did mention that at the end so we let that slide. what i do want to know is… under the guidelines of the challenge. does not cleaning your dishes and leaving them till you have all the water you want constitute cheating. people with only 1 gallon a day don't have that option. why should you on this challenge? just a thought.

  9. Kind of ok having your own private water in abundance ๐Ÿ™‚
    Still, not a bad habit getting used to use as little as possible. Just wait for next years dry summer in Cal. And do replace your water wasting toilets. 3-4 Gallons pr. flush is insane.

  10. And just remember. People who actually have this little water can't:
    1. Leave dishes for tomorrow. I mean they can, but it's not like they'll have any more water then
    2. Just drink soda and milk instead of water to conserve it.
    3. Flush the toilet and not worry about that water, as Trish mentioned

  11. Great video. While I think it's unrealistic for most of us in first world countries to do this on a daily basis, sooner or later we'll have to flush, wash dishes, shower, etc., this makes us more aware of the water we are using, and maybe we'll conserve a little more; every little bit helps.

  12. I like that it forces you to think of ways to use the same water multiple times, like you did using the pasta water to water your plants. We probably waste a lot of usable resources habitually without even realizing it

  13. You're not supposed to really rinse your mouth out after brushing anyway. It removes the protective film the toothpaste leaves behind on your teeth.

  14. Dishwashers uses more then 1 gallon. Those people don't have the luxury to have a dishwasher.
    These kind of challenges are stupid. They can just be talked about without actually doing it.

  15. left stuff for the next day? thats cheating! hahaha

    on another note… i must say that that dress suits you alot… enhances the physic…

  16. Shish, what did you think was the hardest part of having a very limited supply of water? Also, congrats on doing it, I don't know if I would have been able to๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  17. I'm sorry this is off topic but it sorta has to do with this video so I'm gonna go ahead and say it… you are always so sunny and delightful when you walk into a room :)…

    P.S. I probably should've mentioned the comment doesn't really elaborate or build on what you went through…

    P.P.S. Have a happy day!

  18. You are supposed to drink at least 9 cups of water as part of your water use each day, if you are an average sized woman and 13 if you are the average sized man. This is 2 to 3 liters. When you rinse your mouth, don't spit it out, swallow it.
    The spray bottle idea was genius.

  19. hearing you say "gosh darnit" after hearing you tell that guy in phil's video you'd "rip his fucking balls off"….. quite a difference!

  20. I drink at least 2 -3 litres of water per day, lol. This may prove troublesome, also why does America still insist on spelling english words incorrectly? ๐Ÿ˜‚ /

  21. I drink lots of water every day, so this would be a tough challenge for me. Always nice to shed light on an issue like this because water is important for everybody. Also, now I want pierogi <_<

  22. love seeing people like you whose thoughts always intrigue me take on conversations and challenges like these. reminds me to always push myself a little further with my own thoughts and actions

  23. Nice video Trish, but if you consider all the water needed to make everything you use, you would probably start your day way over the 1 gallon.

    Anyways, the problem isn't how much water you use, it's how much water industries use and the exploitation of so-called poor countries who actually have a fortune in natural resources.

  24. It's actually better for your teeth if you don't rinse the toothpaste out of your mouth, or if you at least use Act fluoride rinse. Rinsing gets rid of the fluoride which would otherwise be strengthening your teeth.

  25. It's stuff like this that reminds how privileged some of us are to not have to worry about water supply.

    Great video Trish!

  26. When I was deployed we used "grey" water for showers, bathrooms. You couldn't use it to drink or brush your teeth because it would make you sick so we used bottled water for that. The grey water wasn't like poop water or anything, it just wasn't fit enough to drink. It would make sense if the US did this, atleast for toilets and used clean water for helping people who need it. But then to run new pipes through a house just for that wouldn't work. After living like that, I do think it's a bit weird we use perfectly good water to go to the bathroom in.

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